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SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY by Becky Lutzke and Christine Toups
The conclusion is now available. Riveting story which begins with Xena and Gabrielle parting company for a short while so each can visit their respective families. It is a decision the warrior will live to regret as unbeknownst to her Gabrielle is quickly plunged into the worst nightmare of her life - a nightmare which soon enough will become Xena's own. In these final chapters, the warrior fights a deadly menace for her friend's life and a foe becomes an unlikely ally. Becky and Christine do a great job here of tying the story with events shown in the TV series - particularly the episode DREAMWOKER. With lots of twists and turns, this is a well-written, suspenseful drama poised to test the Xena/Gab friendship. DO NOT MISS! - 123 pgs.


The recent explosion in outstanding uber fanfic continues with Friction's latest effort which in fact can probably be better classified as semi-uber, but which is certain to entice even more readers into this genre. Set just after the events in the episode RETURN OF CALLISTO, the story begins in Ancient Greece with Xena and Gabrielle both desperately regretting the distance between them...and very much misunderstanding the reasons for that distance. It is a situation that grows even more complicated when Gabrielle realizes she's pregnant. Assuming this means an end to her life with the Warrior Princess, the bard steels herself for the coming separation as they head for Amazonia. For her part, Xena is agonizing over that separation too - loving the bard with every bone in her body but certain that love is not returned. With the help of some very sneaky Amazons, the two eventually clear up that misunderstanding but it is a bittersweet victory in their struggle to be together as a cruel twist of fate drives them apart once again, forcing a desperate Xena to risk it all in a fantastic quest that will take her over two thousand years into the future, to a very different world and a soulmate with no memory of the bard she used to be...or the warrior she once loved. Friction gives us here a terrifically entertaining story which very effectively bridges the gap between traditional Xena/Gab fiction and the uber genre. Solidly based on love and brimming with a fierce passion, the relationship presented here has a timeless quality to it that is wonderfully appealing. Friction throws a lot of conflict and humor into the mix to emerge with an end product you should immediately put at the top of your MUST READ list. This one comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 125 pgs.

Blind Faith offers us a more satisfying resolution to the episode LOCKED UP AND TIED DOWN in this new story set right after Xena's imprisonment which finds the Warrior Princess recuperating from her ordeal and still strangely secretive while a concerned bard offers comfort. Blind Faith does a great job here depicting the love and support in the Xena/Gab relationship while suggesting motivations that add new depth to the characterizations in the episode. A satisfying epilogue that is a MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs.

Parts 2-4 are now available. Gin continues the captivating tale she began in NEGOTIATIONS with a very promising new sequel that finds the Conqueror and the Queen of the Amazons now very happy trying to make a life for themselves in a world filled with responsibilities, and dangers and reputations to maintain. First up will be the challenge of a separation as Xena is called away to resolve problems in Chin and the young queen must try to deal with her loneliness amidst dangers that are much too close to home. In these latest parts, the Amazon Queen assumes a different role to be near her warrior as danger threatens both their families. Gin continues here imbuing the relationship between Conqueror and Queen with a wonderful mixture of tenderness, love and fierce passion. She crafts a well-written tale that includes a strong cast of supporting characters, some very surprising twists and some intriguing problems for our heroines to overcome. A worthy entry in the fascinating conqueror genre. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 78 pgs.

Part 2 is now available. Jules continues one of the best series EVER in XWP fanfic with the fourth entry in her NANO SERIES. Set a few months after NANO #3: THE CARNOT CYCLE, the story has Grace and Dana taking it easy at the young doctor's beach house while her partner recovers from her recent bout with the beta virus. It's a wonderful time for the two of them as they revel in a new intimacy made possible by Dana's emotional as well as physical healing...but it is also a happiness fated not to last for there are forces at work determined to take it from them - individuals that know just how deadly and valuable Dana Papadopolis is and will never be willing to give her the peace she craves. Brace the old ticker for this latest part as insecurities and incompatibilities come between the two lovers. If you haven't yet discovered this OUTSTANDING series you are doing yourself a CRUEL disservice. Jules has created in Grace and "Doc" two of the most appealing representations of Xena and Gabrielle to date - placing them in an uber scenario that is cleverly constructed and utterly fascinating! Hold on to that ticker too because judging from the first part of NANO #4 this one is going to be a heart-stopper. RUN don't walk to the NANO SERIES and catch up with the rest of us that are gobbling up this series :) NANO #4 gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 8 pgs.

Chapter 21 is now available. A sequel to Susan's outstanding THE CHARIOTEER, this story continues where that one left off, following Xena and Gabrielle as they join a caravan on their way out of the Kingdom of Har back toward Greece. The two are reveling in the new freedom of their relationship unaware that fate is about to interfere once again throwing Gabrielle and a young Amazon initiate into the midst of deadly power play and leaving a desperate Xena looking for her soulmate in a land full of strangers all with agendas of their own. In this latest chapter Xena recovers with the help of a doting bard. This story again displays Susan's impressive ability to develop suspenseful, engrossing plots around an equally well-crafted Xena/Gab relationship. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 7 pgs.

Chapter 17 is now available. This talented writer tries her hand at uber fiction this time around, producing a very different, very original contemporary story. Rosalind Olchawski considers herself a fairly ordinary college professor leading a fairly ordinary life - a life so ordinary and so bland, in fact, that recently Rosalind has started to wonder whether she's even capable of feeling that passion others seem to feel. It is a concern that is answered one evening when she accompanies a friend to a club and discovers in the startling blue eyes of a drag king the destiny she had been waiting for. In this latest chapter Rosalind gets the PERFECT gift for the newly indoctrinated >:) Very well written, with characterizations that are sensitively done, a twist of the uber theme and an intriguing storyline this one should keep you hitting that page down button. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 7 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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