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G.L. Dartt is at it again so I'm including a SPECIAL SECTION tonight on STAR TREK VOYAGER fan fiction for those of you like myself who've been hooked by the talents of this exceptional writer.

There are three new fanfic sites now available. Featuring both XWP fanfic and/or FANFIC ART - Deanomyk's BY THE GODS is at
The actual fanfic page is at:

Anima's I, THE WORST OF ALL featuring this bard's fanfic is open for business at:
The fanfic page is at:

Also, artist Angelique now has her own Web site. ARTWORK BY ANGELIQUE is at The Xena FANFIC ART page is directly at:

Finally, Missy Good's MERWOLF'S CAVE featuring this bard's fanfic gems is once again back at its old address:


A fateful shipwreck leads Xena and Gabrielle to the Land of the Israelites and a reunion for the Warrior Princess with an old friend now very much in need of her help. Featuring some good action-adventure and some emotional moments, this one reads very much like an episode from the TV series. - 24 pgs.


Anima rewrites the ending of the episode THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD into what is admittedly a rather twisted but very cute and surprisingly poignant version of the first time story. The tale has Xena on her way back from that strange and rather abrupt fishing expedition she was compelled to go on when to her shock she runs into a naked, dancing Gabrielle. Before long the Warrior Princess finds herself trying to keep three VERY friendly nude versions of her friend safe, and trying to steel her own heart against their innocent assault on it. Anima blends wicked humor with some touching revelations here to produce a story fated to go in your "guilty pleasures" file ;-) A well-written episode tie-in that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs.

A very different type of story set immediately after the events in the episode SACRIFICE II which finds Xena devastated by the loss of her partner while her friends and family desperately try to offer support. Meanwhile, in a very different place, a bard struggles to understand what has happened to her and what is about to happen as Olympus itself gets ready to pass judgment on the Bard of Poteidaia - one god is given a choice she cannot refuse - and another is confronted with a truth he cannot deny. Masque weaves a very solid story here with some rather unusual but surprisingly effective characterizations. DO NOT MISS! - 60 pgs.

This story opens with Xena and Gabrielle in Amazonia, both in very reflective moods as they think about their feelings for one another - it's a shared moment of introspection that soon leads to other things when a certain feisty bard decides to take matters into her own hands. Sweet and mischievous beginning to a tale with good potential. [unfinished] - 5 pgs.

TROPICAL STORM by Melissa Good
Part 15 is now being posted. Time for uber-Xena fans to rejoice as the incredibly talented Missy Good extends her gift of storytelling into the contemporary uber realm. Missy's latest is a departure from everything she's done before - a story set in modern-day Miami, centering on the lives of two strangers whose destinies bring them together amidst the turmoil of a hostile corporate takeover. Wealthy, brilliant and deadly, Dar Roberts has cultivated a well-earned reputation as one of the most efficient corporate raiders in the Information Technologies business. To her bosses she is a formidable weapon to be used in the never-ending struggle for power, control and profit. To the people employed by the companies she assimilates - the executive is a predator - cold and merciless. It is a reputation she is living up to as she prepares to decimate the work force of a recent acquisition. In charge of that work force is Kerry Stuart - a smart, young manager whose life had been going well until the recent turn of events. With dogged determination, Kerry has escaped the pressures of family to make her own way in the world - establishing a career and rising quickly within a small company - only to now have to face the prospect of those efforts being for naught as a disconcertingly beautiful blue-eyed shark strolls into her office. In this latest section, Dar plays hero...since Kerry REALLY needs one. With rich descriptions that engage your every sense - multi-layered characterizations that draw you into the psyche of the characters and a story very much grounded in human emotions, human frailties and strengths along with the raw vulnerabilities that ultimately make us all seek the comfort of another soul, this is a story guaranteed to make you into an uber fan if you aren't yet. Working in the the Information Technologies industry herself and a fellow Miamian, Missy also imbues the story with a very realistic feel. This one will keep you glued to that monitor. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - [unfinished] - 7 pgs.


"At A Distance" by Angelique
Inspired by the story AT A DISTANCE by Melissa Good.

"Photos Of Dar" by Barbara Maclay
Inspired by the story TROPICAL STORM by Melissa Good.


On the heels of the incredibly riveting JUST BETWEEN MEMORIES G.L.'s tenth installment in the JUST BETWEEN series chronicles the efforts of the Voyager crew to seek justice for the recent attack on their captain. Meanwhile, Janeway herself is preoccupied with another concern - the distance she feels between herself and the beautiful Borg who shares her life - a distance she feels in part responsible for and which, with a little advice from an unlikely source, she sets out to eliminate. G.L. does an exceptional job here of rebuilding the relationship nearly torn apart in the earlier story. Maintaining a pattern that is true to the STAR TREK modus operandi, she presents us with a suspenseful subplot that involves many of the supporting cast while at the same time drawing the readers ever deeper into the emotional challenges faced by the two heroines. First class writing and characterizations make this another superb addition to an already incredible series - it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 52 pgs.

G.L. takes a break from her JUST BETWEEN series to write a delightfully entertaining first time story set just after the episode HOPE AND FEAR (review and synopsis of the episode by a Trekkie named Jim Wright available at deltablues/hopeandfear.html) which finds the captain of Voyager offering to assist Seven in her efforts to understand humanity, and getting MUCH more than she bargained for when the young Borg loses her heart for the first time to...some member of the crew ;-) G.L.'s uncanny ability to capture the characterizations we see in the TV series, seamlessly integrating them into somewhat different situations is once again evident in this story which gives us a very vulnerable portrayal of Seven of Nine in a story with just the right mixture of drama, humor and passion. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - 25 pgs.

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For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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