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Hi all,

An INCREDIBLE day for XWP fan fiction with some outstanding new stories and updates. FINALLY I get to review also a story I've been DYING for you guys to read!!!! ENJOY!


LOSS OF INNOCENCE by Maureen McGowan
This gifted bard returns with a new hurt/comfort story guaranteed to pull on those old heart strings. Taking some liberties with the actual XWP history presented in the TV series, Maureen ignores the events which took place in THE DELIVERER and the episodes following that, preferring instead to have Xena and especially the bard deal with some of the same emotional crises but under different circumstances. The story has Gabrielle facing an almost complete loss of confidence after a traumatic event leaves her questioning herself, her ideals and the very wisdom of continuing to travel with a warrior like Xena. Maureen has always had a special gift for depicting the relationship between these two friends with tremendous sensitivity - a defining aspect of her writing that makes her stories incredibly satisfying. This latest one is a gem folks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

ASPEN'S CHILD by Culprit
Culprit's first XWP story is a haunting, BEAUTIFUL story certain to stir the soul. Camping in an ancient forest, Xena and Gabrielle talk about the savage race of people, now long-dead, who used to live in the area. Unbeknownst to them, a stranger listens - a stranger who was a victim of the cruelty they speak of and who yearns for something lost long ago... This is poignant and extremely moving. NOT TO BE MISSED!!


A FINE LINE by Jenbob
Back in November 1997 Jenbob released her first XWP story THE THIRD WHEEL. Those of us who were fortunate enough to preview that story before its release recognized immediately that the Xenaverse had gained an incredible new talent in Jenbob. With the release of this sequel, A FINE LINE, Jenbob solidifies her position as one of the top talents writing fan fiction today. Anyone who knows me (and Jenbob in particular ;-) will tell you that I have been absolutely DESPERATE for this story to be made available so my fellow fan fic fanatics could share in the experience that is A FINE LINE. The story picks up where THE THIRD WHEEL left off, chronicling Xena and Gabrielle's deepening relationship after their emotional admission of love in the first story. Still physically recovering from the awful beating she received just weeks before, Xena resumes her life on the road with the bard only to suggest soon after that they go visit the Amazons. It will be an opportunity for the two to explore amidst the relative safety of friends, the feelings and passions they have finally allowed into their relationship and for the warrior in particular to try to deal with the reality of a love the likes of which she's never known before. Always in the back of Xena's mind, however, a terrible fear lurks - a fear ironically made worse by accepting the love of the gentle bard, knowing all the while what it would do to her to loose that love and what a fine line indeed there is between the hero Gabrielle loves and the savage warlord who once shed the blood of thousands. With some of the most passionate and MEMORABLE scenes you will ever read, this novel is storytelling at it's absolute BEST. I'm often asked which Xena fan fiction story is my favorite - a question I have difficulty answering because there are SO many incredible works out there with more being written every day. However, I can tell you without a moment's hesitation, that if I were to pick a favorite, A FINE LINE would be among the strongest contenders. One VERY important **NOTE** here - this story features EXTREME (and I'm serious here folks) - EXTREME VIOLENCE - including SEXUAL VIOLENCE. Everyone who I know who has read it has been deeply moved by the story AND quite shaken by the violence. The violence is integral to the plot - HOWEVER, it is very much concentrated in one particular section. Although the experience will be different, you CAN skip this specific section and still follow the story without too much difficulty. IF you wish to read the story but are disturbed by violence and would like to know how to avoid the section or would like more details before making your decision feel free to contact me at OR consider e-mailing Jenbob herself - her e-mail addy is included at the beginning of the novel. A FINE LINE is an extraordinary experience folks. It carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!!!!

Tammy's second XWP tale is a highly unusual uber-Xena story set in the distant future that revolves around two warring races - the humans of Nadir and the Ulfr people of the forests of Eyulf whose unusual abilities include the power to shapeshift into wolves. Leading one of the Ulfr packs is Zya - a stunningly beautiful, powerful warrior whose hatred of the Nadir runs deep but who finds herself suddenly at odds with that hatred when she's compelled to save a young Nadir female after the girl loses everything and is badly injured in an Ulfr attack. Still unfinished, this story is very promising.

TIME TO LIVE by StarWarrior (Rie)
Continuing the story told in WHO HAS THE RIGHT?, THE LOST WARRIOR PRINCESS and HELPFUL TRAVELERS, this is perhaps the best entry so far in an already extraordinary series. Having made peace with the young man whose thirst for revenge nearly cost Gabrielle her life some moons before, Xena and the bard set out to help Makarios reunite with his parents and then move them to the valley he and his sister intend to make their home. It is while on this peaceful mission that Xena uncovers a terrible evil at work in the surrounding forests - an evil from her past that if allowed to gain power could threaten the surrounding areas and all that Xena holds dear. Starwarrior has strengthened her characterizations with each new entry in this series, resulting in very strong, well-crafted depictions of Xena, Gabrielle and all the supporting players. The relationship between warrior and bard is particularly well-conceived - needful, passionate, and just thoroughly engaging. This story will keep you fully engrossed 'til that last sentence! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

This second entry in Silk's TAPESTRY OF LIFE series is a heart- wrenching tale which ties in nicely with the developments so far in the third season of XWP. Acting as a sequel to LOVE'S CHOICE, the tale has the Fates once again influencing the lives of Xena and Gabrielle - pitting their love against the fate of the world itself. An emotional read which maintains the quality of the earlier story. DO NOT MISS!

The concluding chapter 7 of this story is now available. This is a VERY timely new story set after the events in DEBT II - THE BETRAYAL which has Xena and Gabrielle once again facing the dangers of life on the road as they make their way back from China. Adding to Xena's worries is the emotional stress the bard seems to be in - a stress reflected in constant nightmares and fatigue. Before they can try to deal with those, however, the two friends find themselves in the middle of dangerous situation as they try to help a town Xena once raided defend itself from another warlord. Perager does a skillful job of capturing the characters of Xena and Gabrielle as the two struggle with the challenges their friendship is now facing while never forgetting the love that binds them together. HIGHLY RECOMMEDED!! Note: This story is not explicit.

The conclusion of this MAGNIFICENT story is now available. The talented bard who brought us the already classic A BARD DAY'S NIGHT returns with a FANTASTIC new story complete with all the elements that have made her tales among the most entertaining in XWP fan fiction. Visiting the city of Chalcis to replenish their supplies, Xena and the Gabster stop by an apothecary where the warrior hopes to find some of the medicinal herbs and potions used in healing. Unbeknownst to them both, their shopping trip will eventually give way to a nightmare as Xena soon finds her effectiveness as a warrior somewhat...reduced. In this final installment the warrior is tested by the powers of evil with only the love of her bard to cling to. DJ's characterizations of Xena and the bard are among the best in the business - very playful, sexy and sweet. She is adept also at creating a strong supporting cast as anyone can attest to who was enchanted with her unforgettable Sappho and the poet's fun-loving followers in A BARD DAY'S NIGHT. As yet unfinished, this new story already features a number of colorful characters including a rather uncoordinated barmaid whose mishaps are going to leave you and a certain bard grinning :) This tale is EASILY one of the most original I've read to date in XWP fan fiction - a marvelous combination of humor, suspense, romance and drama that will satisfy the finickiest of readers. NOT TO BE MISSED folks! This receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)