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WHOOSH is planning their second annual celebration of fan fiction - BARDAPALOOZA II for Saturday, December 12, 10pm Eastern/ 7pm Pacific time. Among the bards already scheduled to participate are Silk, Llachlan, baermer, DJWP, Vada Foster, and L.N. James. If you are a bard and would like to be among the special guests, email Betsy Book at . BARDAPALOOZA II will take place at THE PALACE located at Note that THE PALACE is a graphical chat environment that does require special software so make sure to visit well ahead of time to download the software.

One new XWP fanfic now available - the FOUR HORSEMEN FAN FICTION page at

Lots of new stories and some TERRIFIC new FANFIC ART below guys. Make sure to take a look.


Gabrielle's day of reckoning is at hand in a gripping tale that begins with Xena and the bard finding a villager in need of help on the road. They're puzzled by his almost paralyzing fear of them - confused even further when they arrive at the village of Badrias. The entire town looks upon them with terror and hatred, but unlike other such instances, this time it isn't the Warrior Princess that's inspiring those feelings... Bel-Wah sketches a well-thought out plot here that could actually be the basis of a terrific episode. Solid characterizations, along with some humor and suspenseful moments combine to make for a great read! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 25 pgs.

BABYLON FIRE! by Arthur Chappell
Based on actual references from Greek mythology, this new story has Xena taking the bard to see the incredible Hanging Gardens of Babylon - one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World - only to uncover a desperate plot by a madman intent on making his name part of history no matter what the cost. Well-written tale with some suspenseful moments. - 14 pgs.


An avid reader since childhood, I've read books that are over a thousand pages in length and leave an unforgettable impression but it is the simple little stories like this new one by My Warrior that have irrevocably convinced me of the power of the written word. In just a few paragraphs here My Warrior tells a story of two lives devoted to one another, of undying devotion and unparalleled love. Through the wistful recollections of a bard, we are told of the union of two souls and reminded of what that single most important thing is... Beautiful writing in a very worthwhile read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 4 pgs.

Blue mixes actual scenes from the TV series into her latest offering which bridges the gap between A GOOD DAY and CRUSADER presenting us with the scenes we didn't see and extending these beyond what we've seen as an anxious Xena, continues desperately trying to avoid the vision Alti showed her - never suspecting that she might instead be rushing right into it. Solid characterizations strengthen a well-crafted plot to produce a noteworthy effort. DO NOT MISS! - 15 pgs.

Blind Faith brings us a nicely written, thoughtful epilogue to the episode CRUSADER which has the warrior and bard talking about their most recent challenge and thinking back on all the other difficult tests they've faced in the past year. Moving exchanges and a strong depiction of the relationship in this. DO NOT MISS! - 14 pgs.

A very original uber story with a lot of atmosphere, this bard's first fanfic offering is set in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the 1920's, just a few years after the disastrous Halifax Explosion of 1917 which killed thousands when two ships, one carrying munitions, collided in the Harbor. Detective Allison Burton remembers the disaster well which is one reason she doubts she'll be able to find Virginia Potts' fiancee alive when the beautiful green-eyed American explains that he's been missing since that time and hires her to find him. It soon becomes apparent, however, that the intriguing little foreigner isn't as interested in the missing man perse as she is in something he possessed - a secret others are also desperately seeking and more than willing to kill for. Nova's story has the feel of one of those great detective murder movies like THE MALTESE FALCON with Allison being very reminiscent of the type of private eye Bogie typically played. A shifting point-of-view approach makes the similarity with these classic films even stronger - with the one notable difference being that NEITHER of Nova's heroines is the damsel in distress Hollywood typically used to give us. Allison and Virginia are both very strong, very capable, very determined women. The storyline is cleverly constructed with some surprising twists and a very thought-provoking resolution. This one should particularly please fans of mystery fiction. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 51 pgs.

Melancholic vignette showing the thoughts of one soulmate after loosing her other half - 1 pg.

IN A QUEEN'S EYE by T. Novan
A sequel to T. Novan's WRAPPED, this little story has a very gentle, domestic feel to it as it shows the warrior and bard adjusting to the recent changes in their life. Sweet. - 3 pgs.

Fated to go into many a readers' "guilty pleasures" file, this little comedy is to say the least - WICKED! - and yes the capital letters are there for a reason ;-) It's just another day for warrior and bard as they help a group of villagers fight a vicious warlord - only it's been a while since they've had some quality time together and things are getting just a tad...frustrating. Then on a successful raid of the warlord's castle while the inspired villagers seek justice, the two are rewarded with just the perfect mother load to relieve all that stress ;-) MAKE SURE to read the disclaimers as this offering will not be for everyone! "Kinky" *is* the operative word but a big old grin will likely be the result. - 14 pgs.

THE FEVER by DS Bauden
New hurt/comfort, first time story that has Xena and Gabrielle just beginning to explore new facets to their relationship when they learn that a deadly sickness is decimating the Amazons. It's a race against time to find a cure when friends and loved ones fall ill. Some nicely emotional moments in this. - 23 pgs.

Part 4 is now available. Xena and the Amazons suspect all may not be right when a warlord demands the presence of the true Amazon Queen before he'll sign a peace treaty. In this fourth part Gabrielle struggles with the knowledge of a terrifying vision while Xena plans the defeat of a god. Good tie-in with a first season episode along with some nicely emotional moments. - 11 pgs.

Part 5 is now available. Gin continues the captivating tale she began in with a very promising new sequel that finds the Conqueror and the Queen of the Amazons now very happy trying to make a life for themselves in a world filled with responsibilities, and dangers and reputations to maintain. First up will be the challenge of a separation as Xena is called away to resolve problems in Chin and the young queen must try to deal with her loneliness amidst dangers that are much too close to home. In this latest part, Gabrielle returns to her roots - with some impressive company tagging along. Gin continues here imbuing the relationship between Conqueror and Queen with a wonderful mixture of tenderness, love and fierce passion. She crafts a well-written tale that includes a strong cast of supporting characters, some very surprising twists and some intriguing problems for our heroines to overcome. A worthy entry in the fascinating conqueror genre. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 35 pgs.

Chapter 18 is now available. This talented writer tries her hand at uber fiction this time around, producing a very different, very original contemporary story. Rosalind Olchawski considers herself a fairly ordinary college professor leading a fairly ordinary life - a life so ordinary and so bland, in fact, that recently Rosalind has started to wonder whether she's even capable of feeling that passion others seem to feel. It is a concern that is answered one evening when she accompanies a friend to a club and discovers in the startling blue eyes of a drag king the destiny she had been waiting for. In this latest chapter things are tense as Taryn prepares to meet Rosalind's brother. Very well written, with characterizations that are sensitively done, a twist of the uber theme and an intriguing storyline this one should keep you hitting that page down button. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 6 pgs.

Part six of this story is now available. Set in the world of Xena the Conqueror we first met in the HERCULES episode ARMAGEDDON NOW, this OUTSTANDING tale has the ruthless empress holding a contest to try to determine what "truth" is...with dire consequences for the losers. Undaunted and despite having first-hand knowledge of the woman's cruelty, Gabrielle chooses to participate, driven by this stubborn need to somehow reach the ice cold heart no one else seems capable of breaching. It marks the beginning of a difficult journey for both of them as the Conqueror finds herself intrigued by the young upstart and Gabrielle finds herself suddenly a part of the empress' life - forced to join her on a campaign against the very enemy that helped to make her into the dreaded Destroyer of Nations. In this latest part the Amazons and the Conqueror both prepare for battle. Very well written, with a fascinating premise and great characterizations of the Xena and Gabrielle from that alternate world, this one is GUARANTEED to keep you hooked. XWP Fanatic is particularly excelling here in the depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship giving it a gentle quality that is deeply captivating in light of the Conqueror's innate harshness. Put this one at the top of your MUST READ list - with this latest updated it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - [unfinished] - 10 pgs.

Parts 5-6 are now available. Jules continues one of the best series EVER in XWP fanfic with the fourth entry in her NANO SERIES. Set a few months after NANO #3: THE CARNOT CYCLE, the story has Grace and Dana taking it easy at the young doctor's beach house while her partner recovers from her recent bout with the beta virus. It's a wonderful time for the two of them as they revel in a new intimacy made possible by Dana's emotional as well as physical healing...but it is also a happiness fated not to last for there are forces at work both internal and external driving them toward that eventuality. In these latest parts, together again Dana and Grace endeavor to rebuild the nano project...and their relationship. If you haven't yet discovered this OUTSTANDING series you are doing yourself a CRUEL disservice. Jules has created in Grace and "Doc" two of the most appealing representations of Xena and Gabrielle to date - placing them in an uber scenario that is cleverly constructed and utterly fascinating! Hold on to that ticker too because judging from the first part of NANO #4 this one is going to be a heart-stopper. RUN don't walk to the NANO SERIES and catch up with the rest of us that are gobbling up this series :) NANO #4 gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 21 pgs.


"Josie" by Angelique
Inspired by the story THE WESTERN CHRONICLES by B L Miller and Vada Foster.

"Rebecca" by Angelique
Inspired by the story THE WESTERN CHRONICLES by B L Miller and Vada Foster.

"Revolvers" by Angelique
Inspired by the story THE WESTERN CHRONICLES by B L Miller and Vada Foster.

"Mini-Legends" by Miguel Cura
Inspired by the story LEGENDS by Shadowbard.

"Redemption" by Catwoman
Inspired by the story REDEMPTION OF CHOICE by Catwoman.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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