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[Previous report was for 1/15/98]

Hi guys,

I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK! :) Had a FABULOUOS con experience. The celebrities were wonderful as usual - Kevin and Hudson were ;-) Lucy and Danielle are gorgeous. Karl is cute and WILD! Robert is a sweetheart. ALL of them were a ton of fun, extremely nice, WICKED! The staff members in attendance were also all terrific. Steven Sears was hanging around even though he wasn't scheduled on stage. I got to personally meet Robert Field (Avicus) who is very nice himself. It's CLEAR this show is such a success because it has a lot of very creative, talented people both in front and behind the camera.

I have to say though - that the *BEST* part of the con experience for me, as in Valley Forge, was meeting SO many bards and so many Xenites!!! This con was BARD HEAVEN guys!!! I was hunting bards from the moment I got there...and then GUSHING whenever I found one :) I was delighted also to just meet up with so many online friends from the lists and the NetForum. I want to personally THANK YOU ALL for wearing badges!!! It really made it easier to recognize people. I also want to thank those of you who made it a point to say hi - it is WONDERFUL to be able to put faces now to so many of those online names. To any out there who have yet to attend a XWP con - they receive my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION folks! There is just NOTHING that can compare to a weekend talking Xena with fellow Xenites - and meeting ALL THOSE BARDS!!!!! 8)

Now, while I was gone a new XWP general fan fic site made it's appearance - AIDA's FAN FICTION located at:

Also, Xelda G has added the POTEIDAIA'S POETS PLACE to her site featuring XWP poetry. The page is located at:

Lots of great new stories. Below are four new ones and an update. All alt. fiction BTW.


A delightful new story based on the premise of the episode BEEN THERE, DONE THAT which has Xena once again trapped in a never- ending day with only one possible way of breaking the time loop - she has to help the bard find...her true love. Terrific grin potential in this ;-) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Rocfan's debut on the Web comes with this fantastically romantic new story that has Xena and the bard having a conversation about their feelings for one another. This is beautiful, sweet, and very loving. A nicely written offering you cannot miss! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

A dark, intense story that has Xena dealing with battle lust, remembering what that feeling used to drive her to as a warlord and desperately trying to keep Gabrielle from knowing that side of her - only the bard has other ideas... This is a well-written, passionate look at the darker dynamics involved in the Xena/Gab relationship. Note: Make sure to read the warnings at the beginning of the story.

VISION by Silk
Inspired by a certain bard known for her ultra-romantic fiction, Silk delivers a beautiful little vignette that has Xena and the bard sitting by a camp fire as one of them is lost in the vision that is the other. Very nice!

The conclusion of this story is now available. This entry in Katrina's BLOOD AND ROSES series has Xena and Gabrielle meeting the Louis from Anne Rice's commercial novel INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE. Written in a style reminiscent of the novel itself, this tale has the men who originally published the incredible interview of the vampire Louis discovering two lost chapters from the original manuscript. In them Louis remembers his encounter one night with the immortal Xena and shortly thereafter with her lover - the ancient bard with whom he and his kind share a distant kinship. Now in this second part, we see Gabrielle centuries after the fateful encounter with Louis, trying to make a life with her beloved Xena and discovering some possibilities she never had dreamed of. This is well-written with rich characterizations that do justice both to the XWP characters and to Anne Rice's own. As seen through the eyes of the vampire, the bond between Xena and Gabrielle is breathtakingly sensual, strong, and timeless. This is a MUST READ which should particularly appeal to fans of both XWP and Rice's novels. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: Some background information on Katrina's BLOOD AND ROSES series is available at]

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)