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I've added a link to a great new resource from the DEFINITIONS page at the LUNACY'S FAN FICTION REVIEWS site. If you're looking for definitions of fanfic terms and drop by the LUNACY'S FAN FICTION REVIEWS "definitions" page you'll now find a link to a terrific new resource, Cmshaw's FANFIC page. Cmshaw is a fan of STAR TREK, HIGHLANDER, X-FILES and THE SENTINEL but includes definitions for many of the same terms commonly used in XWP fanfic. It's fun to read some of these just to see how similar many of these fandoms are - reading the definition for "UST" for instance made me nod in sympathy <:) Check out the new link to Cmshaw's FANFIC page on the DEFINITIONS page at: and many thanks to LN James for suggesting this site.

Also, thanks to a suggestion from C. Paradee the BARD'S REFERENCE LIBRARY now includes yet another fine addition to its collection of Historical and Mythological Resources - a link to Kate Monk's AN ONOMASTIKON (A DICTIONARY OF NAMES), a massive compilation of names from around the world and throughout history, including names used in the Ancient World. Bards if you need names for that traditional or uber fanfic - THIS is the place to go. The BARD'S REFERENCE LIBRARY is at

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ENTIRE by L.N. James
LN returns with the much anticipated sequel to her popular uber crime-drama CHICAGO 5AM. Forensic FBI scientist Mariel Potidean has been busy for the past few months - busy with a new job, busy with undercover assignments, busy spending time on anything that will help her forget the tall, beautiful private eye that walked into her life a while back - and then walked out of it just like that - without a word, a message, a letter - nothing. Then on a snowy morning the phone rings and Mariel finds her heart going into over-drive at the sound of a very familiar voice - a voice laced with pain - a voice asking for help... LN does a terrific job with the opening part of this story, including a disturbing little scene that helps set the tone of what promises to be another riveting, suspenseful and emotional tale from one of the best in the business. A MUST READ for anyone who likes crime-drama, enjoys uber tales, or just likes quality XWP fanfic - anyone else I didn't cover? - if so YOU go read this series too! ;-) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 5 pgs.

Already showing great potential, this contemporary uber story revolves around the life of a very troubled and very lonely computer hacker by the name of Taylor. Having suffered through a nightmarish past, the young woman is still reluctantly tied to the employer who rescued her from the streets - a very wealthy, deadly and heartless employer vent on using Taylor to advance her power. For the hacker life consists of time spent working amidst her computers in an out-of-the-way warehouse, and time spent trying to loose herself in alcohol and sex - until the day she receives an e-mail complementing her on one of her Web stories and suddenly she finds herself... with a friend. Tragedy does a nice job here establishing rather original uber characterizations in a compelling storyline that is definitely one to watch in the weeks ahead. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 15 pgs.

FOR THE LOVE OF... by Xero
Xero's latest piece has the God of War up to his old tricks again when he strips a certain bard of her memory, leaving her to wake up in the arms of a stranger she immediately recognizes as the infamous Warrior Princess. A helpless Xena can then only watch as her beloved bard flees from her, determine to escape the clutches of the evil warlord - and determined to see her brought to justice as well. Ideal for the many angst-lovers among us. - 16 pgs.

A vacation by the sea sizzles in ways that have nothing to do with sunburn as the warrior and bard spend some quality time at an inn. Bucketfuls of Amazon Ice are a must for this reading experience ;-) - 6 pgs.

SUNSETS by Mary E. Terrell
Sweet vignette about the appeal of sunsets in the company of one's soulmate. - 1 pg.

The conclusion is now available. This sequel to Redhawk's fantastic HIGHLANDER/XWP crossover tale, ONLY ONE begins on a plane bound for Europe on the first leg of a vacation Xena hopes will further aid in the recuperation of her young lover Rickie Gardner. Still suffering from horrific nightmares, Rickie is nevertheless flourishing in the warrior's company - starting to remember a life from very long ago and looking forward to a second chance with her soulmate. Unbeknownst to them, however, others are watching and waiting...knowing the life of an immortal will not be peaceful for long. In this final part past and present collide as Xena reunites with an old friend and at last has to play the game with an old enemy. Picking up where ONLY ONE left off, this story features a riveting, suspenseful plot and a strengthening of the Xena/Rickie connection. Definitely one for the MUST READ list. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [finished] - 18 pgs.

CIRCLE OF LIFE by Melissa Good
Part three has been updated. Possibly more anticipated than the fourth season of XWP, comes the continuation of Missy's beloved Xena/Gab series in a story which continues the tale from FESTIVAL but is actually set after the events in the episode FAMILY AFFAIR. Still recuperating from their recent ordeal, the warrior and bard are back in Amphipolis awaiting the birth of their child and treasuring their time together as never before. With Amazons visiting and word of friends and family in trouble, however, their tranquillity is short-lived as the two, reunited once again, prepare to face whatever life throws their way. In this latest update plan A goes out the window ;-) Missy's very special style is clearly in evidence as this novel opens - immediately placing the Xena/Gab relationship center stage and infusing the story with a unique blend of delightful humor, poignant drama and enchanting characterizations. If you want to treat yourself to the work of a master storyteller DO NOT MISS this story or any other of the others in the series. This gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - [unfinished] - 22 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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