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Hi guys,

First of all - a very heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to MaryD on the second anniversary of her outstanding XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS INFORMATION PAGE!! For the past two years this Web site has been one of the mainstays of the Xenaverse and one of the premiere fanfic archives anywhere on the Web. Many many thanks to MaryD for her unfailing support of bards, fanfic, Xenites, and one Lunatic :) Lets shoot for a TENTH anniversary now! >:)

We have one VERY wacky new XWP fanfic site now available, BUBBA'S BARD AND STORY GUIDE TO XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS featuring some...well...very wacky fanfic :) Check it out at

Also, another dedicated Xenite named Dany Byrne has opened a site called XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS ON THE PALM PILOT through which he's making available Xena fanfic in the Palm Pilot doc format. For those of you who don't know, the Palm Pilot is one of those cute little handheld computers that are becoming real popular now (and which I'M DYING TO GET but I digress ;-) If you own one (you LUCKY DOG!) and you'd like to use it to read Xena fanfic make sure to stop by Dany's page. Currently he has stories by Melissa Good and LN James available but he is taking suggestions for new stories to make available in doc format. The site is at

On a personal note guys, I've been getting a bit behind on my mail recently - hectic time of the year you know - so if you've written me recently please give me until this weekend to respond. In particular, if you've written with a request to be added to the BETA READER'S DIRECTORY, know that I'll be getting to those in the next day or so.

Three terrific sequels tonight :) One is part of a SPECIAL STAR TREK VOYAGER SECTION for my fellow Voyager fanfic addicts.


NANO #5: MOTION by Jules Mills
Jules continues her exceptional NANO SERIES by continuing the story where NANO #4 GRAVITATION - NEWTON'S SECOND LAW left off. As their friend Rachel does a little quick house cleaning, Dana and Grace spend some quality time together, allowing the fierce connection between them to start healing the nanotech's body and soul. They know now, however, that neither will be safe again until they tie some loose ends from the past - loose ends that have Dana thinking about a dark part of her soul that although dormant most of the time these days remains very much a part of her. Relying on an economy of words to get their points across, Jules characters tend to reveal more in a few lines of dialogues than characters in other stories do in entire chapters. Her skillful use of dialogue create blunt, realistic exchanges that often add great charm to the characterizations while allowing her to keep a nice pace to the story even in the calmest of scenes. Jules has also done a great job updating the personalities of Xena and Gab so that Dana and Grace, although clearly following the uber archetypes, are also imbued with modern sensibilities. Simply put, this bard is a delight to read and this series continues to be among the creme-della-creme in uber fanfic. This new installment gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [unfinished] - 6 pgs.

Curiositee continues the story begun in THE DANGEROUS TRUTH as Alex Bryson contemplates the recent changes in her life - the new vigor that has her feeling more alive than she has in a long time and the beautiful reporter that has her feeling more loved than ever before. For both women, however, many questions about the past remain unanswered. Alex cannot ignore the curiosity she feels over a woman long believed dead, while Bridget cannot ignore the concern she feels over a possible threat from the ancient past... Curiositee adds new depth to the characterizations in this sequel as she starts to explore the history of these two women. The sense of suspense and mystery is in evidence right from the start. Showing great potential this is one to be checking on regularly. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 21 pgs.


The eleventh installment in G.L.'s much loved JUST BETWEEN series is GUARANTEED to charm old and new readers alike with perhaps the most delightful treatment to date of the Janeway/ Seven romance. Comfortable with one another again after having to deal with the challenge of Janeway's memory loss, the two are ready to start re-exploring the intimacy that just recently seemed so hopelessly beyond their reach. It's an emotional and physical voyage they launch into with a renewed sense of trust and love for one another, augmented by the captain's now distinctly more adventurous leanings, and the unlikely humor of Borg ingenuity >:) This one is going to keep a BIG grin plastered on your face throughout and might just have you wishing REAL hard you lived in the 24th century ;-) It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 49 pgs.

Reviews of all other entries in G.L.'s JUST BETWEEN series are available on my SPECIAL REPORTS page at:

Also - G.L. Dartt's maintains the CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS page dedicated to her VOYAGER fanfic at

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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