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[Previous report was for 1/20/98]

Hey guys,

Bards have been BUSY!!! 5 new ones and an update :)


A FANTASTIC new story that has Xena and Gabrielle once again entering a war zone where their attempts to remain out of trouble soon prove fruitless, endangering the bard's self-confidence and her very life. With two chapters released thus far, this has the makings of a terrific tale. Dancyer is adept at depicting warrior and bard with a great deal of sensitivity, easily drawing the reader into the struggles of these two friends. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Acting as a sequel to Silk's excellent CROWN OF LAUREL, this is the second installment in THE SWORD OF WAR TRILOGY. Starting immediately after the first story, PASSAGE INTO DARKNESS has Xena and the bard trying to escape from Rome, trying also to deal with some of the unresolved issues between them, even as the gods of Olympus become aware of the incredible shift in power that has occurred within their ranks. This tale easily continues the sense of uncertainty and fear the first story gave birth to, further submerging our heroines into a struggle they may not be able to survive. [Note: the story contains subtext] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

THE LONG NIGHT by Carmen McDonald
Carmen's first attempt at XWP fan fiction is a nice hurt/comfort story that has Xena and the bard fighting the elements and then trying to deal with a serious injury.


APOTHEOSIS by D. Joan Leib
Xena and Gabrielle run into a warrior with an amazing resemblance to the Warrior Princess who is desperately trying to escape the clutches of the God of War. Feeling responsible for the woman's plight, Xena decides to help. Set after the episode THE FURIES, this story looks at the dynamics at work between Xena and Ares and the determination of a certain bard willing to fight for her warrior at any cost. [See the sequel THEODICY reviewed below]

THEODICY by D. Joan Leib
Set after BETRAYAL - THE DEBT II, this sequel to APOTHEOSIS (reviewed above) presents a very tense situation between Xena and Gabrielle just as they receive a summons from the Amazon Nation requesting the bard's presence. Aware of her responsibilities, Gabrielle prepares herself to try to deal with the problems of the Amazons, all the while wondering if her relationship with the warrior has been irreparably damaged. Still unfinished, this story is emotional, well-written and VERY promising!

The conclusion of this story is now available. Starting immediately where WINTER'S ENDING left off, Missy's latest novel immediately captures the heart and the imagination with the very distinctive style of storytelling that fan fiction aficionados have come to recognize as among the best the Xenaverse has to offer. Still in Amphipolis where Gabrielle has been recovering from her recent ordeal, Xena and the bard learn from some refugees of the activities of raiders in the surrounding areas. Worried for Gabrielle's family who will be traveling to Amphipolis to attend their planned joining ceremony, the two decide to head out to meet them. Despite their genuine concern, the decision reflects a growing need they've both had to return to the freedom of life on the road - the freedom to enjoy the closeness they now share and the natural world that was their only home for so long - only the beauty of that world can be deceptive, hiding dangers both natural and man-made. In this final part, warrior and bard touch base with friends and family as they settle into the new life they have forged together. Missy continues in this story to look at the deepening love between these two women - exploring how this love is allowing one heart to flourish and the other to start healing at last. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you read a Missy story folks. This bard knows how to touch all the right buttons. Should come as no surprise to anyone who's read her previous novels that this one gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)