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ASHERA'S ADULT XENA FAN FICTION ARCHIVE is now making available a "pairings" index for stories available at her site. Stories are categorized according to the romantic pairing(s) featured. Ashera's site is at:

Half-n-half tonight - two new ones, two updates - all alt.


Yet another very entertaining and different contribution to the uber-Xena genre, this story follows research doctor Morgan Andrews on the adventure of a lifetime as she travels into the Amazon jungles in search of an elusive plant and the hope it may offer millions. Crippled on a terrifying night long ago, Morgan finds herself having to rely on both the experience and strength of her enigmatic guide, a dark beauty by the name of Kristinia Thanasis fighting demons of her own. In the determined young doctor, Kris discovers something she hasn't had in a long time - a friend - and a gentle heart full of love the guide finds herself very much wanting to win...and terrified of doing so. Anne delivers here a riveting tale with an exotic flavor, a couple of fascinating heroines, some terrific action and a compelling premise. A very worthwhile read. - 65 pgs.

Sizzling little interlude that reads like a Janice Covington fantasy with her in the role of private investigator and a very sexy Southern belle needing her...assistance ;-) Not for the work environment people...unless you're on your break >:) - 8 pgs.

CIRCLE OF LIFE by Melissa Good
Part five is now being posted. Possibly more anticipated than the fourth season of XWP, comes the continuation of Missy's beloved Xena/Gab series in a story which continues the tale from FESTIVAL but is actually set after the events in the episode FAMILY AFFAIR. Still recuperating from their recent ordeal, the warrior and bard are back in Amphipolis awaiting the birth of their child and treasuring their time together as never before. With Amazons visiting and word of friends and family in trouble, however, their tranquillity is short-lived as the two, reunited once again, prepare to face whatever life throws their way. In this latest update the trapped villagers and Amazons get some additional company. Missy's very special style is clearly in evidence as this novel opens - immediately placing the Xena/Gab relationship center stage and infusing the story with a unique blend of delightful humor, poignant drama and enchanting characterizations. If you want to treat yourself to the work of a master storyteller DO NOT MISS this story or any other of the others in the series. This gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - [unfinished] - 13 pgs.

Part two is now available. Curiositee continues the story begun in THE DANGEROUS TRUTH as Alex Bryson contemplates the recent changes in her life - the new vigor that has her feeling more alive than she has in a long time and the beautiful reporter that has her feeling more loved than ever before. For both women, however, many questions about the past remain unanswered. Alex cannot ignore the curiosity she feels over a woman long believed dead, while Bridget cannot ignore the concern she feels over a possible threat from the ancient past...In this latest part more of the past is revealed as Bridget searches for her missing partner. Curiositee adds new depth to the characterizations in this sequel as she starts to explore the history of these two women. The sense of suspense and mystery is in evidence right from the start. Showing great potential this is one to be checking on regularly. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 12 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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