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[Previous report was for 12/30/98]

Hi fellow fanfic addicts :)

The last report of 1998 below - a year during which despite a sometimes disappointing showing by the TV series itself, XWP fanfic has just continued to grow in popularity, with more stories than ever available now, more bards, more web sites and more genres! 1998 has seen an explosion in uber fanfic as bards explore some of the original themes of the series in other fictional arenas coming out from under the more restrictive vision established by the show to let their creativity loose. In addition to a warrior and a bard, XWP fanfic now includes tales about Western outlaws, super spies, archeologists, thieves, pirates, knights, starship captains, reporters, corporate executives, and at times...just some plain, ordinary people. Xena the Conqueror first made an appearance in fanfic this year and she promises to be back in 1999 ;-) Meanwhile, series and sequels have become the rage with bards taking Xena and Gab or their counterparts in directions that are often quite different from the TV series while remaining as compelling and sometimes proving even more so.

Above all, XWP fanfic has continued to be a celebration of the strong female figure, a celebration of love and friendship which has transcended the fiction and the TV show to sometimes inspire an unprecedented understanding and sense of comradeship among the many readers and fans out there. As we begin the last year of the millennium, XWP fanfic is alive and well and proving that two fictional heroines from the ancient past can indeed change the world, inspiring imaginations, inspiring new ways of thinking that hopefully will keep Xena and Gabrielle in our hearts and minds AND on the Web long after they're no longer gracing our TV sets :)

A very happy New Year to everyone in the Xenaverse - bards, fans, webmasters, list managers, celebs, TPTBs, and most especially to those of you who read these reports, who diligently point out broken links at my site or provide suggestions, and who've just generally supported this lunatic's efforts in the fandom since day one. THANKS FOR THE EXPERIENCE!! 1999 here we come!

We have a new XWP fanfic site now available - Governal's THE ANNALS OF THE CONQUEROR already featuring fiction with that delightfully wicked empress. Stop by at:

Two terrific new stories tonight.


Missy gives us all a VERY nice way to end the year and begin a new one with the promise of more TERRIFIC fiction to come as she unveils the sequel to her megahits TROPICAL STORM and A PRESENT UNDER THE TREE. Returning to work after the Christmas holiday, Dar and Kerry find themselves back in their usual hectic routines with one slight change - there's a new face on the block - an old one from Dar's past hired specifically to challenge the brilliant executive and with a grudge to settle as even more incentive. Continuing the characterizations from her first contemporary uber novel, Missy immediately starts to weave here an intriguing plot certain to reveal more about her heroines' past and to test them both emotionally and professionally. Lots of atmosphere, exceptional storytelling, charming humor and a profoundly appealing vision of the love between two soulmates always ensure the quality of a Melissa Good story. Her latest gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [unfinished] - 6 pgs.

This bard's debut on the web comes with a very well-written first chapter in a story with terrific potential set in the world of Xena the Conqueror where the deadly empress is getting ready to extend her empire while a determined resistance looks for ways to stop her. Part of that resistance, Gabrielle is well aware of the woman's cruelty but convinced despite it that Xena's death is not the answer - not for their world...and not for herself. To prove it she's willing to risk it all - even the possibility of an agonizing death on a merciless cross. This one should keep fans of those Conqueror stories coming back for more and promises to entice even more readers into the genre. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 10 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)