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Hey all :)

There's a new site for alternative XWP fan fiction, DELSHANNON'S XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS ALTERNATE FAN FICTION page located at:

Also, I'm sad to report that one XWP fan fiction site is announcing it will soon close its doors - XENA'S BARD INN at I encourage ALL bards with storie s on there to PLEASE make these available elsewhere. Meanwhile, I also encourage fellow readers to visit the site before it closes and make sure to save a copy of any favorite stories on there as we can never be sure these will indeed be made available again on the Web. Lots of EXCELLENT tales at this site folks by some of our most talented bards!

One personal announcement - the LUNACY FAN FICTION REVIEWS page at MaryD's site has now been thoroughly updated. The compiled files featuring general and alternative reviews are now current through the report for 1/24/98 meaning that all reviews f eatured in the nightly reports through that date have been incorporated into the alphabetical lists. I've checked all links on there and they ALL should be working as well. If you find any errors or broken links please make sure to notify me. In the co ming days and weeks I'm going to be adding some specialized files which I'll announce as they are made available. The LUNACY FAN FICTION REVIEWS page is at:

Following are tonight's stories.


The debut on the Web for this new bard is an engrossing tale that has Gabrielle being kidnapped by an evil and very dangerous enemy - an enemy who is intrigued by the little bard's courage...and determined to test it.


LEVEL GROUND by Emperor Penguin
Set immediately after the episode THE PRICE, this short story has Xena and the bard sitting down to talk about recent events and the feelings they can no longer keep hidden from one another. This is well-written and tenderly romantic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

A poignant, at times heart-wrenching story which has Gabrielle being captured by bounty hunters. A desperate Xena must then race against time to try to save her bard before a vengeful warlord exacts his revenge on the Queen of the Amazons. This is suspe nseful, emotional and action-packed. DO NOT MISS!

TO BE A WOMAN by DelShannon
This bard's first XWP offering is a promising hurt/comfort story that has Gabrielle thinking about her feelings for Xena just as an attack intensifies these, reminding her of just how much she loves the warrior.

An absolutely DEVILISH little vignette about a warrior, a bard, and a rather exhausting...session >:) HUGE grin alert on this one! It's a MUST READ!

THEODICY by D. Joan Leib
Chapters 7-9 of this story are now available. Set after BETRAYAL - THE DEBT II, this sequel to APOTHEOSIS presents a very tense situation between Xena and Gabrielle just as they receive a summons from the Amazon Nation requesting the bard's presence. Aware of her responsibilities, Gabrielle prepares herself to try to deal with the problems of the Amazons, all the while wondering if her relationship with the warrior has been irreparably damaged. Still unfinished , this story is emotional, well-written and VERY promising!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)