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Hi guys,

One announcement tonight - the PINK RABBIT CONSORTIUM Web site has changed addresses. The new URL is:

For those of you who have passwords to their SUBTEXT ZONE - these have NOT changed. The same passwords will allow you to enter the zone at this new location.

As for the stories tonight - we have an EXCEPTIONAL selection folks! Incredible fan fiction being written recently. Lots of new bards too which always does my heart good :) Enjoy!


NO DOUBT by Rebekah
From the writer of the now classic ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT comes an extraordinary new story that is a MUST READ for every Xenite out there who loves these characters and has anguished over the recent chal lenges they've been facing in the third season. Set immediately after the events in the episode BETRAYAL - DEBT II, the story begins with a weakened Xena being helped out of the ruins of Ming T'Ien's throne room by a bard who is herself nursing injuries both to her body and her soul. Guilt-ridden, Gabrielle tries to concentrate on helping the warrior and the other released prisoners. All the while Xena is sensing the bard's despair and searching for a way to once again solidify the friendship they both value above all else. This is a hurt/comfort story that encompasses injuries both physical and spiritual. Rebekah's treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship is incredibly effective, revealing an understanding of the characters that is insightful , sensitive and powerful. Beautifully written, this is a story that will make you "feel" for these two friends in a way that surpasses even what the TV series can inspire. A marvelous gift for us all that receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!

THE DEER by Mary Morgan
A haunting, mystical story set in an enchanted forest that has the taciturn Warrior Princess resigned to the punishment she must face for a recent crime, while a determined little bard struggles to save her partner. In parts this story has a magical qual ity to it that will bring to mind the writings of J.R. Tolkien. Parts of it made me think also of the movie LEGEND. Different and nicely crafted. DO NOT MISS!

THE ACCUSED by Dhyanna
Set before the episode THE DELIVERER, this story has Gabrielle loosing her blood innocence in a different way and Xena desperately fighting to try to save her friend from the repercussions. Still unfinished, this is a believable and gripping.


Back in October 1997, this talented bard made her first appearance on the Web with a fantastic little story called THE ENCHANTMENT. Her second story CALLISTO'S AN TIDOTE is one of the most gripping and satisfying hurt/comfort stories I've ever read. Now with this third story, a sequel to THE ENCHANTMENT, Friction brings us yet another winner and solidifies her place among the best of the best in XWP fan fi ction. ENCHANTED AGAIN? begins where the first story ended. Having acted on their feelings at last, Xena and Gabrielle are deliriously happy - giddy in love. It is a happiness that fires the bard's creative juices, motivating her to write a new story but before long some distressing news puts a damper on things, alerting them to a possible threat and distracting the usually suspicious X ena from other unforeseen developments. This story will keep you mesmerized from the first sentence to the last. The romance depicted between warrior and bard is one of the most tenderly romantic and passionate in recent fan fiction making this tale a sure favorite but one DEFINITELY to be avoided at those places of employment ;-) Intense, funny and poignant all at once, Friction's latest receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! (Note: You might want to have plenty of flour and butter on hand before starting this story >:)

JINX by Godot
An absolutely DELIGHTFUL new offering from this gifted bard centering on the misadventures of a VERY unlucky youth named Jinx whose life is forever changed by an encounter with a feared blue-eyed warrior. As in her ANTIPANY SERIES, Godot creates here an unforgettable character, through whose eyes we then get a truly special portrayal of both the warrior and her bard. A short read, this one is a MUST folks! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: This story is not explicit]

FOLLOW THE BLOOD by Fyrequeene
This is one of those stories that you will find yourself simply unable to put down once you start reading. A riveting, MASTERFULY crafted tale that recalls a vary dark time in the life of the Warrior Princess. It is a time Xena reluctantly finds herself remembering as she and Gabrielle travel through an area she once destroyed, on their way to a meeting with one of the men who helped her in that campaign. What they come upon instead is an unfolding mystery that becomes more gruesome with each passing day - eventually even instilling fear in the heart of the warrior herself. Fyrequeene's writing is characterized by an economy of words that makes it very easy to read and wonderfully effective. The Xena/Gab relationship has a subtle feel to it that makes it powerful and highly emotional beneath the surface. The characterizations are exceptional. Put this one at the top of your MUST READ list. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

AFTER THE BATH by Erato Bard
This is a very tender, beautiful vignette depicting Xena's first romantic encounter with Lao Ma at a point when the exhausted warrior, tired of maintaining the rage within, suddenly lets herself be vulnerable. Nicely done.

Original and well-written, this new Mel/Janice story has the Southerner and archeologist seeing each other for the first time after their initial meeting in Macedonia. Joining forces again to work on translating a newly discovered scroll, the two women begin uncovering also their feelings for one another but it is the warrior and bard from an Ancient time that will show them how to take a chance on love. With only part one now available, this story is already quite promising!

This intriguing sequel to CN Winter's HOMECOMING has Xena and Gabrielle returning from the island of Lesbo - anxious to tell their friends and family about their joining there. Among the different reactions to the news, one in particular, from an unsuspecting source, will suddenly turn their world upside down, threatening the bond they've forged together and cruelly denying them the simple comfort of each other. Still unfinished, this tale features lots of romance, lots of drama and has terrific potential!

TO BE A WOMAN by DelShannon
Chapter four of this story is now available. This bard's first XWP offering is a promising hurt/comfort story that has Gabrielle thinking about her feelings for Xena just as an attack intensifies these, reminding her of just how much she loves the warrior.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)