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I've added a number of new volunteers to the BETA READERS DIRECTORY so bards if you need someone to help you edit that new story lots of willing Xenites are listed at:

Also, the BARD'S REFERENCE LIBRARY continues expanding. I've just added some new FANFIC ART sites to that along with some sites featuring information on names, their origins, meanings etc., - should be useful for bards in search of character names. The library is at:

A couple of our highly talented fanfic bards are getting published commercially folks. Justice House Publishing is making available Melissa Good's TROPICAL STORM and B L Miller's ACCIDENTAL LOVE. For ordering information go to:

We got a couple of new XWP fanfic pages, T. NOVAN'S XENA ALT. FAN FICTION SITE featuring this bard's works is at:

Also check out FADE TO BLACK at > site features an excellent FIRST TIME STORIES index listing those alternative stories in which the warrior and bard first become intimate. Also included at the site are writing hints and fanfic stories.

Penumbra's ALT FIC page has changed addresses. The new site called UMBRAE is at: The actual fanfic page is at:

Five new ones tonight and an update.


For all of you out there who thought being a Xena bard was a glamorous job, comes at long last the painful truth from one of the veterans in the business. We are made privy to the abuse this poor bard must endure as he attempts to write his latest fanfic masterpiece while dealing with cranky webmasters, marketing temptations, those ever supportive readers, and a little-known nuisance called...real life ;-) An expose extraordinaire that needs to go on every Xenite's MUST READ list! Oh and L...that reviewing kit...much too expensive... got it WAY cheaper myself. I'll e-mail yah ;-) Now...lemme see...where's that dart?...DO NOT MISS!! - 7 pgs.


</>KINK'S THE THING by Penumbra
Penumbra continues her sizzling KINK SERIES with a very promising new entry that has both Ghis and Della troubled by recent job assignments, certain only of their love for one another and their determination to protect that at any cost. Just as atmospheric as the previous stories in the series, this new one offers a compelling mixture of the outlandish and the romantic setting the passionate tale of two souls very much in love amidst the exotic world of the London BDSM club scene. Definitely one to follow in the weeks ahead. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 6 pgs.

A very sweet little epilogue to the episode A FAMILY AFFAIR which finds the warrior finally confessing her feelings for the bard and experiencing the wonder of two hearts embracing one another. Some wonderfully touching moments in this translation of a story originally written in German. - 6 pgs.

SECOND CHANCE by Kelley Piper
In parts a tear-jerker, in parts just a wonderful feel-good tale, this story is about regrets and hope as it chronicles the last moments of a bard in the Winter of her years looking forward to a reunion too long in coming and a second chance to reveal what has always been in her heart. Solid, emotional offering for the mushballs in us all. - 6 pgs.

VENDETTA y Xenamaster
This is an entertaining uber story that reads like a futuristic version of the first two XWP seasons. It begins with Cameron Hunter arriving at a starbase on the trail of an old enemy from her days as the feared "Headhunter". It's a mission she's distracted from when she saves a young golden-skinned alien girl from the slavers that have captured her. Intent on returning the girl to her people, Cameron soon finds herself with a very loyal friend just as some of the sins of her past come back to hunt her. Xenamaster does a terrific job of incorporating events, characters, and even dialogue from the TV series into this futuristic space opera that would probably work as a fun uber episode. - 43 pgs.

STRICKEN by Barry Marshall
Part three is now available. On their way to Thessaly the warrior and bard learn that a deadly plague is raging through Greece...and that an old friend of the Warrior Princess may be the one spreading it. In this latest part the bard shows her mettle as she has to protect her partner. Barry's latest is a well-written hurt/comfort tale with solid potential. [unfinished] - 9 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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