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Hi guys,

For Joxer fans (come on you guys - FIGHT for this great hero to get his OWN series!! I'll back you up - strongly >:) we have a new fan fic site - Natasha's JOXER SHORTS located at

Four new ones and four updates tonight :)


A companion piece to Lara's GABRIELLE'S CHOICE, this story is set immediately after Xena's death in DESTINY and chronicles the warrior's struggle in the underworld to get back to the world of the living...and the bard who so desperately misses her. Lara presents a very well-thought out and clever explanation behind Xena's eventual return while painting a deeply poignant picture of Gabrielle's pain over h er friend's death. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Rousing adventure tale that has Xena and Gabrielle traveling to the lands of the North where the Warrior Princess finds herself once again face to face with the bloody warlord who was at one time her mentor...and later one of her greatest enemies. This t ime the two find common ground as they are forced into battle with a threat that could potentially endanger all they hold dear. Meanwhile, Gabrielle struggles to make a connection with a lost tribe of Amazons that seem to have long forgotten their heritage. It is a struggle that will thrust the little bard into the middle of a war forcing her to make decisions that will change her forever. This is a well-written, action-packed story with solid characterizations. DO NOT MISS!

Part three of this story is now available. Acting as a sequel to Silk's excellent A CROWN OF LAUREL, this is the second installment in the SWORD OF WAR TRILOGY. Starting immediately after the first story, PASSAGE INTO DARKNESS has Xena and the bard trying to escape from Rome, trying also to deal with some of the unresolved issues between them, even as the gods of Olympus become aware of the incredible shift in power that has occurred within their ranks. In this l atest part Callisto sets an evil plan into motion as Xena and Gabrielle search for a way out of the catacombs they are trapped in. This tale easily continues the sense of uncertainty and fear the first story gave birth to, further submerging our heroines into a struggle they may not be able to survive. [Note: the story contains subtext] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Already responsible for six of the most popular, most loved XWP stories on the Net, Missy latest is a combination uber-Xena/clip show story which already l ooks like it will easily match the outstanding body of work bearing this writer's name. As the story begins Xena and her bard are still hibernating in Amphipolis, enjoying the peace of their home and the simple comfort of just being with one another. Th ey decide to work on translating the ancient scrolls they found while visiting Jessan's people in BOUND. Before long they are uncovering an emotional tale, almost as passionate and poignant as their own, involving a village girl named Ardwyn and the enigmatic Viking warrior who captures her heart. All the while the story revealed in those scrolls is awakening memo ries in Xena and Gabrielle, memories of the times they've shared and the long road they've traveled to get to the happiness they're now blessed with. Missy's flashbacks continue to be among the best in the business, giving us insights into scenes from the TV show and filling in the time in between episodes like no other fan fiction has ever done. The uber sections in this story are also particularly well written - done in a style that is different from the rest of the novel and adds tremendously to the atmosphere of the more ancie nt story. In a rather angst-filled third season, this newest Missy offering is a godsend folks! What are you still doing reading this review???? GO READ THE STORY!!! It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [Do not miss THE LONGEST NIGHT which preceeds this story]

Poignant vignette that shows what happened after the scene in the episode BEEN THERE, DONE THAT when Gabrielle is killed.

Chapter 3 of this story is now available. This is a clever new tale set after the events in THE DEBT which has Ares offering Xena the chance to go back in time and change some of the horrific experiences she and Gabrielle have recently endured. Nice writing and an interesting premise give this one lots of potential.

TO BE A WOMAN by DelShannon
Chapter 6 of this story is now available. This bard's first XWP offering is a promising hurt/comfort story that has Gabrielle thinking about her feelings for Xena just as an attack intensifies these, reminding her of just how much she loves the warrior. In this latest section, warrior and bard are at a lost on how to gulf the distance between them.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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