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For those of you who may not have noticed yet, Xenos has added new focus sections to the excellent XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS FAN FICTION INDEX. The EPISODES section lists stories according to the episode they are based on. The LOCATION section indexes stories based on some of the most common settings used in fan fiction (Amphipolis/Poteidaia, inns/taverns, etc.) Other focus sections available are AMAZONS, CROSS-OVER, HURT/COMFORT, UBER-XENA, SERIES, and EPISODES (an excellent section which lists stories according to the supporting characters featured). Kudos as usual to Xenos for making the life of a fan fiction reader MUCH easier :-) The XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS FAN FICTION INDEX is at

FANTASTIC offerings tonight folks - 4 new ones and three updates.


A truly compelling new offering that tells the tale of Xena's first meeting with the god of War. Learning of a feared and vicious new warlord many are referring to as the "goddess of war", Ares goes to see for himself who this young upstart could be. What he finds is the warrior of his dreams - a blue-eyed mortal goddess who captures his heart, his mind and his every passion. Determined to learn more about her, a disguised Ares conspires to get close, starting an obsession that would haunt him...and that warrior, for all time. This is a very well written speculation on what Xena and Ares' first encounter could have been like. It features a terrific characterization of the god of War and ties in nicely with the events in the TV series. A great read certain to be particularly popular with fans of Ares.


LAO MA'S KISS by Elaine Sutherland
This is a BEAUTIFUL piece of writing that in many places reads almost like a poem. Cleverly introduced by Professor Elaine Sutherland as a series of ancient Chinese letters and Greek scrolls, the story in fact unfolds through the presentation of these. The Chinese letters are the memoirs of Lao Ma, revealed as the true author of the book of Taoism. The scrolls, written by the bard Gabrielle, are the reminiscences of Xena of Amphipolis who would eventually become the legendary Warrior Princess. Set in juxtaposition, the letters and scrolls unveil a tale of admirable ambitions, of sacrifice, of raw passion pitted against calculated reason - of a love that could never have survived but was destined to foreshadow one that someday would. THIS is the deeper tale we only saw hints at in THE DEBT and BETRAYAL. Featuring VERY powerful characterizations of both Lao Ma and the Xena she knew, this is NOT TO BE MISSED! A MUST READ!

After sharing with us several excellent stories featuring the warrior and her bard, L. Fox now brings us his first ever Janice/Mel story set just prior to the United States' entrance into World War II. The tale has the spunky archeologist and her beautiful partner accepting a dangerous mission that will take them into the heart of the South Pacific in search of the truth behind a mysterious legend - a legend that others also are investigating and that could very well determine the fate of the world. L. Fox does a wonderful job here of incorporating actual events and historical figures, lending an air of authenticity to the storyline. Revolving around the developing relationship between the two friends, this is an original story and a very entertaining read.

CHOICES IN LIFE by Jamie Boughen
A very emotional story which presents a somewhat different side of the Warrior Princess. It is a side that begins to come forth as Xena and Gabrielle discover a young orphan in the woods - a little girl who seems to immediately form a connection with the one-time feared Destroyer of Nations. Faced with a decision that could change her life, Gabrielle's and the girl's forever, the warrior finds herself revisiting the past and desperately wanting to avoid the pain she experienced in that former life. With some of the most poignant scenes I've read in a long time, this story warrants a definite hanky alert. It is well-written and very moving.

Parts 10-12 of this story are now available. The talented bard who brought us the already classic A BARD DAY'S NIGHT returns with a FANTASTIC new story complete with all the elements that have made her tales among the most entertaining in XWP fan fiction. Visiting the city of Chalcis to replenish their supplies, Xena and the Gabster stop by an apothecary where the warrior hopes to find some of the medicinal herbs and potions used in healing. Unbeknownst to them both, their shopping trip will eventually give way to a nightmare as Xena soon finds her effectiveness as a warrior somewhat...reduced. In this latest section the warrior, the bard and their friends try to find a solution to the little problem confronting them - all the while the enemy is closing in. DJ's characterizations of Xena and the bard are among the best in the business - very playful, sexy and sweet. She is adept also at creating a strong supporting cast as anyone can attest to who was enchanted with her unforgettable Sappho and the poet's fun-loving followers in A BARD DAY'S NIGHT. As yet unfinished, this new story already features a number of colorful characters including a rather uncoordinated barmaid whose mishaps are going to leave you and a certain bard grinning :) This tale is EASILY one of the most original I've read to date in XWP fan fiction - a marvelous combination of humor, suspense, romance and drama that will satisfy the finickiest of readers. NOT TO BE MISSED folks! This receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

AND FAIR TRUTH by de Bonheur
The conclusion of this story is now available. This is the sequel to de Bonheur's excellent LONG IS THE WAY SERIES. As the story begins Xena and Gabrielle are with the Amazons, happy at last while they make preparations for their joining ceremony. It is a ceremony that will only make official the love and commitment the two already share but not everyone is anxious to see them happy. Some in fact, want only to destroy their happiness... In these final chapters the warrior and bard confront allegations against them and also learn just how frustrating a lack of privacy can be ;-) This story immediately captivates with an intriguing, suspenseful plot and a depiction of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship that is heartfelt and deeply passionate. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Part seven of this story is now available. Starting immediately where WINTER'S ENDING left off, Missy's latest novel immediately captures the heart and the imagination with the very distinctive style of storytelling that fan fiction aficionados have come to recognize as among the best the Xenaverse has to offer. Still in Amphipolis where Gabrielle has been recovering from her recent ordeal, Xena and the bard learn from some refugees of the activities of raiders in the surrounding areas. Worried for Gabrielle's family who will be traveling to Amphipolis to attend their planned joining ceremony, the two decide to head out to meet them. Despite their genuine concern, the decision reflects a growing need they've both had to return to the freedom of life on the road - the freedom to enjoy the closeness they now share and the natural world that was their only home for so long - only the beauty of that world can be deceptive, hiding dangers both natural and man-made. In this latest part two hearts are joined forevermore. Missy continues in this story to look at the deepening love between these two women - exploring how this love is allowing one heart to flourish and the other to start healing at last. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you read a Missy story folks. This bard knows how to touch all the right buttons. Should come as no surprise to anyone who's read her previous novels that this one gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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