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Hi guys,

A lot of us are aware of the many wonderful fan fiction sites out there but in addition to sites featuring stories, the Xenaverse also includes some excellent sites devoted to XWP poetry. One particularly good one which has just changed locations is the appropriately named XENA VERSE page now to be found at:

This site was started by Tim Wellman and is now being run by Joe the Mighty who is actively seeking new submissions. Other poetry sites include:



There is some REALLY fine poetry at these sites folks. Make sure to check them out. As for you bardly types out there - PLEASE MAKE IT A POINT TO ARCHIVE YOUR POEMS!!!! We want to keep those for posterity also! You can archive your poems at one of the sites above or at many of the regular fan fiction sites which tend to also include poetry. For a list of those check Xenos's XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS INDEX at:

There's a new fan fiction site now available, THE MUSE OF DEANLU containing fiction written by this veteran bard whose stories LOVE'S HONOR and MURDER AT THE ACADEMY OF THE PERFORMING BARDS helped to hook many a Xenite, myself included into XWP fan fic when they were made available through the NetForum. The site contains several other works including Deanlu's newer stories. THE MUS E OF DEANLU is located at:

On her site, MaryD has added a new interview with another talented bard to THE BARD'S SCROLL - Blue talks about fan fiction, the series, the characters - all over a glass of spring water, crackers and vegemite! ;-) Yeap, this Xenite is an original down to her interviews!! To learn more about Blue go to

Here are tonight's stories :)


Based on an actual Greek poem, which is included at the end of the story, this is a wonderful little tale that features one of the most interesting and well-rounded characterizations of the God of War I've seen in XWP fan fiction. The story has Ares reminiscing about the fateful day when he once visited Hephestaus' forge and the repercusions that visit would have on him for eternity and on a certain Warrior Princess for the rest of her life. This should particularly delight fans of the God of War. Very nice.

An exceptional sequel to ARES' CURSE (reviewed above) which basically tells the same story but this time from Xena's perspective. The premise has Gabrielle asking her companion to tell her about that first meeting with Ares. The story that emerges is of a courageous, brash, self-assured young woman who together with her younger brother was committed to be the hero that would change the world - only a cloud of darkness would engulf her long before that hero could ever be born. Silk's decision to present the story told in her earlier tale through Xena's eyes this time proves a very effective creative choice, resulting in a poignant treatise on the darkening of a human soul. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

CELEBRATIONS OF LIFE by Becky Lutzke (deanlu)
Released in April 1996 on the NetForum, this tale is written in a semi-script format. It has Gabrielle remembering a very painful part of her past during a visit to the Amazons.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)