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Hi all,

The LLACHLAN'S SCROLLS fanfic site originally located at has closed. However, Llachlan is in the process of making her stories available once again so stay tuned...

Also, Tim Wellman will be removing all his personal XWP fanfic from the Net by March 1, 1999 so if you want any of Tim's stories make SURE to save them by then. Tim's stories are available through TIM WELLMAN'S XENA FAN FICTION PAGE at:

Finally, Nene has asked that her MYTH SERIES along with the story DEATH'S BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER be removed from the Net. It is uncertain whether these stories will be made available again so if you want them - SAVE them NOW! The stories are still available through Jane's ALTERNATIVE FAN FICTION site but they may go at any minute. You can find the links for the seven stories in the MYTH SERIES through my reviews at:


The Aussies and Kiwis have decided to index their own fanfic stories so we now have available on the Web SALMONELLUS' AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND XENITE FAN FICTION REPOSITORY. Check it out at


HEROES (A COP Parody) by Joanna
This is what happens when you watch too much bad TV ;-) Joanna allows us a look at a typical mission for Xena and Gabrielle as seen through the lens of a jerky camera. You'll pant right along with our heroines throughout this - new experience for many of you I'm sure. Cute :) - 7 pgs.


A follow-up to Anne's AMAZON ENCOUNTER this very original uber tale begins in modern day Turkey where wealthy industrialist Gunnul Dedeman is tensely awaiting the arrival of her adopted daughter's birth mother - already hating the woman her brother described as a whore and determined to keep her from hurting the Dedeman family. Jamie Miller is a young American desperate to get back the baby girl kidnapped years before by her abusive husband. Amidst the exotic crossroads where East meets West, these two very different women will meet only to discover a connection as old as time as two soulmates struggle to bridge the distances imposed by culture and lies to once again be together. Anne has crafted here a wholly absorving tale that while drawing you into the developing romance, reads also like a fascinating travel guide to this ancient land. The uber characters are well-drawn and should be intimately familiar. There are also some intriguing links to Anne's earlier story which establishes a nice mystery to be unraveled as more stories are added to the series it seems. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 49 pgs.

"AREN'T YOU TWO..." by GabTBard
Amusing little tale that has the Bard of Poteidaia reflecting on how her relationship with Xena has been perceived by others through the years and how friends and acquaintances seemed to recognize the feelings just under the surface even before they themselves did. - 4pgs.

The bard does a little dance to distract a warlord and ends up winning the attention of a Warrior Princess. Sexy, fun and nicely written. - 4 pgs.


"Dar Roberts" (2 pieces) by Mardi Cook
Inspired by the story TROPICAL STORM by Missy Good.

"Kerry Stuart" (2 pieces) by Mardi Cook
Inspired by the story TROPICAL STORM by Missy Good.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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