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Hi all,

First of all - HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeap - ROC celebrates her 27th birthday Sunday February 15 so best wishes to this talented young actress who has made the bard come alive for all of us.

With regards to fan fic, there's a new site now available, LALA'S XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS EPISODE REVIEWS. The site features the author's popular episode reviews as well as several stories. It's located at

Also, XWP fan fiction is now also available at this site:

Excellent new stories tonight :)


After a long absence this talented bard returns with a very promising new story based on the "Strange World" fiction which was popular in the early days of STAR TREK fanfic. As Richard explains it, "Strange World" stories were ones in which characters from the series and the real actors would switch places or time periods. VISIT TO AN ANCIENT WORLD begins in the present day on the set of Xena: Warrior Princess where Renee O'Connor accidentally receives a blow to the head while filming a fight scene. Moments later when her vision clears, the fighting all around her seems frighteningly real...and no one is yelling "cut!" Soon Renee is discovering that the television series she is a part of her in her own time is indeed based on an ancient drama played out thousands of years before - a real story with a formidable, hardened Greek warrior and a courageous young bard whose future is inexorably tied with Renee's own. Richard does an OUTSTANDING job in giving his Ancient Greece a wonderful sense of authenticity. His Xena is a VERY different Xena from the one Renee knows. The story is well-written and addictive. One you start it you just WANT to know what's next. Still unfinished this one is a MUST READ! DO NOT MISS!

This new story has Xena and Gabrielle trying to stop a vicious warlord who is at the center of an insidous plan to create a war and gain wealth. Still unfinished, the story is nicely written and has potential.


QUEEN by L.N. James
Just in time for Valentine's Day, the "queen" of romantic alt. fiction is back and she's back in FORCE guys! Don't even BOTHER calling the Amazon Ice Company - they were completely sold out by the readers who previewed this little tale prior to its release on the Web ;-) Just clear out the old refrigerator and crawl in there! This new offering from the incomparable LN begins when a certain bard, in the mood to play, bets Xena 5 dinars that she can fool people into believing the warrior is in fact...her slave. Amused but doubting anyone would believe the formidable Warrior Princess enslaved by a little bard, Xena agrees, never considering the depths to which her heart has already been conquered...nor suspecting the ingenious plan of attack her VERY determined partner is capable off. In a style that is distinctively her own, LN grounds her story in a love that beautifully complements the passion. Within the fire she writes about there is a tenderness that just captures the heart. This is a warlord/slave story that you will NEVER forget. Needless to say, start looking for a new job if you even CONSIDER reading this at work. Oh and you really must be of age. Too much age and you might get heart palpitations but hey...whatta way to go >:) QUEEN gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

This is Sharon's second story based on the premise of Katrina's BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES but is actually set before her first such story WHEN THE NIGHT CLOSES IN. This new tale is the first in THE IMMORTAL SCROLLS series and is in fact a crossover featuring characters from Anne Rice's commercial vampire novels. Set in 1790, it has Xena, daughter of Ares, and Gabrielle, daughter of Bacchus, arriving in the New World where they are quickly drawn into the seductive mystery that is New Orleans. Sensing the presence of other creatures of power in the city, Xena soon finds herself once again fighting to save human lives, this time against an evil undeniably deadly...and yet strangely charming. This is a very well-written, sophisticated story with believable depictions of characters centuries old. The love between warrior and bard is as strong as ever...and as sizzling. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

A touching Mel/Janice vignette about a love so deep it inspires workship.

XENA'S PRESENT by Pink Rabbit Productions
Sweet vignette set after the episode SOLSTICE CAROL which has the bard still feeling bad she didn't get Xena anything for Solstice.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)