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Hi guys,

Barron has been busy creating more of those great fanfic covers for our favorite stories. He has just added covers for Missy Good's WINTER'S ENDING and THE LONGEST NIGHT as well as Dana Cory's THE LOVE OF LAO MA. To check out these and his other covers go to:

For those of you who haven't noticed, the reviews on my Lunacy page now include links to Barron's covers where one is available.

Also, there is XWP fan fiction now available at BILL'S PAGE located at

TERRIFIC stories tonight - 6 new ones and an update!


Once again as she's done so many times this season - Joanna comes through in a clutch - bringing us another OUTSTANDING little sketch to soothe the agony of all these rift episodes. First we got the CHANGING OF THE BARD, then GABRIELLE'S HOPELESS and that epic of epics...THE DEBIT. Now in MATERNAL MISTAKES Joanna illustrates the deep agony both Xena and Gabrielle are feeling as they sit at separate campfires. Just when it looks as if things couldn't get worse, out pop those beloved escapees from Joanna's COMING OUT SERIES - the Poteidaian CHORUS!!! - determined to use their VAST musical and rhyming skills to bring about a reconciliation between warrior and bard! Will Xena and Gab ever share a campfire again? Can Xena keep herself from permanently "disbanding" the Poteidaian CHORUS? ...Will the bard EVER get a nicely roasted marshmallow?! 8-| As it attempts to answer these crucial questions, MATERNAL MISTAKES will likely do some serious damage to your funny bone but hey - it's the best free psychotherapy all of us frustrated fans are likely to get!! This is a MUST READ guys! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: Includes references to subtext. See also BITTER TREAT reviewed in the alt. section below]

LOVE SICK by Arianwen P. F. Everett
Cute story that has Ares taking temporary refuge in Amphipolis to escape the dreaded Olympian flu his fellow deities are affected with, only with most of the gods sick, humans are all acting very strange - particularly a certain blue-eyed warrior. A fun read sure to become a favorite of Ares' fans :)

Very eerie new story that finds Xena and Gabrielle trying to help two kingdoms sign a peace treaty after years of war between them only someone seems intent on stopping that treaty and is willing to murder to do so.

Chapter 3 of this story is now available. This is a FANTASTIC new tale that has Xena and Gabrielle once again entering a war zone where their attempts to remain out of trouble soon prove fruitless, endangering the bard's self-confidence and her very life. In this latest chapter Xena learns more about the war but can't stop worrying about her partner. With three chapters released thus far, this has the makings of a terrific tale. Dancyer is adept at depicting warrior and bard with a great deal of sensitivity, easily drawing the reader into the struggles of these two friends. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


The most talked about skit of the year is finally here! An ALL-MUSICAL follow-up to Joanna's MATERNAL MISTAKES (reviewed above) that will leave you unable to ever look at a Certs with a straight face again ;-) Join the warrior and bard as they travel to the land of Delusia, deconstruct their relationship in a shocking FOOD FIGHT! - then fight to rediscover that tender subtext between them! Along for the ride once again is a decidedly depressed Poteidaian CHORUS along with all of the grrls' love interests, enemies, and enemies which want to be love interests! ;-) Featuring a TRULY unforgettable score, this is a skit of epic proportions guaranteed to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside - maybe a little hoarse too if you sing along :) Proof positive that our bards are every bit as talented...and demented as the Xenastaff, BITTER TREAT is one of the best things to have ever hit fanfic. It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

A TRULY heart-warming, poignant, beautiful little vignette that will leave you with a smile, a tear in your eye, and an appreciation deep inside for the gift that is love and friendship. This little tale looks at the warrior and bard through the eyes of another - a very special friend who treasures them both and is content to stand in the shadows as the two create history. A great piece that just pulls the emotions right out. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

The second tale in Silk's new APPARITIONS OF LOVE SERIES and a wonderful companion piece for VISION, DAYDREAM is about longing, passion, need. It is about the fire in one soul, calling another. Very nice. DO NOT MISS!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)