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[Previous report was for 2/22/98]

Hi all,

First, some additions to the Lunacy page I need to announce. I've added a link to an excellent list of sample DISCLAIMERS written by Cat. The list includes disclaimers for all sorts of potentially troubling subjects a story can include and authors may wish to warn readers about. The disclaimers are freely available for anyone who wishes to use them in their writing.

Also, I've added a file of DEFINITIONS that should be particularly helpful to Xenites who are just discovering fan fiction. The definitions are for common terms like "uber", "first time", "warlord/slave" and others that tend to appear in discussions involving fan fiction. Cat's disclaimers and these definitions are available on the Lunacy page at MaryD's site:

Now for the reviews - three new ones for you guys.


ONE DARK NIGHT by Linda Tellez (aka Saahira)
FANTASTIC new story which finds Xena and Gabrielle in Poteidaia taking a break from their usual routine when the bard happens across the first journal she ever wrote and decides to share a very special story with Xena - a story about a ten-year old and the strange encounter that would change her life. Featuring some really superb characterizations and a well-crafted storyline, this tale is a wonderful treat! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


This third installment in Silk's TAPESTRY OF LIFE SERIES very nicely incorporates elements from the recent rift episodes into a story which effectively explains some of the unanswered questions from those episodes. Having tried unsuccessfully to change the bleak future they foresee but recognizing that Xena and Gabrielle are the key, the Fates accept the help of the Goddess of Love in one final attempt to fight Dahak's evil. It is a desperate plan Aphrodite will put into play with the help of another and which can only succeed through the power of love. A riveting story which ties in well with the others in the series. DO NOT MISS!

ALL SOUL'S NIGHT by Joseph Connell
This story is one of the best entries to date in Katrina's BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES. Set in the present day, it directly follows the story begun in Katrina's THE FONDER HEART. With the former streetwalker named Xena now firmly entrenched in her life, Gabrielle is still amazed at the young woman's resemblance to the warrior who owned her heart for so long. It is a resemblance that goes beyond the physical and stirs an aching familiarity within the daughter of Bacchus. Xena, meanwhile, is trying to adjust to her new life - confident in her love for Gabrielle but uncertain about a past she can't seem to completely remember and nightmares that are haunting her. Unbeknownst to the two of them, the forces of evil are at work on a plan to destroy the bard as the daughter of Ares was once destroyed herself. In the shadows, however, a protector lies unseen, watching and waiting for their time of need...sensing too that perhaps the ancient warrior long thought dead has never truly been gone. This is stirring, passionate, suspenseful story featuring a fresh storyline, great writing, and really outstanding characterizations. Chapter 17 of the story is now available. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: This story features EXTREME violence. Please make sure to read the author's disclaimers]

DECISIONS by Watcher
Watcher's latest has Gabrielle missing her warrior terribly when an unexpected emergency forces them to separate. It is while waiting for Xena that the bard comes to some difficult decisions concerning her new life with the warrior and the honesty with which she wants them facing that life. A nice love fest :)

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)