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There's a new XWP fan fiction page now available - Allyson's ALTERNATIVE FAN FICTION LINKS at:

The page includes fan fiction written by Allyson including one of the stories reviewed below.

Also, in case any of you webmasters have not yet been made aware of this, I thought I'd point out the existence of an organization called the XENITE AND HERCULEAN WEBMASTER'S ASSOCIATION which has been created to promote cooperation among the many webmasters in these two fandoms and to help disseminate information they may be interested in. For information about the association, including instructions on how to become a member go to the XHWA Homepage at:

Finally, I've added a new file to the Lunacy site - a document called POSTING YOUR FAN FICTION STORY ON THE WEB featuring a discussion of some of the things bards will need to consider when they are ready to post that first story on the Web. It should hopefully be helpful to new writers just getting involved in Xena fan fiction. The document is at:


Xena and Gabrielle discover an underground chamber containing Amazons scrolls lost long ago which recount the sad story of a fallen queen and the champion who was unable to save her. As danger once again threatens the Amazons, the power in those scrolls will come alive offering hope to the Amazons and a chance for redemption to one of their own. Imaginative story with all our favorite Amazons :)

ALL SOUL'S NIGHT by Joseph Connell
Chapter 18 - A JUST SACRIFICE is now available. This story is one of the best entries to date in Katrina's BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES. Set in the present day, it directly follows the story begun in Katrina's THE FONDER HEART. With the former streetwalker named Xena now firmly entrenched in her life, Gabrielle is still amazed at the young woman's resemblance to the warrior who owned her heart for so long. It is a resemblance that goes beyond the physical and stirs an aching familiarity within the daughter of Bacchus. Xena, meanwhile, is trying to adjust to her new life - confident in her love for Gabrielle but uncertain about a past she can't seem to completely remember and nightmares that are haunting her. Unbeknownst to the two of them, the forces of evil are at work on a plan to destroy the bard as the daughter of Ares was once destroyed herself. In the shadows, however, a protector lies unseen, watching and waiting for their time of need...sensing too that perhaps the ancient warrior long thought dead has never truly been gone. In this latest part a life lies on the line and a very old debt is finally repaid. This is stirring, passionate, suspenseful story featuring a fresh storyline, outstanding writing, and really solid characterizations. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: This story features EXTREME violence. Please make sure to read the author's disclaimers]

THEODICY by D. Joan Leib
The conclusion of this story are now available. Set after BETRAYAL - THE DEBT II, this sequel to APOTHEOSIS presents a very tense situation between Xena and Gabrielle just as they receive a summons from the Amazon Nation requesting the bard's presence. Aware of her responsibilities, Gabrielle prepares herself to try to deal with the problems of the Amazons, all the while wondering if her relationship with the warrior has been irreparably damaged. In these final chapters Xena tries to teach the lesson she never learned as a youngster while an Amazon queen proves her mettle. An emotional, well-written story with a satisfying treatment of some of the problems presented in the rift.

This FANTASTIC follow up to de Bonheur's AND FAIR TRUTH is an uber-Xena story set in post-WWI France where a young aristocrat named Michelle Destin finds herself in the middle of an intriguing mystery involving a very old painting...and the enigmatic woman that soon comes into her life. Meanwhile, in Elysia a certain warrior and bard enjoy the happiness they earned long ago, thinking of the life they made together, but wanting also to help the living children of their blood find that happiness. In this latest part the present reawakens memories of the past. Still unfinished, this story is wonderfully promising. De Bonheur does an excellent job presenting the aristocratic element of post-WWI Parisian society. Meanwhile, as in her previous stories, the Xena/Gab relationship is depicted with great care, great passion and great tenderness. Still unfinished this story is already a fine read. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 2/7/98 Secrets of the Hoary Deep

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

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