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A couple of announcements first - for those of you who have not been to my site in a while - I've revamped it quite a bit - hopefully to make it more user friendly. The alphabetical files of reviews are now current which means that if you're looking for a review you can just take a look at those and find it in alphabetical order rather than browse through the daily reports.

Also - in order to help service those of you who relied on Xenos' list of new fan fiction, I've added a WHAT'S NEW section which will list ALL new fiction on the Web. Note that this is a bit different from the Fan Fiction Report I normally do. The WHAT'S NEW section will NOT feature reviews - just a straight listing of any new stories or chapters with links to these. The Fan Fiction Report will continue featuring reviews of only SOME of the new stories.

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Now, a personal appeal to all web masters and mistresses out there. It will make it EXCEEDINGLY easier for me and all Xenites if you could please MARK any stories or updates that you add to your site as "NEW". You can either include a little icon beside the story/chapter that says "NEW" or list whatever you just added in a separate WHAT'S NEW file. The point is to make it easier for those of us who visit your site to notice what is new. I will be listing any new fiction I notice at my site. I know some other people are planning on doing this as well so making sure that we can spot your additions will likely bring you more visitors. THANK YOU!!!!!

On to other news, the XXL'S XENA FANFIC SITE has changed addresses. The new URL is

As to the fiction itself - I'm featuring two new ones tonight and three updates.


A very touching, nicely written story based on the Book of Ruth from the Bible that has Xena and Gabrielle meeting Ruth as she travels with her family to the land of their birth. The warrior and bard offer to escort them in a journey which will have the two of them thinking about their friendship...and learning to treasure it even more.


This FANTASTIC follow up to de Bonheur's
AND FAIR TRUTH is an uber-Xena story set in post-WWI France where a young aristocrat named Michelle Destin finds herself in the middle of an intriguing mystery involving a very old painting...and the enigmatic woman that soon comes into her life. Meanwhile, in Elysia a certain warrior and bard enjoy the happiness they earned long ago, thinking of the life they made together, but wanting also to help the living children of their blood find that happiness. Still unfinished, this story is wonderfully promising. De Bonheur does an excellent job presenting the aristocratic element of post-WWI Parisian society. Meanwhile, as in her previous stories, the Xena/Gab relationship is depicted with great care, great passion and great tenderness. Still unfinished this story is already a fine read. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Secrets of the Hoary Deep

FALLING FOR YOU THANKS TO WWII by Jen, the pasty one
Intriguing new Mel/Janice story that has the two visiting a museum when suddenly Mel becomes uncharacteristically... forward ;-) This story is still unfinished.

TO BE A WOMAN by DelShannon
Chapter 8 of this story is now available. This bard's first XWP offering is a promising hurt/comfort story that has Gabrielle thinking about her feelings for Xena just as an attack intensifies these, reminding her of just how much she loves the warrior. In this latest chapter the situation gets worse between warrior and bard as outside forces begin to threaten them.

Chapters 8-10 of this story are now available. Janice and Mel are off on a new adventure when a vicious attack in Turkey forces them to go on the run. In these newest chapters, the archeologist and her partner share a traumatic experience at sea.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)