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I just refined the searching capabilities of my site a bit to allow for phrase searching. The actual searching is done by a nifty new free search service called PicoSearch. The phrase searching tends to be more accurate than the keyword searching so I would recommend you use that whenever possible. Note that you will have to put quotation marks around any search terms. I've revised the SEARCHING HINTS page to include tips on how to optimize your searches using both PicoSearch and the FreeFind search engine which I use for keyword searching. Make sure to read that before searching. The hints page is at: You'll be able to search right from that page.

Governal's site THE ANNALS OF THE CONQUEROR located at has temporarily closed. Governal plans to make her fanfic available again eventually. For the moment I'm adding Governal's conqueror story METAMORPHOSIS to the LOST STORIES index until it reappears. The LOST STORIES index is at:

Yet another lost story has been found - THE LAST SCROLL by Silea remains available through TOM'S XENA PAGE. I am reposting the report below. THANKS to Xenite Earl Brown for pointing out the story's address.

We have four new Web sites now featuring Xena fanfic. THE FANFICTION NETWORK features fanfic from a number of different shows and is exceptionally well-organized incorporating reader's comments, providing content ratings (PG, PG-13, NC-17, etc.) and even allowing readers to rate the stories. The main page is at: The Xena page is at Only stories hosted at the site itself are rated. (On an aside here - I had NO idea people were writing LION KING fanfic! - Gotta see if they have any where Simba and Nala get stuck in some cave with a hot spring >:)

Bardic talent Tonya Muir has made available her fanfic via her own site at The STORIES page is at

Finally, Syrenslure has opened SYRENSLURE'S FAN FICTION page featuring this bards own fanfic. The main page is at with the Xena page at:

Eight new ones, two updates and a return below :)


This little gem is one to print out and keep readily available for those days when nothing seems to be going right. One SERIOUSLY huge grin will quickly replace all those troubled thoughts :) Staying with the Amazons for a while, Xena and the bard are having a slight difference of opinion with the warrior quite certain that a little loving is in order and the bard refusing for fear that their vocal tendencies will end up advertising their personal lives. It's a fear that none of the other Amazons seem to share as their vocalizations are heard throughout the village further frustrating one very amorous warrior who soon decides that desperate times call for desperate means! PRICELESS guys! A well-written, adorable MUST READ VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ;-) - 6 pgs.

T's RAISING MELOSA SERIES continues as Xena finally has to deal with the stress of recent weeks and then, with the help of her daughter, puts a plan in motion to get back the woman she loves. With each entry in this series it just gets better folks. This one is poignant and hopeful. DO NOT MISS! - 8 pgs.

Part 24 in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES finds the family reunited once more as the bard starts to remember parts of her past and with Mel's help begins work on reclaiming it. Beautifully reaffirming hurt/comfort scenario in this series. DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs.

Part 25 in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES this story features the perfect title as a joining ceremony at the Amazon village sparks an enlightening conversation between warrior and bard prompting Gabrielle to rediscover just what her gentle caregiver means to her. Beautiful, funny, and terribly romantic. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs.

A very unusual uber tale for anyone who's ever let into their hearts a friend made of metal instead of flesh. Set in the modern day, the story revolves around a young girl living with an abusive father who dreams of owning her own motorcycle and setting off in the world to find the freedom and love she longs for. It seems like an impossible dream until one day at a friend's bike shop she spots a rusty trade-in and feels the call of fate - recognizing the potential beneath the junky exterior and steeling her resolve to save that bike...and herself. A well-written presentation with a nicely original spin on things. - 8 pgs.

JUNGLE REIGN by WordWarior
This talented bard returns with a fourth season character piece that has Gabrielle struggling with self-recrimination and doubts as she and Xena travel through an Indian jungle and have a close encounter with one of its less-than-friendly denizens. Well- written with some intense moments. - 11 pgs.

Dave's first ever fanfic offering is based not as much on the Xena TV series as on the vision of Xena and Gabrielle established by fellow bard Missy Good - the terms "fanfic squared" or "fanfic - the second generation" come to mind ;-) A domestic episode set around the period of time established in Missy's REFLECTIONS FROM THE PAST, the story has Xena setting a challenge for herself mostly to keep busy and discovering some unnerving truths as a result. Dave does a nice job here of exploring both the darker and more gentle sides of the warrior. - 14 pgs.

AND WE DANCED by Syrenslure
After a recent separation and an ensuing argument over Gabrielle once again being left behind, the bard and warrior both look forward to and dread their upcoming reunion. [unfinished] - 3 pgs.

A moving testament to the power of love and one very special partnership as a soul longs to be reunited with its other half. A nicely written first effort from a new bard. [This is parchment four in the GABRIELLE'S SCROLLS SERIES] - 2 pgs.

FORGOTTEN WAY by Tragedy88
Chapter four is now available. A very different new uber story that begins on a sorrowful note as a young writer living in a desolate old farmhouse contemplates her lonely existence just before experiencing another loss in her life. Shortly afterwards, while on a trip to the nearby town, she happens across a stranger with startling blue eyes who having already earned the animosity of the town's residents, finds herself with nowhere to stay. Thus begins a beautiful friendship as two wandering souls are reunited amidst the pristine beauty of a snowy countryside. In this latest part as Dusty settles into the old farmhouse Alex shares a haunting story of murder and mayhem. Tragedy is already throwing clues into this storyline that will pique any reader's curiosity guaranteeing that we all keep coming back for more. Compelling characterizations. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 6 pgs.

Chapters 8-9 are now available. Riveting new story that finds Gabrielle in dire straits on her way to the Roman slave markets praying the Warrior Princess will reach her soon, only the warrior Gabrielle knows is no more, replaced by a stranger living ten years in the past and aided now once again by the same mysterious figure that was her right hand back then. In this latest part a god's plans start to unravel as Xena finds herself helping a persistent little Roman slave. Clotho does a nice job with the pacing of the story creating a great sense of suspense and impending danger. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 12 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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