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Xenabat has been busy lately revising her XENABAT'S MUSEO. The Art index is now including biographies of artists and posting info. on a different FEATURED ARTIST every week. This week the featured artist is Barbara Maclay, well known for her many fanfic art pieces. XENABAT'S MUSEO is at:

Sharon Bowers now has her own web page A WORK IN PROGRESS... featuring her XENA and X-FILES fanfic as well as original pieces. The page is at

Short but good one tonight!


The latest entry in Nene's CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES is a compelling, heartbreaking, shocker of a tale that will have you glued to that monitor 'til the very end so reserve the time for this one folks. Set in the 12th century convent on a remote island of the Irish coast, this is the tale of an abandoned child found by the nuns there - her emerald eyes unseeing and her small body sporting the signs of horrific abuse. With no memories of her past and under the gentle care of the sisters, the girl grows up into a beautiful young woman, independent and head-strong despite her blindness, afraid only of the monster that haunts her dreams. Aislinn's life at the convent is peaceful and uneventful until the day a stranger comes to the island - a warrior whose visit could bring the convent much-needed money and prestige, who awakens in the young woman feelings she's never had before but whose appearance also coincides with a series of bloody killings and strange sightings as the sisters become convince that something is stalking not only their sheep but also the blind girl they found so long ago. Rich in atmosphere, Nene's stories have an extraordinary power to transport the reader into another age and place. Her characterizations have an understated quality to them that let you become intimately acquainted with these characters in a very short time. Blending the supernatural with the even more terrifying darkness that sometimes dwells in the human heart, this story packs a wallop. A MUST READ for anyone who enjoys quality fiction and a truly horrifying tale. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 42 pgs.

FAREWELLS by Joseph Connell
Part of the INFINITY SERIES originated by Redhawk, this new offering is one of the most poignant accounts yet of the continuing saga of Xena the Immortal as fate finds her this time attending a funeral on an April day in 1979 and struggling with regrets as she thinks back on the life of the archeologist with the oh-so-familiar features she never had the courage to meet face to face. It's a mistake she decides to make up for when she meets instead the children of Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas - the eternal connection between them reminding her of a promise made so very long ago and sparking a renewed determination to watch over the descendants of two ancient soulmates just as a new life is brought into that lineage. Joseph does a terrific job imbuing the immortal warrior with the sense of melancholy that has been her hallmark throughout this series. Well-written and executed this new installment perfectly merges the essence of both the HIGHLANDER and XENA series on which it's based. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs.

Promising new uber tale set in modern day Bath, England which has real estate agent Eden Gallagher getting a very welcomed assignment when a stunning brunette walks into her office looking for a place to rent. Intrigued by the lovely stranger and encouraged by her roommate, Eden decides to try her luck with Victoria Conrad never suspecting that a friend is precisely what her mysterious client might need. Nice writing and the beginnings of an intriguing scenario in this one. [unfinished] - 3 pgs.


"Dana And Grace" - Special Logo Graphics by Barbara Maclay
Inspired by the NANO SERIES by Jules Mills.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

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