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ALWheaties is holding an auction of rare Xena, Hercules and Young Hercules items to benefit the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION. Among the items being auction are fanfic art pieces by Barbara Maclay. The last day to bid is April 4, 1999 so stop by soon. The auction is at:

This week's Bard Chat at WHOOSH'S XENA: WARRIOR PALACE will be featuring that talented Celt, Llachlan whose fiction you can find at CAER LLACHLAN The chat will be Saturday, March 20, 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific and does require special software. If you've never visited THE PALACE make sure to do that ahead of time so you can download the free chat program. THE PALACE is located at

Ogami is making available his fanfic through his own site now - OGAMI'S XENA AND GABRIELLE STORIES. Check it out at


Llachlan has been delivering some first class fanfic for a while now but with this new uber story this bard is well on her way to outdoing herself. Part of that new second generation fanfic that incorporates elements of OTHER Xena fanfic, Llach's latest is initially set in Tinseltown where second unit director Jae Cavanaugh gets the shock of her life when the death of her mentor suddenly propels her into a very unexpected opportunity as the lead director of a major Hollywood film called "Balance of Power". It's an opportunity filled with difficult challenges as the production is already racked with problems not the least of which is having a lead known among her peers as the Amazon Ice Queen. A fiercely private actress with an infamous temper and little tolerance for incompetence, Reed Lewis has a lot more on her mind than the problems with the film but having experienced a series of recent setbacks she knows this is her last shot at reviving a dwindling career. Amidst this fast-paced world of movie-making excitement, Hollywood deals, long hours, hard work and compromises, these two very different women come together to create a film and in the process discover a bond, undeniable and sweet which begins drawing their souls together despite the odds and which before their work is complete will have tested them like nothing or no one before. Llach presents us here with richly drawn characterizations of two very complex, fascinating and wonderfully appealing leads. Both the relationship and the surrounding story are fleshed out carefully establishing a very believable pace which easily draws us into the unfolding drama. In a tribute to fellow bard Missy Good, Llach has the movie in her story actually be a film adaptation of Missy's novel TROPICAL STORM - a clever plot development which allows for a number of guest stars and inside jokes that should be familiar to anyone who's a part of Missy fandom. More than a story, TENDER is an experience folks. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [unfinished] - 67 pgs.

MEG'S by Jim Kuntz
A sequel to Jim's THE JOURNEY, this story finds the warrior and bard continuing to grow closer as they visit an old friend and become determined to help her find the happiness they themselves have discovered. Jim gives the Xena/Gab relationship a charming easiness and tenderness, made more so by the steeliness which he nevertheless maintains in the warrior's characterization. Entertaining with some nicely dramatic moments. [See the sequel THE LION'S WALL reviewed below] - 18 pgs.

THE LION'S WALL by Jim Kuntz
The culmination of the story begun in THE FORTRESS and continued in THE CITY, THE JOURNEY and MEG'S, THE LION'S WALL is an emotional roller coaster that will have you experiencing the gamut of emotions right along with the characters. Starting shortly after where MEG'S left of, the story has Xena and Gabrielle feeling decidedly romantic as they prepare for the wedding of two good friends. It's an occasion that inspires warrior and bard to dream of their future together and to the ex-warlord's amazement even make plans for a family she never thought she would have. Too soon, however, that future is in peril as the past Xena has struggled so hard to escape comes back to haunt her, this time endangering not only her bard but all they hold dear and threatening at last to fulfill the promise of an evil shamanes. With no choice but to face those mistakes of the past, the Lion of Amphipolis rises again with the Amazon Queen now at her side as they place themselves between Greece and the greatest threat their land has ever known. At times one heck of a difficult read, this is a well-written powerful tale that holds no punches as it faces head on the reality of these brutal times and the sacrifices exacted from those history would call heroes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 40 pgs.

After some tough times, Xena and the bard get a chance to play again, now with help from some equally mischievous miniature versions of themselves. Another delightful entry in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 5 pgs.

Ohhh I had FUN reading Ogami's latest! :) The characters REBEL! Fed up AT LAST with some of the absurdities recently forced on her and her bard Xena decides enough is enough, choosing to rework her own story just a tad. A feel-good tale far as I'm concerned >:) DO NOT MISS! - 7 pgs.

A devious exercise in subtext, this new offering from Chris gives new meaning to that famous inquiry from the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE when a frustrated bard demanded to know whether they could cook with Xena's juices. Well...they certainly do some cooking in this tale and the flavors as the bard soon discovers, are more than enticing ;-) Cute! - 4 pgs.


"Balance Of Power" Cast Credits by Maven
Inspired by the story TENDER IS THE NIGHT by Llachlan.

"Balance Of Power" Opening Credits by Maven
Inspired by the story TENDER IS THE NIGHT by Llachlan.

"Balance Of Power" Movie Poster by Carla
Inspired by the story TENDER IS THE NIGHT by Llachlan.

"Star/Breakfast At Tiffany's" by Carla
Inspired by the story TENDER IS THE NIGHT by Llachlan.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

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