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[Previous report was for 3/16/98]

Hi guys,

First of all I need to make a correction. In the report for Monday 3/16/98 I typed the wrong author name for the story A PERFECT TRUST. I'm including the review once again below, this time attributing it to the correct author :)

Some sad news to report - Chris' SCI-FI CENTRAL FAN FICTION ARCHIVES has closed. Those bards out there that had stories archived only at Chris' site please consider posting these elsewhere on the Web so we don't loose your stories. I'll be contacting you to encourage you in this regard >:)

Outstanding fiction tonight folks including a long lost tale by the incomparable WordWarior.


GODDESS OF BATTLE by Shadowhawke
Promising new story that begins on a stormy night with the birth of a child whose destiny is linked to the gods. Many years later, immortal eyes watch as enemies prepare to clash with the warrior that child turned into.

Unusual vignette about the God of War which has him taking revenge on one of his sisters after loosing what he treasures the most. Nice blend of fiction with history and tradition.

Set after the events of this season's rift episodes, this little tale seems strangely appropriate. It has Hercules and Iolus traveling to meet with their friends Xena and the bard, only when they reach them things seem somewhat... different. Solid writing in a crossover storyline guaranteed to leave a permanent...impression. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Godot's latest gem once again features what has got to be my favorite original character from fan fiction - that wacky sorceress vent on making life impossible for a certain Warrior Princess - the unforgettable Antipany. How much improved the XWP TV series would be if we could have a truly funny, thoroughly enchanting character like this one sharing screen time with Xena and the bard instead of the more obnoxious elements we seem stuck with at the moment. Godot's newest is a story which stands on its own but is also the fifth featuring Antipany and a follow-up of sorts to her last story JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS. The story has a Xena and Gabrielle traveling with a very reluctant Antipany to the Valley of Larima where Xena hopes to keep some powerful ancient texts from being stolen. It is a challenge that will become more difficult in the days ahead as only the bard seems to stand in the way of warrior and sorceress killing one another - a challenge that will turn into a deadly mystery involving an old friend, a possible wolf in sheep's clothing, and prophesies of darkness yet to come. Featuring some of the absolute BEST lines I've read in fan fiction in a long time, this story will have you laughing loudly at times, grinning often, and probably feeling nostalgic as well at the very loving, beautiful relationship Xena and Gabrielle share here. With a rather poignant ending, this story is simply a delight to read. An experience no fanfic reader should do without which gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [Note: This story is NOT explicit. It does include some rather strong subtext but could have probably been included in the GENERAL FICTION section just as well].

Originally written in the Spring of 1997, this phenomenal story is the final entry in the trilogy WordWarior began with her masterpiece TRUTH OR DARE, and which she followed later with THE CHILD. Starting just after the events in that second story, THE EMPTY HEART has Xena emotionally decimated by the loss of little Ilsa and trying to deal also with the repercussions of a promise she made to a foreign god. Unbeknownst to the Warrior Princess, the fulfillment of that promise has brought into her life perhaps the deadliest enemy she has ever known. An enemy willing to hide in the shadows watching as Xena looses everything and everyone she's ever cared for. Exceptionally written and edited, this story features the return of the ever-popular healer "Widgie" we first met in TRUTH OR DARE and whom we learn a bit more about this time around. THE EMPTY HEART is a dark tale of guilt, regret and revenge all pitted against the power of love to heal and ultimately overcome. It is a treat from one of the finest talents in Xena fan fiction. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Very nice new tale, FULL of surprises, that has Xena and Gabrielle tracking a kidnapper and the helpless princess he stole away from her father. Cute.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)