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Hi guys,

An all GENERAL FICTION report tonight :)


MINE...TO HAVE AND HOLD by Brigid Doyle
Long, action-packed story that has Gabrielle along with a group of miners, struggling to find a way out when they are trapped in a mine while a desperate Xena struggles in turn to try to reach her friend. Suspenseful and well-written.

SOLSTICE MOON by Linda Tellez (aka Saahira)
Intense tale that has Xena reliving a nightmare from the past when an old adversary strikes, this time endangering not only her life but the bard's as well.

Still reeling from a particularly frustrating exchange with an infuriating merchant, Gabrielle is stunned when Xena uncharacteristically starts sharing with her a story from her past. Engrossing tale. [Note: Story contains subtext references]

Part four of this story is now available. Acting as a sequel to Silk's excellent A CROWN OF LAUREL, this is the second installment in the SWORD OF WAR TRILOGY. Starting immediately after the first story, PASSAGE INTO DARKNESS has Xena and the bard trying to escape from Rome, trying also to deal with some of the unresolved issues between them, even as the gods of Olympus become aware of the incredible shift in power that has occurred within their ranks. In this latest part Xena sinks further into darkness as an anguished Gabrielle gets some unexpected help. This tale easily continues the sense of uncertainty and fear the first story gave birth to, further submerging our heroines into a struggle they may not be able to survive. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: the story contains subtext]

RETALIATION by Barry Marshall
Chapter two of this story is now available. This is an intriguing tale that has the Warrior Princess racing against time to try to save her loved ones from an old enemy. In this latest part Xena is tested as another old acquaintance shows up. Suspenseful and promising, this story is not yet finished.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)