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Short one tonight but here are two clear examples of what makes Xena fanfic a challenge to even quality commercial fiction.


This past year Tonya Muir proved to be among those very rare, very gifted bards who with her first story THE JOURNEY HOME immediately shot into this fandom's list of top writing talents. She has easily solidified that position by continuing to deliver first-class stories. Now with this sequel to her uber tale WITH FALTERING STEPS Tonya brings us what is probably her finest writing accomplishment to date - a novel which to put it simply folks - is a fanfic masterpiece. Set about a year after the initial meeting between Mafia henchwoman Lacey Montgomery and horse trainer Rachel Wilson, the story begins with the two settled down in domestic tranquility, making a life now with each other and Rachel's charming nine year-old Molly. In retirement from a life of crime she is more than happy to have left behind, Lacey nevertheless finds herself sometimes struggling with the challenges of her new family, unaccustomed to either the day to day responsibilities or the depth of emotion her heart now seems capable of. These are challenges, however, which are soon put aside when Lacey and Rachel find themselves dealing with a much greater concern - the knowledge that someone from Lacey's dark past wants the ex-henchwoman - and to get to her they are more than willing to go through friends...and family. With no weak points whatsoever, this novel's strengths are so many many I could go on for several pages. The characterizations are outstanding with two thoroughly endearing, likeable, well-established heroines. The supporting cast - from the sweet, poignantly innocent Molly, to Lacey's youthful, hero-worshiping apprentice, Rico, to the shadowy mob-leader Vinnie. among a number of other memorable characters - are all interesting figures with defining qualities that make them stand out in the reader's mind and that contribute to the plot at every step. The relationship between the two protagonists has been beautifully fleshed out from its beginnings in the first story to a deeply committed, emotionally complex partnership that is compassionate, supportive, fiercely passionate and tenderly romantic all at once. Weaving moments of quiet domesticity with intense confrontations, heart-stopping suspense, fast-paced action and gentle humor, MAKING STRIDES is a remarkable fictional tapestry by one of our most accomplished bards. Certain to become an instant classic, it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! (Note: Only part one is now available but the review is based on a beta preview of the completed story) - 13 pgs.

An uber tribute (of sorts ;-) to seasons 3-4, Vivan's latest entry in the shamelessly decadent WHITE TRASH SERIES should carry a health warning marking it as EXTREMELY hazardous for your funny bone. In fact, I can guarantee many a funny bone is going to be overstimulated after this latest encounter with the trials and tribulations of Zina the fire fighter and her junk-food-loving poet Gabrielle. Starting with a hilarious and inevitable confrontation between the spunky (if somewhat dense) poet and their ever-so-righteous arch-enemy Callie, the story has Zina reuniting with her old love Boris, the Russian chess player, devising a plan to repay an old... debt...and almost losing her beloved poet to a lascivious exotic dancer named Natalie. With supporting appearances from Zina's pot-loving progenitor, a wise friend from the East and an assortment of other colorful personalities this story makes plodding through seasons 3-4 worth the effort just so you can enjoy the product of one highly skilled and thoroughly depraved bardic mind. So much fun it should probably be declared a sin, Vivian's latest is a MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 26 pgs.


"ONLY ONE Story Cover" by Ciegra
Inspired by the story ONLY ONE by Redhawk

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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