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First of all a reminder to bards out there that the Xenaverse offers a number of resources to help you research, write and edit those stories. At the Lunacy site you'll find the BARD'S REFERENCE LIBRARY which maintains a collection of links to resources throughout the Xenaverse and the Web. You'll find there essays and tips from fellow bards on how to improve your writing. You'll find links to research sites, maintained both by Xenites and non-Xenites, offering information on everything from history to mythology to cooking, clothing, weapons, medicine, names, etc. You'll also find links to indexes and other review sites. The BARD'S REFERENCE LIBRARY is at

In addition, you can also find at the Lunacy site a BETA READERS DIRECTORY listing the names and contact informations of a number of Xenite volunteer readers willing to help bards edit their work and provide feedback. THE BETA READERS DIRECTORY is at

Finally if you're in need of an expert in a specific subject area - lets say you need to find out how long it would take someone to recover from a gun shot or you need to know how to take care of horses, or how to build a campfire, maybe you need information on what life on board a navy ship is like - well the Xenaverse offers that too. You can look for experts in the EXPERTS DIRECTORY at A LOT of different areas are represented from law to medicine, the military, animals, music, popular culture, computers, religion, mythology, languages, transportation, foods and herbs, lots more! If you happen to need an expert in a subject area NOT represented in the directory you can also write me with your request and I'll include it in a special section here in your report. We aim to please bards :)

If any Xenites are interested in volunteering for either of the directories above you can find information on how to do so at the URLs given. Being a beta reader or being willing to provide your expertise in some subject area is a real nice way of giving something back to bards and of helping to maintain the first class quality of Xena fanfic. Please note that being a beta reader in particular is a SERIOUS commitment so if you're thinking of volunteering for that please take a look at the article SUGGESTIONS FOR BETA READERS located at before volunteering.


Intriguing new tale set after the events in SACRIFICE II which follows Hope's story after the plunge down the pit with her mother. GabbysHope does a nice job with the characterization of Hope in this - presenting us with an interesting mixture of curiosity and cold calculating evil. One to watch in the weeks ahead. [unfinished] - 7 pgs.


BLOOD TIES by Ella Quince
Ella's first contribution to the BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES is a poignant look at the reality of immortality as Gabrielle finds herself severing the last surviving connections to the family she was born into. Emotional, thought-provoking and as usual with this gifted bard - very nicely written. DO NOT MISS! - 3 pgs.

The 31st entry in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES is a harrowing ordeal for warrior and bard as Dyonisus slowly gives back to Gabrielle the memories of a lifetime. Meanwhile, determined to relive those memories with her bard, Xena ignores her deteriorating health. This is a dramatic climax to one of the most compelling scenarios in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES to date. DO NOT MISS! - 15 pgs.

Set 25 yrs. after Xena and Gabrielle's first meeting, this emotionally intense story finds the warrior and bard older, wiser, still very much in love but struggling with the psychological repercusions of the life they've led and the uphevals of the heart they both experienced. Although phsycially unscathed from those dark years, the bard emerged with her art forever altered - unable since that time to tell the types of stories that once fulfilled her the most - tales of herself and her beloved soulmate. When an invitation comes for the bard to perform at the 119th Olympiad, it's an opportunity for her to revisit some of her older tales, see old friends and perhaps finally find a way for the story of those darker years to be told. Mark mixes a unique interpretation of the series canon in terms of the timeline with more mature characterizations that nevertheless incorporate many of the qualities of Xena and Gab and their relationship we love. Poignant at times and playful at others, this is an entertaining read with a fresh perspective. DO NOT MISS! - 67 pgs.

A little tale about spectres and bards, choices and sad farewells that finds Gabrielle anxious to reunite with her partner after a short separation when a mysterious figure appears on the road she's on with a cryptic warning about what lies ahead... L. Fox includes at the end the story two WONDERFUL poetic tributes to our heroines which are a MUST READ in themselves. DO NOT MISS! - 9 pgs.

FOR THE PRESENT by Salmonellus
Fun, fast-paced adventure reading VERY much like an actual episode that has Xena shopping for a birthday present unaware that the planned recipient of that gift has been targeted for other purposes by some unsavory tapes. Salmonellus does a wonderful job capturing the traditional characterizations of Xena and Gabrielle from those earlier days even though the story follows the show's current timeline. - 53 pgs.

Set after Xena and Gab's journey to India, this story has a depressed Warrior Princess alone in Amphipolis when the Goddess of Love decides to pay a visit. Concerned that her favorite muse - the very talented Sappho - seems to be experiencing writer's block, Aphrodite asks the beautiful ex-warlord to pay her a visit certain that Xena could provide some needed inspiration. Knowing that Gabrielle plans to visit with her family for a few more weeks and sensing that the bard needs time to sort out her thoughts concerning their relationship, Xena agrees never suspecting the set of events she's about to unleash or the repercusions those will have. Featuring some angst-filled moments, this is an entertaining celebration of the relationship. - 12 pgs.


[And In The End] by Mark Alger
Inspired by the story ...AND IN THE END... BOOK ONE: THE BLUE SCROLLS by Mark Alger. The drawing is included within the story.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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