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Tonight's stories go a long way in cementing the standing of Xena fanfic as THE BEST on the Net. Enjoy!


FOR THE LOVE OF DINARS by Barry Marshall
Featuring a really appropriate photo to go along with the narrative, this little tale could NOT be more timely - Xena and the bard get...audited :) DO NOT MISS this one folks - VERY cute! Then make sure to go do those taxes!!! ;-)

Sensitively written vignette about the beauty of love and the many forms it can take.

KISMET? by Del_kaidin
Offered as an alternative to the episode BITTER SUITE, this intriguing new tale begins immediately after MATERNAL INSTINCTS with a distraught Gabrielle walking away from Xena and heading for the Temple of the Fates where she offers her very life in exchange for Solon, but the goddesses have other things in mind... With only one chapter released so far, this tale has solid promise.

BLOOPER? by Xenrielle
This new story offers a fun exercise in spotting bloopers as Xenrielle has purposely included some in her narrative and is challenging readers to find them. The story, meanwhile, has the Warrior Princess and bard finding more trouble than they expected when they try to help a village under attack.

THE INNOCENCE OF WAR by Arianwen P.F. Everett
Parts 8-9 of this story are now available. This intriguing new tale has Ares trying to convince the Fates to help him fight Dahok when an unexpected event changes the lives of a certain Warrior Princess and bard along with his own. In this latest sections Xena fights a seemingly impossible battle as an infant God of War makes his presence known. A nicely original plot.


LEAP OF FAITH by Missy Good
So consistent she'd probably never make it as a character in a third season episode of XWP, Missy returns with the beginnings of what promises to be another exceptional XWP novel. Set about a month after the events in DARKNESS FALLS, the story begins with the warrior and bard recovering nicely from their recent ordeals, rejoicing in the healing their relationship is experiencing. The sense of things in fact returning back to normal becomes even more pronounce when they visit Poteidaia and once again find people in need of their help, people looking to the Warrior Princess when no other hope remains. Unbeknownst to them, trouble is stirring in other parts too, as danger envelops a dear friend. Featuring exceptional writing, masterful storytelling, Missy's endearing sense of humor, and one of the most beloved depictions of the Xena/Gab relationship in fanfic this is another treat for us all guys. A MUST READ that receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

This sequel to Elaine's OUTSTANDING first work THE PAPPAS JOURNALS maintains the exceptional quality of storytelling she established in that first foray into fan fiction. THE PAPPAS JOURNALS II is truly one of the most incredible, moving works of fiction I've read in a long time - commercial fiction included. ANYONE who loves reading or writing will be affected by this story which at its very core is a celebration of the written word - of the power writing can have in our lives - of how words can reach across the centuries to encourage hope and determination and strength of will. It is a story which begins where THE PAPPAS JOURNALS left off - with Mel and Janice still in Greece working on the translations of Gabrielle's ancient scrolls as World War II rages around them. With the blood of heroes running through their veins, it isn't long before they are themselves involved in the war and once again becoming intimately acquainted with the barbarity of Nazi Germany as Mel is captured and has to try to survive by finding inspiration in the efforts of a long dead bard - a bard who recognized how words can honor valor and strength and love generations before that awareness would become part of the historical record. All the while Janice is putting into play a desperate plan to try to save her beloved partner...and keep from the Nazis a revelation of such magnitude that it could rock the very foundation of the world they live in. This is writing at it's very best folks. Told like the first story as a series of journal entries, this tale is a deeply personalized look at the worst and the best humanity has to offer. Elaine's characterizations have a wonderful depth to them as does her treatment of a relationship between the leads that is firmly rooted in commitment, loyalty and the fiercest of loves. Give yourself the gift of reading and the magic of storytelling that is this piece of fan fiction. It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

A very unusual uber-Xena story that begins at a meeting for alcoholics where a very nervous Brie, there for a first time with a friend, meets a mysterious loner named Zim. It is a meeting of the souls that neither quite understands but which sparks an instant connection between them. Nicely written story with a very different, contemporary theme. Great potential in this one. DO NOT MISS!!

A brilliant retelling of the dramatic last few minutes of the first season episode IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE which chronicles Gabrielle's visit to the Elysian Fields and the decision she makes while there. Mike does a fantastic job of combining dialogue from the actual episode with the events unfolding in his tale. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: story is not explicit]

Part II of this sequel to CN's COMING HOME is now available. This third entry in CN's HOMECOMING SERIES, is set some five years after the warrior and bard first join. It is a time they remember with a bittersweet sadness now, at a loss to understand the distance growing between them despite the love still burning in their hearts. Determined to find a solution, however, the two head for the Amazon Nation and into the ancient equivalent of...marriage counseling :) In this concluding section, the warrior and bard rediscover the passion and love between them even as the Amazon Nation and its queen face one of the greatest challenges ever. CN offers an original storyline here with strong characterizations of both Xena and the bard as older and more mature. Emotional moments combine with some humorous exchanges in a passionate, action-packed story that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)