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Hi all,

I'm delighted to announce the return of Governal's site THE ANNALS OF THE CONQUEROR which is now once again available at Along with the site, we have available once again Governal's terrific Conqueror story METAMORPHOSIS so I've republished the review for that in the alt. section below along with the review for a new one by this talented bard.

We have three new sites tonight - WILDER'S READING ROOMS is now making available the fiction of J.C. Wilder at

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Also the AMPHIPOLIS VILLAGE is offering Xena fanfic at

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Lots of great new fanfic lately :)


With a disclaimer GUARANTEED to put a grin on your face, this little tale is a nostalgic look back at those days when the warrior and bard were just beginning to get comfortable with one another. It is primarily a flashback to a rainy day on the road and the first time a little bard-wannabe from Poteidaia got enough courage to offer her hair braiding skills to a very intimidating ex-warlord. Adorable. Tovie does an excellent job capturing those early characterizations of our two heroines. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 4 pgs.


An adventure-drama set in modern times, this EXCEPTIONAL novel is the sequel to Sword’n’Quill's THE STRANGER IN YOUR EYES which had the ancient immortal Xena at long last reuniting with her beloved bard after Gabrielle was reincarnated in another's body. Set a short while after the end of that first story, this new episode begins with a tender, peaceful interlude as warrior and bard reacquaint themselves with one another, rediscovering the love and passion and wonder of two soulmates too long denied. Soon enough though - the outside world snakes its way back into their lives as Xena is asked to assist in an investigation of a white supremacist group suspected in a growing number of disappearances. At the same time, Gabrielle reveals the real reason Hades allowed her to return to the world of the living - to make an appeal to the immortal warrior for her help in stopping an ancient God determined to reclaim his powers by plunging the world into a renewed cycle of hatred and war. There's only one way to stop the coming Armageddon...and it demands a price even Xena may not be willing to pay... Mixing moments of nostalgia with a deeply touching love story, SIZZLING romance, suspenseful action, and the charming humor ingrained in the bard's efforts at familiarizing herself with the modern world, Sword’n’Quill's latest is a captivating tale you will not want to put down 'til the very end. Beautifully written and edited, this one is a definite MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 349 pgs.

The sequel to Verda's debut story THESE DREAMS finds artist Samantha McBride and her partner executive Tess Richmond happy and very much in love as they start to make a life together but that happiness is soon put on hold when Tess receives an unexpected appeal from an unlikely source forcing her to revisit a painful past in order to try to give an innocent child the promise of a future. Verda does a really nice job with the Tess/Samantha relationship here, making it realistic, loving and playful. The supporting players are well-defined and interesting in their own right contributing to an emotional, well-paced storyline. Improving on the original, this sequel is a very entertaining offering that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 37 pgs.

SUMMER HEAT by Merwulf
While the MerWOLF is away the Pups will play and since the MerWOLF (bard Missy Good for you uninitiated ones out there) has been busy writing one of her traditional Xena/Gab tales, the Pups (Missy fans for those of you who REALLY need to get initiated ;-) have been playing with her uber-darlings, Dar and Kerry from TROPICAL STORM fame. Always particularly playful and a bard in her own right, pup MerWULF gives us a mischievous glimpse of how those summer months are going for Dark and Kerry making us feel both Kerry's frustration and her longing as she waits for her beautiful partner to return from a business trip. Merwulf does a terrific job of capturing those beloved TROPICAL STORM characters in a little offering that should help all of those out there suffering from Dar/Kerry withdrawal. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 3 pgs.

Written by pup-talent Merwulf, this lost chapter from Missy Good's DARK COMES THE MORNING, has Ephiny, Eponin and Cyrene caring for a tiny dynamo named Dori while her parents are off fighting for the greater good once again. An adorable combination of the best AND some of the worst her parents have to offer, Dori soon shows a remarkable knack for exhausting patience and stealing hearts. The perfect supplement to Missy's story, complete with its own review :) DO NOT MISS! - 4 pgs.

THE BARD OF AVON by Jennifer Bracanovich
A new entry in the popular BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES, this tale is set in 16th century England where Xena, the immortal daughter of Ares, and Gabrielle, immortal daughter of Bacchus have arrived at a little town called Stratford where Gabrielle's storytelling and poetic skills quickly impress a fellow bard there named William lately suffering from a bad case of writer's block. Unbeknownst to the two ancient partners, in London another is aware of their presence in English soil - a woman with the power of an empire in her hands and a heart lonely for the company of kindred souls. Injecting historical figures into the BLOOD AND ROSES canon, this story presents a fascinating premise with a nice blend of humor and drama. One to watch in the coming weeks. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 7 pgs.

INTERLUDE by Angharad Governal
Feeling guilty over not having yet finished her Conqueror novel METAMORPHOSIS, Governal shares with us this little vignette about one very sensual first time. I think we'll forgive her ;-) Beautiful. - 3 pgs.

Temporarily separated while Gabrielle is visiting the family, both the bard and warrior find their thoughts completely occupied by one another. Sweet tale that recalls the feel of the relationship during its early days. - 4 pgs.

FLIRT! by WhymZ
Cute little tale set around the time of the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE which has the warrior and bard trying to out-tease one another ;-) - 3 pgs.

An exchange of simple gifts leads to a revelation of the heart. Sweet. - 4 pgs.

Part 2 is now available. This gifted writer brings us the first part of what already feels like one SPECTACULAR uber story. Set in the present day and featuring an incredibly timely storyline, Bel_Wah's latest begins in the Big Apple as all the principals are gathering together. On one side of town, Captain Catherine Phillips rushes to grab a taxi on her way to the airport and the passenger airliner she'll be piloting on its way to Rome. Termed by some of her co-workers as "Frosty the snow-bitch" but known by others as an intelligent, no-nonsense professional, the beautiful Air Force veteran has come to a crossroads in her life. No longer fulfilled by her job, she carries a letter of resignation fully intending for the trip to Rome to be her last in the employ of Orbis Airlines. On another side of town a van also rushes to the airport carrying the Orbis crew members who will be servicing that flight. The youngest among them, Rebecca Hanson, is a dedicated flight attendant who's worked her way quickly up the ranks through hard work and determination. Looking forward to the layover in Rome, Becky nevertheless feels the nerves upon hearing she'll be working with the infamous Captain Phillips. All too soon she's meeting the woman and not under...ideal circumstances. The third group of players are the final ones to arrive - fiercely loyal to a homeland torn apart by war, the Albanian nationals board the flight to Rome under false identities, determined that before the night is over they will have set in motion a plan to force the hand of the world's greatest superpower - caring little for the fellow passengers whose lives they're about to change and fully prepared to sacrifice those lives for their desperate cause. In the grand tradition of those action-packed, emotional airport thrillers which have always been a popular draw - comes an ideal uber story with compelling, solid characterizations. Addressing a crisis we are seeing on our TV sets every day right now and coupled with a very distinct modern atmosphere, the story also offers a terrific timeliness. This one should keep us glued to those monitors in the weeks ahead. A MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 10 pgs.

The conclusion is now available. This past year Tonya Muir proved to be among those very rare, very gifted bards who with her first story THE JOURNEY HOME immediately shot into this fandom's list of top writing talents. She has easily solidified that position by continuing to deliver first-class stories. Now with this sequel to her uber tale WITH FALTERING STEPS Tonya brings us what is probably her finest writing accomplishment to date - a novel which to put it simply folks - is a fanfic masterpiece. Set about a year after the initial meeting between Mafia henchwoman Lacey Montgomery and horse trainer Rachel Wilson, the story begins with the two settled down in domestic tranquility, making a life now with each other and Rachel's charming nine year-old Molly. In retirement from a life of crime she is more than happy to have left behind, Lacey nevertheless finds herself sometimes struggling with the challenges of her new family, unaccustomed to either the day to day responsibilities or the depth of emotion her heart now seems capable of. These are challenges, however, which are soon put aside when Lacey and Rachel find themselves dealing with a much greater concern - the knowledge that someone from Lacey's dark past wants the ex-henchwoman - and to get to her they are more than willing to go through friends...and family. In these final parts Lacey faces of against the family from her past to protect the family that holds her heart now. With no weak points whatsoever, this novel's strengths are so many I could go on for several pages. The characterizations are outstanding with two thoroughly endearing, likeable, well-established heroines. The supporting cast - from the sweet, poignantly innocent Molly, to Lacey's youthful, hero-worshiping apprentice, Rico, to the shadowy mob- leader Vinnie. among a number of other memorable characters - are all interesting figures with defining qualities that make them stand out in the reader's mind and that contribute to the plot at every step. The relationship between the two protagonists has been beautifully fleshed out from its beginnings in the first story to a deeply committed, emotionally complex partnership that is compassionate, supportive, fiercely passionate and tenderly romantic all at once. Weaving moments of quiet domesticity with intense confrontations, heart-stopping suspense, fast-paced action and gentle humor, MAKING STRIDES is a remarkable fictional tapestry by one of our most accomplished bards. Certain to become an instant classic, it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 148 pgs.

Chapters 5-6 are now available. Curiositee continues the story begun in THE DANGEROUS TRUTH as Alex Bryson contemplates the recent changes in her life - the new vigor that has her feeling more alive than she has in a long time and the beautiful reporter that has her feeling more loved than ever before. For both women, however, many questions about the past remain unanswered. Alex cannot ignore the curiosity she feels over a woman long believed dead, while Bridget cannot ignore the concern she feels over a possible threat from the ancient past...In this latest part Bridget continues her search for answers while Alex remembers the past. Curiositee adds new depth to the characterizations in this sequel as she starts to explore the history of these two women. The sense of suspense and mystery is in evidence right from the start. [unfinished] - 13 pgs.

METAMORPHOSIS by Angharad Governal [Re-released]
This bard's debut on the web comes with a very well-written story full of potential set in the world of Xena the Conqueror where the deadly empress is getting ready to extend her empire while a determined resistance looks for ways to stop her. Part of that resistance, Gabrielle is well aware of the woman's cruelty but convinced despite it that Xena's death is not the answer - not for their world...and not for herself. To prove it she's willing to risk it all - even the possibility of an agonizing death on a merciless cross. This is a riveting story with terrific characterizations and a very intriguing, carefully crafted storyline certain to entice even more readers into the genre. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 19 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)