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Hi guys,

We have a new Xena fan fiction now available - CURIOSITEE'S CACHE featuring Curiositee's stories :) The site is at:

Some great new stories tonight including an exceptional one from a veteran talent.


RESISTANCE by Della Street
One of my all-time favorite Xenite bards returns with a novel you WONT be able to put down!! Don't even try - resistance in this case is most definitely futile :) Set in the alternate world introduced by the two-part Hercules episode ARMAGEDDON NOW, this story puts a slightly different spin on things as it begins with Xena the Conqueror meeting with one of the dissenters recently captured by her soldiers - a seemingly harmless slip of a girl who despite her fear of the imposing ruler does not hesitate to spar verbally with her. It is a first meeting that leaves Gabrielle perplexed when the Conqueror doesn't immediately kill her, and leaves the Warrior Princess strangely intrigued by the beautiful little traitor. Unable to fight against the connection neither quite understands in the weeks to come the feared tyrant finds herself doing more and more to try to put a smile on Gabrielle's face, while the rebellious young agitator finds herself incredibly, against all logic, opening her heart to the very same warlord who once decimated her life. With elements of such classic romances like WEST SIDE STORY and THE KING AND I, this is a tale of two women from very different worlds who suddenly find themselves having to struggle against what others expect and demand when they can no longer deny the calling of their souls. It is also a story about a ruler imprisoned by trappings of her own making who finds in the love of a former enemy the strength to finally break the chains around her heart. With generous helpings of romance and the disarming humor that tends to add so much spice to Della's characterizations of the warrior and bard, this is a beautifully crafted, incredibly sweet, passionate tale that will have you breathing one heck of contented sigh when you're finished! Then if you haven't yet, go read Della's other stories for more of some of the best fiction the Xenaverse has to offer. RESISTANCE is OUTSTANDING folks! It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!

...AND BEYOND by Silk
Chapter one of Silk's first ever uber-Xena story, set in 6th century Ireland, has a bittersweet, poignant flavor to it as it chronicles the haunted memories of Kerry inion Fionnbharr, a beautiful chieftain with flowing dark hair and crisp blue eyes whose thoughts will forever return to the tragic day in her youth when her life was forever changed. Silk does a wonderful job using description and dialogue to give her story a true Celtic atmosphere. This is one with great potential folks. DO NOT MISS!

Heart-wrenching new vignette which VERY cleverly marries Xena fanfic with the Celine Dion song whose title it shares. Set in the latter years of Gabrielle's life, it chronicles the moment just after she bids her longtime partner goodbye... one final time. Kleenex alert and very much worth the read. DO NOT MISS!

DARKFALL by XeniteSupreme
Rousing adventure tale that has Xena and the bard going up against fanatical and VERY dangerous followers of Ares determined to replace the Warrior Princess as the Chosen of the God of War. Nice romantic moments and terrific action sequences in an entertaining story.

DARKNESS FALLS by Melissa Good
The conclusion of this story is now available. This is THE story every fanfic aficionado out there has been waiting for - Missy tackles "the rift", and folks it's another incredible experience courtesy of one of the most consistent talents in our Xenaverse. This tale is particularly intense in that while set after the episode BITTER SUITE, it also CONTINUES the storyline Missy has been following throughout her novels. Indeed DARKNESS FALLS takes place after REFLECTIONS FROM THE PAST. Given the incredible love, tenderness and commitment which has increasingly characterized the relationship between warrior and bard throughout Missy's novels, it is especially heart-wrenching to see that relationship in pieces at the beginning of this latest story as Xena and Gabrielle struggle to try to deal with what has happened to them and what they've done to one another. In this final section, things finally begin to feel normal once again for the warrior and bard as they find the courage together to face some unresolved issues and begin to make plans for the future both are determined to share. Missy changes the events which we saw on TV just a bit but other than that she plunges headlong into the trauma of the rift chronicling a much more realistic emotional journey for Xena and Gabrielle as they start on the path back to one another. This story is on the surface very different from what we're used to from this bard but beneath that surface and making its way to the top is the same magic, the same sense of gentle passion and fierce love that in Xena fanfic is classic Melissa Good. This story gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

Chapters 24-25 of this tale are now available. This is a very intense, dark story that has Xena and the bard on their way to answer a summons when Gabrielle discovers an ancient sword lying on an empty field. Their lives will never be the same again as the friend Xena loves is replaced by one of the greatest evils the world has ever known - an evil determined to recapture ultimate power...and willing to destroy the Warrior Princess in order to do it. In these latest chapters, Xena fights a Titan for Gabrielle's life. still unfinished, this story is poignant in its depiction of a Xena determined to try to save her bard even after experiencing first-hand the horror Gabrielle becomes capable of. [Note: the story contains references to sexual violence]

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)