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Hi all,

Couple of new fanfic sites now online - THE STRONGHOLD, featuring the Conqueror stories of popular talent XWP Fanatic, has opened its doors at: Fanatic/

Also welcoming visitors now is AUTOLYCUS: KING OF THIEVES a site devoted to the stories and filks written by Xenite bard, Autolycus. The site is at:

Simahoyo has created an interesting new list called INKSLINGER for fanfic writers who want to eventually expand into original fiction. Here's the official description of the list:

"This is a list for fanfiction writers who are moving on to original works. This is an open list, which means that any fanfiction writer, from any genre may join, as long as they are writing original works. We do not help with fanfiction, there are other lists for that. Because copyright is so important to writers, each member must pledge not to: forward other people's works from the list without the written consent of the author, or use any of the other writers' works as their own..."

You can subscribe to the list by going to:

Or by sending a blank e-mail to

THE ATHENAEUM Xena fanfic index now has available both a title and author search feature. Try it out at:

Submissions for the SHORT STORY CONTEST sponsored by JUSTICE HOUSE PUBLISHING are now online. You can read and vote for your favorites in the different categories at:


There is a bard in need of someone who speaks Bulgarian or Hungarian. If any Xenites out there can help please e-mail Janice at .


This bard's debut on the Web comes in the form of a promising epic that begins in Rome where a man determined to be emperor is considering the best way of ridding himself of a certain painful thorn on his side. Not long afterwards, in Greece Xena and Gabrielle find themselves accosted by an army of bounty hunters willing to take on the Warrior Princess for a chance at the fortune Rome is offering for her head. After one close scare, Xena starts to look for a way to keep her partner safe but their best bet will require her to revisit a painful part of the recent past and may prove just as harmful to her health as a trip to Rome may be. Strong characterizations, a fast-moving plot and good writing combine here to make this one to watch in the weeks ahead. [unfinished] - 122 pgs.

A long adventure story that could easily be made into an episode or two, this tale is set after CRUSADER and has Xena and the bard traveling to Sparta in hopes of getting Gabrielle's cousin out of the trouble she's in after challenging one of the most repressive societies in Greece. Lisa does a nice job with the treatment of the Xena/Gab friendship presenting it as a very devoted, playful, partnership of equals who both need and can learn from one another. - 113 pgs.


GOING HOME by T. Novan
Xena and Gabrielle deal with one of the more bittersweet episodes in their lives in this latest entry in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES, as they return to Poteidaia so the bard can be with her ailing father during his last days. A poignant reminder of the importance of family and love. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs.

Based on the feature film DEAD AGAIN, Rooks' latest is a fabulous modern-day uber mystery which begins with private investigator Faith Dickinson agreeing to try to help a beautiful young amnesiac recover her life. Calling the young woman Gabrielle until they can determine her real name, Faith places an ad in the paper hoping someone will recognize her. They get contacted instead by a well-meaning hypnotist offering to try to help Gabrielle remember who she is. What they uncover instead is an unbelievable connection to a woman who died nearly fifty years before, a story of passionate love, jealousy...and murder. Faith goes from trying to solve one mystery to dealing with two, all the while trying to deal with her growing feelings for Gabrielle and the realization that she herself may be the key to unraveling that mystery from the past. Rooks does a solid job here of integrating the uber characterizations into a suspenseful plot that will keep you guessing 'til the very end. A MUST READ for mystery lovers in particular. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 181 pgs.

Stormy weather helps to loosen up some inhibitions for the warrior and bard ;-) Sweet. - 5 pgs.

Chapters 17-18 are now available. The second episode in the SEVEN WONDERS SERIES after Fanatic's extraordinary AFTERMATH: IN THE THREE OF LIFE this sequel continues the story of Xena the Conqueror and her lovely consort, Gabrielle, Queen of the Amazons as they travel to exotic Babylon home of one of the wonders of the Ancient World, the majestic Hanging Gardens. There to celebrate the anniversary of King Nebuharin's reign, Conqueror and queen begin to suspect the intentions of the crafty Babylonian ruler the minute they spot a Roman flag among the ships in the harbor. Joining the other rulers also invited to the festivities they soon learn of Nebuharin's plans for the historic gathering - only there are other plans afoot as well...ones which may endanger the Conqueror, her queen and the still fragile happiness they have found together. In these latest chapters Xena, Gabrielle and the other rulers try to solve the mystery of a second murder. Fanatic continues here the very solid characterizations she established in the first story as she develops the relationship between a very dangerous, very driven, very smart Conqueror who is nevertheless pitifully ignorant when it comes to affairs of the heart, and a stubborn Amazon queen with a gentle soul, a wisdom that is often beyond her years and a keen understanding of those affairs of the heart. Developing into one heck of murder mystery, this tale surrounds the Xena/Gab romance with a terrific sense of suspense and intrigue. A MUST READ in the weeks ahead that comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [unfinished] - 7 pgs. Fanatic/fiction/thehanginggarden1.html

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)