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Hi all,

** Some bard news to announce. B.L. Miller, one of our most popular writing talents is laying her quill down as far as Xena fanfic is concerned. B.L. has announced that she will no longer be writing Xena fanfic. Having lost interest in the series, B.L. will be concentrating now on writing original fiction. B.L. started sharing Xena fanfic with us in early 1997 and went on to contribute an exceptional body of work including classics like A QUEEN'S SACRIFICE, THE SILENT BARD, and THE SHOW among other terrific stories. B.L. will be keeping her Xena fanfic on the web at Meanwhile she's opened a site for original fiction called A ROOM OF HER OWN - A DYNAMIC ANTHOLOGY OF LESBIAN FICTION. Already featuring stories from a number of familiar names that site is at

On behalf of the many fanfic readers who've loved her work I'd like to thank B.L. for making our Xena experience that much more enjoyable and wish her the best in all her future endeavors.

** Another Xenite writing talent, Mil Toro, is gonna be taking a break for the summer. Mil has asked me to share the following with fellow fanfic readers:

"This will be a very busy summer for me and I'm afraid I will have to stop writing about Xena and Gabrielle for a while. Unfortunately, this means that IN HER HANDS has been removed from my web site, since it is unfinished and I don't know when I'll be able to pick it up again. However, all the stories I have posted thus far will remain.

A big hearty THANK YOU to everyone who has encouraged me to find myself as a writer."

Mil's ONE IN A MIL XENA PAGE can be found at:

** Now on to other news - there are plans in the works for some sort of "Bard Event" to be held during the Xena Convention scheduled for Pasadena, California in January 2000. Nothing is concrete right now but in order to better plan for the event the organizers would like to get an impression of how many bards will be there. IF YOU'RE A BARD and think that you might be attending that con could you please e-mail me at .

** There's a new site now offering Xena fanfic - THE AMAZON NATION - NORTHERN TRIBE page at:


A sequel to Bel-Wah's action-adventure DARKNESS BEFORE THE DAWN, this new story finds Captain Catherine Phillips agreeing to spend a few days in Rome to watch over her recovering flight attendant, Rebecca Hanson. Feeling responsible for the young woman, Kate plans on an ordinary couple of days keeping Becky company but to their mutual surprise, the stay in the Eternal City soon becomes a magical holiday drawing two souls together and pulling down walls that have been in place for much too long. Featuring strong characterizations with two very likeable leads, Bel-Wah's latest also offers that air of excitement, magic and romance that was a part of the classic movie which shares its title. A delightful read to follow in the weeks ahead. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 22 pgs.

Part 37 in her RAISING MELOSA SERIES, this latest offering from T. Novan reveals a very possessive and jealous streak in a certain Amazon Queen when another pays just a little too much attention to her beautiful consort. Another fun, sweet celebration of the love between warrior and bard. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 8 pgs.

Set in 18th century America amidst the Lakota Indians, this new offering from Redhawk is a colorful, historical romance that begins with the birth of yet another girl-child to the proud Lakota warrior Wanbli Zi. Hoping for a son, the warrior is nevertheless assured by the tribes' shaman that the child's future will not be an ordinary one - he has seen visions and in those visions the child follows the way of the warrior. Fifteen years later the shaman's prophecy has become reality as that girl-child is well on her way to becoming an accomplished hunter and fierce warrior but before then she must face a coming of age... and a vision of her own. Redhawk is doing a nice job here of integrating the Xena canon into the native American culture of this period in history. Well written with good characterizations this one shows great potential. [unfinished] - 47 pgs.

LONDON BLITZ by Joseph Connell
An intriguing new entry in the INFINITY SERIES begun by Redhawk, this new modern-day tale is set in London where plans are underway among a very secretive society to closely monitor the activities of a couple of visitors to the English capital. Accompanied by her young partner Rickie Gardner, the immortal Xena of Amphipolis has traveled to the city in hopes of recovering a lost part of her past only what awaits her there is a greater link to that past than even she suspects. Maintaining the sense of history, passion and suspense that are hallmarks of the INFINITY SERIES, this latest entry immediately draws you in to the unfolding mystery with a sophisticated, clever storyline, solid writing and a very loving, sexy depiction of the Xena/Rickie relationship. Joseph's latest should improve on an already excellent series. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 62 pgs.

The conclusion is now available. This contemporary uber story pairs bestselling author Dru Warlord, popularly known as the Queen of Mystery, with a young proofreader named Kasey Lovett. Having met the talented writer at a professional get-together, Kasey jumps at the chance of working with her - an opportunity which presents itself when Dru's agent hires the fledgling proofreader to help his client meet her deadline. The arrangement works incredibly well as both women start to appreciate each others' dedication and company but soon enough other concerns enter their thoughts when it starts to become clear that someone does not want Dru to finish her latest mystery - a mystery based on a real, unsolved murder - a mystery which neither Dru nor Kasey may live long enough to solve...In these final parts Dru struggles to solve a puzzle from the past as Kasey's life hangs in the balance. This is very well written, with Candy doing a terrific job both with the characterizations and the gradual development of the relationship. DO NOT MISS! - 46 pgs.
Pt.1 -
Pt.2 -
Pt.3 -
Pt.4 -

This sequel to Candy's first story DESPERATE MEASURES (reviewed above) finds mystery writer Dru Warlord and her beautiful proofreader Kasey Lovett just getting comfortable in their new intimacy when Dru receives an invitation to a writers' retreat from a publisher with more on her mind than just publishing. It's a weekend certain to test their relationship and possibly even lead to some unexpected revelations of the heart. Candy is doing a nice job developing Dru and Kasey into a very appealing uber couple. With Dru already thinking of a new mystery to write, this one should prove quite entertaining. [unfinished] - 17 pgs.

A beautiful, sensual little tale about longing, passion and love set around a peaceful evening campfire. Verrrrry nice! DO NOT MISS! - 3 pgs.

On a visit home to Amphipolis Xena spends time bonding with her mother and doing some serious self-examination, coming to terms with both her past and her present just before she's reunited with a certain bard she's missed terribly. This is a fascinating character study featuring very honest, realistic portrayals of the relationships between these three characters and a WONDERFULLY sensual treatment of the Xena/Gab pairing. - 77 pgs.


"The Kink Series - Greetings From London" by Miguel Cura
Inspired by the KINK SERIES by Penumbra.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)