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Hi guys,

Bard extraordinaire and mistress of KINK, Penumbra is on a little European getaway at the moment so she's asked me to let her readers know that there will likely not be any further updates to her story BLOOD MERIDIAN until the beginning of June. Penumbra's UMBRAE Web site is at

There's a new Xena fanfic now available AURYN'S FAN FICTION PAGE at Auryn is looking for more fanfic to host at her site so if you're a bard in need of a fanfic host make sure to stop by.

Folks we have a very SPECIAL treat tonight - some EXTRAORDINARY new fanfic covers from a couple of very talented Xenite artists! Make SURE to check these out and thank Ciegra and Tragedy for sharing them with us. Our artists are really ROCKING these days!

Bards aren't doing too bad either - awesome stories tonight.


The *PERFECT* remake of the BITTER SUITE, this musical odyssey would be the ideal season ender for year four >:) Featuring a familiar cast of characters and some of the best one-liners I've ever read, this HYSTERICAL epic reveals Blade Mast as a master lyricist exceedingly well-versed on the art of making a P-O-I-N-T. The MUST READ of the year, this gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 26 pgs.

Reality meets Xena: Warrior Princess in what has to be one of the most charming stories I've yet to read in fanfic. Ella once again stays true to her reputation for skillful, original writing, delivering a very different type of warlord story which has the warlord Xena at last meeting the pesky bard that has been making her life just a tad more difficult as of late with her "slight" embellishments of Xena's life. As it turns out - Xena isn't quite the feared figure from Gabrielle's darker stories nor the heroic one from her more recent ones. Neither is Gabrielle the mirror image of the bard from her own tales. Far from perfect, these two women are nevertheless drawn to one another in a sweet recognition of simple attributes and noble hearts. A celebration of humanity in its many shapes and forms, this delightful addition to Xena fanfic comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs.

OUTLAW by L.N. James
Written back in December 1997 some months before the release of her modern day hit CHICAGO 5AM this sizzling little tale was L.N. James' first experiment with uber fiction. Set in Kansas City in 1871, it looks at the relationship between two very different women - one a wanted outlaw, beautiful and deadly - the other a talented storyteller, loving and sweet. Amidst the danger and roughness of the world they live in, these two have forged a union of passion and trust and love - a solace the outlaw now treasures and the storyteller is determined to nurture into something even greater. Featuring LN's trademark mix of sensuality and emotion, this one should be tackled only with a nice supply of Amazon Ice within reach ;-) Invigorating storytelling I tell yah! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 28 pgs.

THE HUNT by T. Novan
The RAISING MELOSA SERIES continues with some bonding time for Xena and Mel as the two head off on a hunting trip that will be lead to important revelations and some serious challenges. Another fine contribution to one of the best series in Xena fanfic. DO NOT MISS! - 13 pgs.

Parts 3-4 are now available. A sequel to Gin's second Conqueror story COMPLICATIONS, this newest tale finds the Conqueror and the Amazon Queen busy with their respective kingdoms even as they make plans for their reunion during an upcoming festival at Corinth. It's a reunion that will be full of surprises and much palace intrigue as the Conqueror and her queen investigate the forces plotting against them and very determined enemies threaten to destroy the happiness they've so recently found. In these latest parts a son struggles to find his way while the danger to him and his family grows. Gin gives us a very different take on the Xena and Gabrielle characters in this Conqueror series - keeping them nevertheless, familiar and likeable. The supporting characters are well-defined in their own right adding to a complex, intelligent storyline guaranteed to entertain. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 44 pgs.
Pts.1-3 -
Pt.4 -


THE CHILD Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story THE CHILD by WordWarior.

DARKNESS BEFORE THE DAWN Story Cover by Tragedy88
Inspired by the story DARKNESS BEFORE THE DAWN by Bel-wah.

FIRE AND ICE Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story FIRE AND ICE by Friction.

FULL BOAT Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story FULL BOAT by T. Novan.

THE HANGING GARDENS Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story THE HANGING GARDENS by XWP Fanatic.

HURRICANE WATCH Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story HURRICANE WATCH by Missy Good.

LUCIFER RISING Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story LUCIFER RISING by Sharon Bowers.

OUTLAW Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story OUTLAW by L.N. James.

Inspired by the story PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY by Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza.

A PRESENT UNDER THE TREE Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story A PRESENT UNDER THE TREE by Missy Good.

SEVEN DAYS IN POMPEII Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story SEVEN DAYS IN POMPEII by DJWP.

SOMEWHERE IN TIME Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story SOMEWHERE IN TIME by Friction.

SUMMER'S CIRCUS Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story SUMMER'S CIRCUS by Barbara Davies.

SURFACING Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story SURFACING by Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza.

TROPICAL STORM Story Cover by Ciegra
Inspired by the story TROPICAL STORM by Missy Good.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)