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Hi folks,

Half and half tonight - 2 new ones, 2 updates :)


Very much a statement on the third season, this newest tale by Ogami is set immediately after THE BITTER SUITE and has Xena dealing with something she has yet to deal with in the TV series - the consequences of her actions. It begins as the warrior and bard wake up on the beach, both alive and healthy, only as Xena watches in horror the injuries she inflicted on her partner suddenly return just as some VERY angry Amazons appear on the scene determined to protect their young queen... and determined to see that justice is done. With some poignant moments and some clever twists certain to delight some of the fans out there, this one carries a heck of a punch. DO NOT MISS!

MIND OF LOVE (THE) by FreeBard
Chapter four of this story is now available. There's a sense of quiet melancholy throughout this tale that has Xena suffering from nightmares and Gabrielle reflecting on her contributions to those nightmares. In this fourth chapter an old debt is called in. A moving piece, nicely written and suspenseful.


CLUELESS by B L Miller
B.L. treats us this time to a delightful new tale set after the episode FINS, FEMMES AND GEMS which finds Xena and Gabrielle taking a short break from life on the road in the town of Laconia. The stay will turn into a very educational one for the little bard when she runs into a favorite relative from her childhood whose choices in life will suddenly have Gabrielle understanding her own feelings better and recognizing possibilities she had never dreamed of before. B.L. once again does a WONDERFUL job of blending humor and drama into the type of sweet, sexy tale that has become one of her trademarks. With that Amazon ice handy, put this one at the top of your MUST READ list. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Chapter 11 is now available. Set in the present day, this FANTASTIC new uber-Xena story gets off to a rousing start as it follows a gutsy young reporter named Bridget Stone on a fateful excursion into the Chicago slums. In search of a lead, she'll find more than she ever bargained for when an assassin tries to end her investigation and a mysterious stranger interferes, one of the many homeless that frequent the slums, only in the blue depths of that stranger's eyes Bridget will sense a connection as old as time. Soon enough the reporter finds herself with two mysteries on her hands as she considers who may be trying to kill her while trying to solve the puzzle that is the woman who saved her...a woman whose tortured past holds secrets only Bridget may be able to uncover. In this latest chapter Bridget experiences life in lane ;-) Terrific characterizations make the reporter and her indigent savior immediately endearing. Combining suspense, mystery and a sense of pathos this wonderfully written tale is going to leave you anxiously awaiting that next chapter. A great uber drama in the making folks. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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