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[Previous report was for 4/28/98]

Hi guys,

Lots of announcements tonight. First of all you might remember that some weeks ago I asked for volunteers who might be interested in beta reading XWP fan fiction. Well, I received a lot of responses so the XWP FAN FICTION BETA READERS DIRECTORY is now a reality! I intend the directory to be a resource for bards, new writers in particular, looking for fellow Xenites who are willing to give them feedback and get those stories we all love ready for publication. We have volunteers with all sort of experience and lots of enthusiasm so bards - consider using them. Trust me this bunch like to be used ;-) THE BETA READERS DIRECTORY is at:

In conjunction with the release of the directory, I've also made available the following two documents bards and beta readers might find useful:



If you're interested in being listed in the directory AND ARE SERIOUS ABOUT BETA READING there is also a file available at the site with instructions on how to get listed.

Meanwhile, in other news, Shadowfen has added three new sections at her site which now list stories related to particular episodes. The stories are divided by season. SHADOWFEN'S XENA:WARRIOR PRINCESS FAN FICTION INDEX is located at:

There's another wonderful new Web site now featuring fanfic related art. JERI'S XENA:WP FANTASY ART includes drawings of Xena, Gabrielle, Janice, Mel and all the great uber variations of the warrior and bard we've come to love through the many splendid stories out there. Jeri is asking for submissions so all you artsy types out there - get those brushes going! JERI'S XENA:WP FANTASY ART page is at:

Also, the site formerly known as THE BARD'S BRANCH has been renamed to WE'D LIKE TO THANK THE ACADEMY... and redesigned quite a bit. The new and improved site is at:

Finally we have yet another new site featuring Xena fanfic - the BIBLIOTHECA. The main page is at:

with the actual STORY PAGE at:

Lots of great selections tonight including a wonderful new uber tale. There must be something in the air with all these bards producing such great uber tales recently! Enjoy! :)


This writer's debut on the Web is an exceptional new story with a lot of heart that begins with Xena and bard on their way to Amphipolis for a much-deserved rest and what Gabrielle hopes will be a chance for the warrior to touch base with her mother. Before it's over, however, Cyrene not only will have learned more about the daughter she saw become a destroyer of nations, but also about the young bard who loves that warrior now and believes in her above all else. Featuring one of the better characterizations of Xena's mom I've seen in fan fiction as well as solid depictions of our two heroines, this story is deeply rooted in the dynamics of the Xena/Gab relationship. Poignant and heartwarming at the same time, this is a MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: story features references that could be considered subtext]

KISMET? by Del_kaidin
Chapter two is now available. Offered as an alternative to the episode BITTER SUITE, this intriguing new tale begins immediately after MATERNAL INSTINCTS with a distraught Gabrielle walking away from Xena and heading for the Temple of the Fates where she offers her very life in exchange for Solon, but the goddesses have other things in mind... With two chapters released so far, this tale has solid promise.


Joining the many gems we've been seeing lately in Xena uber fiction comes this VERY unusual, riveting new story set in the glamorous and often deadly underworld of Miami - a world in which wealth, and seductive pleasures exist side by side with violence and death. It is into this very world reporter Liz Gardener finds herself stepping into as she pursues a story that has obsessed her for years now - the sordid tale surrounding a dark and beautiful and dangerous ex-DEA agent by the name of Jude Lucien who having gone over to the other side is now one of the most powerful and feared druglords in the business. With two very different agendas, the two women will find themselves drawn to one another - sensing something very real in the other - sensing perhaps that neither is quite what she seems... With a very contemporary feel to it and a clever uber rendition of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship, this is a well-written, FASCINATING story certain to keep you wanting more of those chapters in the weeks to comes! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: story features rough language]

This is what happens when romantic alt. bards try to tell a bedtime story...or are in a naughty mood ;-) L.N. latest contribution is a short little vignette about how warriors and bards like to make sure each other >:) This is priceless guys - DO NOT MISS! Oh and make sure to stay safe!

The conclusion of this story is now available. Original and well-written, this Mel/Janice story has the Southerner and archeologist seeing each other for the first time after their initial meeting in Macedonia. Joining forces again to work on translating a newly discovered scroll, the two women begin uncovering also their feelings for one another but it is the warrior and bard from an Ancient time that will show them how to take a chance on love. In this final part, Mel and Janice look for one another in war-torn Europe as we see also their ancestors reaffirming the love they shared. DO NOT MISS!

CHICAGO 5AM by L.N. James
Chapter 17 of this story is now available. Teenagers are disappearing from the streets of Chicago, casualties of a dark subculture based on drugs, sex and rock and roll. Assigned to investigate is Mariel Potidean, a brilliant young FBI agent who soon finds herself teamed with a rather irritating partner - an ex-cop by the name of Tina Amphipoli with a dangerous reputation, a mysterious past and electric blue eyes. In this latest chapter some unsavory characters talk business. L.N.'s newest delivers an engaging premise with two very strong heroines and lots of potential for suspense, drama and romance. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: Story features rough language]

Chapters 5-8 are now available. Set in the present day, this FANTASTIC new uber-Xena story gets off to a rousing start as it follows a gutsy young reporter named Bridget Stone on a fateful excursion into the Chicago slums. In search of a lead, she'll find more than she ever bargained for when an assassin tries to end her investigation and a mysterious stranger interferes, one of the many homeless that frequent the slums, only in the blue depths of that stranger's eyes Bridget will sense a connection as old as time. Soon enough the reporter finds herself with two mysteries on her hands as she considers who may be trying to kill her while trying to solve the puzzle that is the woman who saved her...a woman whose tortured past holds secrets only Bridget may be able to uncover. In these latest chapters the plight of an old man help a wounded soul decide to trust again while a recovering Bridget stubbornly continues her with a little help. Terrific characterizations make the reporter and her indigent savior immediately endearing. Combining suspense, mystery and a sense of pathos this wonderfully written tale is going to leave you anxiously awaiting that next chapter. A great uber drama in the making folks. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

LEAP OF FAITH by Missy Good
Part four of this story is now being posted. So consistent she'd probably never make it as a character in a third season episode of XWP, Missy returns with the beginnings of what promises to be another exceptional XWP novel. Set about a month after the events in DARKNESS FALLS, the story begins with the warrior and bard recovering nicely from their recent ordeals, rejoicing in the healing their relationship is experiencing. The sense of things in fact returning back to normal becomes even more pronounce when they visit Poteidaia and once again find people in need of their help, people looking to the Warrior Princess when no other hope remains. Unbeknownst to them, trouble is stirring in other parts too, as danger envelops a dear friend. In this latest section, an Amazon lies near death while a Warrior Princess takes...a leap of faith :) Featuring exceptional writing, masterful storytelling, Missy's endearing sense of humor, and one of the most beloved depictions of the Xena/Gab relationship in fanfic this is another treat for us all guys. A MUST READ that receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)