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Hi guys,

TV series seems to be going down the drain but that fiction is still fantastic! Six new ones and a terrific update tonight.


Poignant hurt/comfort tale that has Xena and Gabrielle in a desperate life or death struggle after the proud warrior is injured and decides her friend would be better off without her...only the little bard doesn't quite agree with her decision. Firmly grounded in the love and devotion of these two friends, Chemmy's new one is a heart-warmer. DO NOT MISS!

A rather chilling treatise by the God of War on the Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, what they've gone through in the past three years and the truths he sees within them. An insightful look into the mind of this Olympian who despite being one of Xena's greatest enemies also remains an admirer who knows her all too well.


Just when you think you've read every type of XWP fan fiction someone could come up with comes along a HYSTERICAL little gem like this to prove you wrong. Simply put this uber Xena story is the stuff television TALK shows are made off! Original does not even come close to describing this tale which has a young factory worker stuck in dead-end existence living a life suitable for discussion on Jerry Springer, when a dark, beautiful stranger sparks a fire within her ;-) Contemporary to the extreme, this is very atmospheric, cute, clever, funny and just a real hoot!! A MUST READ guaranteed to plaster a big ol' grin on your face! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: story features rough language...actually, the story *IS* rough language ;-) ]

THE STARS FELL DOWN by Vivian Darkbloom
This tale begins as a Mel/Janice story set in 1953 with the archeologist now leading a small army of players ;-) After a short, delightfully domestic interlude with Janice and the Carolinian Princess, however, the tale goes back in time to recount Xena and Gabrielle's fist time together - an event which the warrior does not seem to remember but the bard remembers all too well! Complete with lots of hilarious guilty thoughts, misunderstandings, lots of love and lust, this is entertaining and FUN! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

UNKNOWN ROADS by Katherine Colson
A thoughtful vignette offering an intriguing insight into the mind of the Warrior Princess as she struggles with a darkness within that even love cannot completely conquer. Very nice lyrical writing style in an emotionally compelling piece.

A DEAFENING QUIET by Marion D Tuttle
Sweet story about misunderstandings that has Xena and Gabrielle both suffering in silence when neither realizes the truth about the other's feelings.

Part two of this story is now available. Joining the many gems we've been seeing lately in Xena uber fiction comes this VERY unusual, riveting new story set in the glamorous and often deadly underworld of Miami - a world in which wealth, and seductive pleasures exist side by side with violence and death. It is into this very world reporter Liz Gardener finds herself stepping into as she pursues a story that has obsessed her for years now - the sordid tale surrounding a dark and beautiful and dangerous ex-DEA agent by the name of Jude Lucien who having gone over to the other side is now one of the most powerful and feared druglords in the business. With two very different agendas, the two women will find themselves drawn to one another - sensing something very real in the other - sensing perhaps that neither is quite what she seems... In this latest part Jude remembers the past that turned her into what she is as she finds herself drawn more and more to the remarkable young woman that has entered her life. S.L.'s two heroines are beautifully depicted with incredible depth, rich emotional histories and engaging personalities. With a very contemporary feel to it and a clever uber rendition of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship, this is a solidly written, FASCINATING tale certain to keep you wanting more of those chapters in the weeks to comes! It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [Note: story features rough language]
Pt. 1:
Pt. 2:

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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