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Hi guys,

There's a new Xena fanfic site now available ANNE TAYLOR'S XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS FAN FICTION featuring a great new story reviewed below. The site is at:

Also, Paul and Jenna's Fan Fiction page has moved and changed its name - PAUL'S UBER FICTION is now located at

Our bards have been busy folks - some OUTSTANDING fiction in the last couple of days!


STILL WATERS by Anne Taylor
The debut on the Web of a fresh new talent comes in the form of this well-written riveting new story which will have you glued to your seat from chapter to chapter. Set some weeks after the events in BITTER SUITE, the story finds Xena and the bard on their way back into Amazon lands. Well aware of the greeting she's likely to get after her last visit there, Xena's plan is to simply accompany her partner to the surrounding forest and then head for Amphipolis. A frustrated Gabrielle nevertheless continues trying to convince her friend that they need to make things right with the Amazons. It is an argument which soon enough becomes a mute point when the two wander just a tad too far into that forest and the Warrior Princess gets a taste of what Amazon justice can be like. The little bard turned Queen then finds herself in the unlikely position of having to defend the ex-warlord who nearly killed her or risk loosing forever the best friend she treasures above all else. With six chapters now available, this story's depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship is moving and fiercely loyal. In light of third season events, the storyline is timely and fascinating. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: story includes some subtextual references]


The very talented Bat Morda returns with the long-awaited sequel to THE SEARCH FOR AMPHIPOLIS. Set one hundred years after that story, it chronicles the continuing struggle of Xena and Gabrielle's descendants against the God of War...only this time around those descendants may in fact be more than just descendants. The story begins with hacker extraordinaire Xero, deadly, beautiful and not keen on trusting people, narrowly escaping an assassination attempt. Soon she is joining forces with Rielle, a beautiful, green-eyed blonde who claims to know what is happening - but as a syscop, also happens to be a hackers worst enemy. All the while the skeptical Xero is learning more about a certain warrior of legend - and learning more about herself in the process. Bat does a wonderful job here of creating a futuristic world filled with personalities that should be familiar to many of you in the Xenaverse. Her Xero is a gritty, no-nonsense type very reminiscent of warlord Xena while Rielle embodies the best of Gabrielle - intelligent, determined, and very much ruled by her heart. Still unfinished, this story is not to be missed! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Part Three of the ALPHA/OMEGA TRILOGY, this story is poignant, heart-breaking, and reaffirming all at once. Set in the latter years of Gabrielle's life, it finds the bard once again taking to the road, on a journey to see friends and transfer for the last time a responsibility she was never able to fully embrace. Without her warrior now, it is a journey she begins alone never expecting the unlikely champion that soon begins to haunt her every move - a one time enemy who insists on resuming a game of truth or dare played long ago - perhaps to injure once again...or perhaps in search of the same redemption another lost soul found in a noble heart. Told in part as a series of diary entries, this is an emotional character study of two richly drawn, complex personalities. It is a haunting story that finally brings closure to the cycle of hatred - giving victory to the power of love and forgiveness. It is an absolute MUST READ for all Callisto fans and for every one else it comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as well!

A very nice new offering from this gifted bard that has the Warrior Princess dealing with some very young thieves and a familiar older one as well before heading for a much anticipated rendezvous with the bard whose stolen her heart. Tenderly passionate, this one will leave you with one of those big old grins :) A MUST READ! DO NOT MISS!!

I DO by Katherine Colson
A delightfully original new uber-Xena story set in modern day Denmark which finds American Quinn Andersen trying to escape a troubled past in the States by moving to Copenhagen. With an offer of marriage from a male friend, Quinn hopes to make the move legal but with time running out on her visa she heads for the immigration office and a fateful encounter with a beautiful young Dane named Lisbet. After running into one another again, Lisbet is soon smitten with the stunning foreigner but very much aware that she's only going to get hurt if she opens her heart to a straight girl - much less one about to get married. Katherine does a terrific job of bringing Denmark and its people to life, making the reader feel at home in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas. Featuring very contemporary uber renditions with histories cleverly drawn to recall the warrior and bard, this is a sweet story of love discovered in unlikely places. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE by Karen Surtees
A sequel of sorts to Surtees' first story THAT ROAD ONCE TRODDEN, this new tale is already quite promising with the first two chapters now available. The story begins with the Amazons seeking shelter in Artermis' temple from a vicious storm raging outside. When nature's fury is over their relief is short-lived, shattered by the site of their young queen and her warrior protector near death amidst the ruins of the village - their presence on Amazon land and their condition, a mystery which only time will reveal. Fast-pased and riveting this is already an engrossing read. DO NOT MISS!

CHICAGO 5AM by L.N. James
Chapters 22-23 of this story are now available. Teenagers are disappearing from the streets of Chicago, casualties of a dark subculture based on drugs, sex and rock and roll. Assigned to investigate is Mariel Potidean, a brilliant young FBI agent who soon finds herself teamed with a mysterious and decidedly fascinating partner - an ex-cop by the name of Tina Amphipoli with a dangerous reputation, a mysterious past and electric blue eyes. In these latest chapters, the attraction between the two partners continues to grow as they move nearer to their quarry. Meanwhile, another innocent is poised to become the latest victim of a deadly and cruel predator. L.N.'s newest delivers an engaging premise with two very strong heroines, lots of suspense, drama and some thoroughly engaging romantic sparks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: Story features rough language]

A THIRD DEATH by C.L. Bactad
The concluding part 6 of this story is now available. This new warlord/slave story is simply put - one wild ride! It begins with Xena and Gabrielle on their way to Crete, but it is a journey neither will complete as a vengeful God of War puts into play an evil plan to forever separate the two lovers. The repercussions will challenge them as never before, turning partners into enemies...soulmates into strangers. In this final part the Warrior Princess has to face Amazon justice. Featuring a very passionate, loving interpretation of the Xena/Gab relationship, this story is gripping and suspenseful as it sets up one of the greatest tests their love will ever face. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY by Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza
Part 11 of this story is now available. This is the highly anticipated sequel to one of the best uber-Xena stories available on the Net, SURFACING which already looks like it's going to rival Paul and Jennifer's first story as one wildly exiting ride! Featuring one VERY deadly encounter between a trained killer and the men assigned to protect its quarry, the opening sequence is a gripping combination of suspense, action, intrigue and pathos - set in sharp contrast to the scenes which follow as we see Diana and Charlie enjoying domestic life. The months of tranquillity, however, have not affected the ex-agent's razor-sharp senses which soon enough are warning her that the peace she's been enjoying may just be coming to an end. In this latest chapter we get another look at Diana's dark past, this time through the eyes of a child. As in SURFACING, Paul and Jennifer do here an outstanding job of imbuing their writing with a very contemporary "feel". The relationship between Diana and Charlie is characterized by an easiness between them - a level of comfort that reveals their love even in the smallest of gestures. Excellent writing and excellent storytelling. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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