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In addition to reporting on two new XWP stories and an ANXIOUSLY awaited conclusion to one of the best XWP stories released this year, I'm once again including a SPECIAL SECTION in tonight's report talking about a great new STAR TREK VOYAGER story you guys might want to check out.


Xena places herself in the hands of deadly enemies as part of a plan to help villagers recapture their freedom. All the while a certain bard is very worried about the plan and determined to step in before it's too late. Good suspenseful moments in a tale which celebrates the loyalty and love between warrior and bard.


The concluding part five of this AMAZING story is now available. Joining the many gems we've been seeing lately in Xena uber fiction comes this VERY unusual, riveting new story set in the glamorous and often deadly underworld of Miami - a world in which wealth, and seductive pleasures exist side by side with violence and death. It is into this very world reporter Liz Gardener finds herself stepping into as she pursues a story that has obsessed her for years now - the sordid tale surrounding a dark and beautiful and dangerous ex-DEA agent by the name of Jude Lucien who having gone over to the other side is now one of the most powerful and feared druglords in the business. With two very different agendas, the two women will find themselves drawn to one another - sensing something very real in the other - sensing perhaps that neither is quite what she seems... This final part is a WILD ride that will simply take your breath away as lies are revealed and hearts broken in the desperate struggle of two souls to persevere - struggling valiantly against the inner darkness threatening to destroy their love and the human foes determined never to give it a chance. S.L.'s two heroines are beautifully depicted with incredible depth, rich emotional histories and engaging personalities. With a very contemporary feel to it and a clever uber rendition of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship, this is a solidly written, FASCINATING tale certain to keep you wanting more of those chapters in the weeks to comes! It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [Note: story features rough language]
Housed in parts at THE BARD'S CORNER:

An interesting interpretation of the battle that must have led to the events revealed in the episode XENA SCROLLS, this story has a self- assured God of War fighting against an enemy determined to make him pay for his cruelty and determined to avenge a brave heart which fell victim to that cruelty. Well-written with a surprising twist.


An OUTSTANDING sequel to G.L.'s previous two Janeway/Seven stories JUST BETWEEN US and JUST BETWEEN THEM which leaves NO DOUBT that this talented writer and this new type of alternative fan fiction are just getting better and BETTER! :) This third installment in the series finds Janeway and her half-Borg partner experiencing some problems in the relationship as the Captain continues to put her personal life second to her job and Seven resorts to some Klingon measures to show her dissatisfaction ;-) Before the two can try to resolve the problem fate cruelly intercedes leaving a devastated Janeway trying to survive without the young woman who's so thoroughly captured her heart and Seven achingly lonely amidst a multitude of strangers, finding solace in an unexpected link to the Starfleet Captain forever in her thoughts now. I continue to be amazed at the skill with which Gina depicts the world of STAR TREK VOYAGER and the characters. From the principals to the supporting players - they are all done with incredible depth and sensitivity. It is fascinating to see Gina exploring the relationships among all these players, developing these, interpreting them in new ways while still staying true to the TV series. She is making the Janeway/Seven pairing one of the most romantic, tender and passionate in fanfic while surrounding them with a number of eclectic friends and would-be counselors that add a terrific sense of family to the stories :) With a fascinating premise, a number of popular guest stars, some of the FINEST, most clever humor I've read in a long time and a romance that will take your breath away this is another MUST READ in VOYAGER alt. fanfic. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [See the sequel JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS]

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For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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