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The recent problems some of our most dedicated Webmasters have been having with rising Web hosting fees, lack of sufficient server space, etc. I think should remind us all of how really GRATEFUL we need to be to all those individuals who maintain Web sites in the Xenaverse. It's important to keep in mind that in addition to the time they spend updating those sites, many of them also pay hundreds of dollars a year in fees for the Web pages we enjoy. Without them the fanfic we love would not be permanently available on the Web - indeed, the Xenaverse as we know it would not exist. I invite Xenites to join me then tonight in saluting the Webmasters - you are *ALL* gifts to us and we are EXTREMELY grateful!! (Clap! Clap! Clap! HOOF! HOOF!!)

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BARD PICKS are reviews written by both bards and readers. Katrina is always actively soliciting reviews so if you like to read Xena fanfic and want to write your own recommendations this is a great opportunity to do so. If you've just read a terrific story and don't see it reviewed anywhere else or even if you do one very nice complement you can pay the bard responsible is to write up a review and share it with the rest of the Xenaverse. It is also a nice thing to do for your fellow readers who may not otherwise learn about the story.

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Now, some new and updated fanfic treats for you all :)


GO HOME, GABRIELLE by Eddie A. Palmer
This is a delightful story written as a script that will remind you very much of season one Xena complete with a Warrior Princess in trouble, a very stubborn bard, the token red shirt, and a nice combination of drama, humor and action. Sweet and nicely written.

TREASURE SEEKER by Kenneth W. Hannen
Entertaining story with some good action which has Xena and the bard traveling to an island to clean up a little mess Xena left there from her warlord days - only the King of Thieves has beaten them to it. Nice characterization of Autolycus, reminiscent of his showing in THE QUEST.


THE WALL by Candace Chellew
A poignant mental soliloquy by Xena as she ponders what her life has been like - the barrier she's constructed around her heart - and how a certain bard has managed to breach that barrier. [Story is not explicit]

An uber story for all you pool players out there which has an inquisitive young writer named Siona getting an unexpected lesson in the game when a stranger with startling blue eyes comes to her rescue in a bar.

Set during those final moments in the episode SACRIFICE II, this is a look into the minds and hearts of Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto. An insightful, fitting tribute to the three women whose lives fashioned the first three seasons of this series.

Part four of this AMAZING story is now available. Joining the many gems we've been seeing lately in Xena uber fiction comes this VERY unusual, riveting new story set in the glamorous and often deadly underworld of Miami - a world in which wealth, and seductive pleasures exist side by side with violence and death. It is into this very world reporter Liz Gardener finds herself stepping into as she pursues a story that has obsessed her for years now - the sordid tale surrounding a dark and beautiful and dangerous ex-DEA agent by the name of Jude Lucien who having gone over to the other side is now one of the most powerful and feared druglords in the business. With two very different agendas, the two women will find themselves drawn to one another - sensing something very real in the other - sensing perhaps that neither is quite what she seems... In this latest part two halves of a soul reunite as Jude surrenders her heart totally, sharing with Liz some of the darkest moments in her is a surrender in body and mind that leaves the young reporter helplessly in love and very much aware that she needs to share her own truths...before it's too late. S.L.'s two heroines are beautifully depicted with incredible depth, rich emotional histories and engaging personalities. With a very contemporary feel to it and a clever uber rendition of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship, this is a solidly written, FASCINATING tale certain to keep you wanting more of those chapters in the weeks to comes! It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [Note: story features rough language]
Also housed in parts at THE BARD'S CORNER:

MANTIC by Baermer
The conclusion is now available. One of my favorite bards returns with an exceptional new story which promises to keep us well enthralled in the weeks to come. MANTIC begins innocently enough with the warrior and bard at an inn where both are busy doing what they do best - Gabrielle telling her stories, Xena protecting her bard ;-) However, the moment is just the calm before a storm which starts brewing the instant a messenger arrives with a mysterious summons...a summons for the bard...a message asking her to travel into Persian territory. Along with a VERY suspicious Xena, the bard begins a journey which will engulf her in deadly intrigue while offering her an opportunity also to at last explore a dormant potential within herself. In these final chapters the warrior struggles to save her bard. This story already is firmly centered around all the things Baermer excels at - a wonderfully solid, stoic, protective depiction of the Warrior Princess - an equally well-done characterization of Gabrielle focusing on the bard's nobility and guts - a treatment of the relationship which speaks of devotion and love - some of those great hurt/comfort moments Baermer does so well - and a carefully crafted plot full of political machinations and suspense. This is riveting guys and will get more so. A MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
http://www.telepath.c om/baermer/Mantic1-4.html

Chapter 14 is now available. Set in the present day, this FANTASTIC new uber-Xena story gets off to a rousing start as it follows a gutsy young reporter named Bridget Stone on a fateful excursion into the Chicago slums. In search of a lead, she'll find more than she ever bargained for when an assassin tries to end her investigation and a mysterious stranger interferes, one of the many homeless that frequent the slums, only in the blue depths of that stranger's eyes Bridget will sense a connection as old as time. Soon enough the reporter finds herself with two mysteries on her hands as she considers who may be trying to kill her while trying to solve the puzzle that is the woman who saved her...a woman whose tortured past holds secrets only Bridget may be able to uncover. In this latest chapter a sleeper awakens :) Terrific characterizations make Bridget and her indigent savior immediately endearing. Combining suspense, mystery and a sense of pathos this wonderfully written tale is going to leave you anxiously awaiting that next chapter. A great uber drama in the making folks. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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