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Hi guys,

GREAT new stories tonight in an all alt. report.


REALITY by Tymedancer
An OUTSTANDING new offering with a premise that is going to BLOW YOU AWAY! Tymedancer sets her story at the end of season three presenting a VERY different interpretation of the rift and its aftermath. Devastated by the events she's been experiencing, Xena is like a wild animal - unable to distinguish between reality and illusion - reliving the nightmare of the rift and its aftermath over and over again. Meanwhile, the gentle soul she thinks lost forever remains close at hand - determined to challenge the forces trying to destroy her beloved warrior...and getting help from a VERY unexpected source in the process. A very timely story, this is *THE* must read of the summer for anyone who's been speculating about how the current situation in the TV series could be resolved. Tymedancer has come up with a storyline that works beautifully, reworking many of the situations and characters we saw in the TV series into an incredibly compelling scenario. Her characterizations are on the money, incorporating both the darkness of the warrior and the devotion of the bard. This is an emotional rollercoaster requiring you to strap that seat belt on tight but promising also one heck of a ride. DO NOT MISS!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: Review is based on parts 1-9, only the first three are currently available on the Web though - stay tuned! :) ] [unfinished]

This brand new bard makes an impressive debut on the Web with an EXCEPTIONAL new novel sporting all the right ingredients. Set after the events in the episode ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, the story begins with Gabrielle convincing Xena that they need to take a little vacation - take some time to do a little sightseeing. The decision made, they arrive at a small town where both soon find themselves getting more and more involved in the lives of the villagers. They are befriended by a mysterious librarian with an uncanny knowledge of them both and embraced also by others in the town whose lives they will forever change. It is a vacation that comes to an abrupt halt when one of their new friends suddenly disappears with all evidence pointing to a deadly menace just outside of town as the culprit - only as Xena and Gabrielle know very well - things are often not what they appear to be. ELF does a marvelous job with the characterizations in this story presenting a very unique portrayal of our two heroines. With each showing both strengths and vulnerabilities, the resulting relationship is as close to an equal partnership as we've ever seen in fanfic. These are two women who respect one another tremendously and who love one another with breathless passion. The love scenes are raw and tender and ultimately very real. The supporting cast includes a slew of interesting well-developed characters who will each pull you into their own personal dramas. Intelligently written, with some thoughtful commentaries, a solid treatment of the romance and an intriguing storyline, this one will keep you fully engrossed for a long while. Wonderful! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Amusing and sweet little story that has the Warrior Princess struggling with an intense bout of insecurity after she realizes her bard may no longer need rescuing all the time. An interesting look at the dynamics in the relationship. Entertaining read.

A deeply moving little tale set in the final years of Xena and Gabrielle's lives that has the Warrior Princess fulfilling a promise to her bard when she writes their story in her own words - remembering how they met, how they lived, how they loved. Reaffirming, poignant and beautiful. DO NOT MISS!

Set after the episode FINS, FEMMES AND GEMMES, this is a wicked little exercise in seduction that has the Warrior Princess deciding to take that final step in her relationship with Gabrielle - and discovering a whole new side to the innocent bard. Have that supply of Amazon ice handy for this one >:) A decidedly entertaining read!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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