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[Previous report was for 7/13/98]

Hi guys,

Tonight I'm VERY proud to announce a wonderful new addition to the Lunacy page - an article entitled THE ART OF CRITIQUING which is a *must read* for both beta readers and writers. A collaborative effort between several of the best bards in the Xenaverse and some of our most active readers, this document contains a wealth of information on how to offer feedback, what constitutes constructive criticism, how to specifically evaluate Xena fan fiction, technical issues to consider, etc. Any Xenite out there who is genuinely interested in doing beta reading or who just wants to be able to offer substantial, useful feedback to the bards who give us so much should take a look at this. The document also acts as an OUTSTANDING guideline for bards on what to consider when writing their stories and how to evaluate their own storytelling. Make sure to drop by and check this one out. It is available through THE BETA READERS DIRECTORY at:

Or directly at

From the same collaborative effort that brings us the article above, I've also made available another very useful document entitle TRICKY WORDS which lists some common terms people tend to easily confuse and misuse in their writing. The document is also available through the BETA READERS DIRECTORY or directly at:

While on the subject of THE BETA READERS DIRECTORY I've added some more volunteers to that recently. We now have 46 beta readers listed with many different skills and backgrounds so bards if you're looking for constructive criticism do take a look.

Moving on to other news, Daniel Hobe is temporarily mirroring TOM'S FAN FICTION PAGE while his site remains unavailable. Lots of new fanfic has been posted so make sure to check out the WHAT'S NEW page. The mirror site is at:

Daniel is also still maintaining THE XENA FANTASY ARTWORK ARCHIVE which was available through Tom's page. The archive contains the works of numerous Xenite artists including several pieces that have been inspired by fanfic or feature fanfic characters. Some really interesting art here folks - everything from very traditional renditions to highly stylized interpretations. Stop by the Galleries at and as always DO make sure to let the artists know when you like their work.

Finally, I want to take some time here to spotlight the work of one of our most extraordinary talents - a Xenite who is both an artist and a storyteller - Jeanette Atwood. Jeanette has been drawing the BATTLE ON comic strip available through Tom's site for many months now. With one new strip every week since June 1997, Jeanette has been making available what amounts to little animated fanfic tales. Her comic strip is beautifully drawn with charming renditions of all the XWP regulars while the stories she tells with those strips are funny, clever, sometimes poignant and always entertaining. Recently she has begun exploring some possible scenarios for season four with Xena on a quest to get her bard back. In one of the strips for this week she also takes a delightful look at some season four costume proposals for Gabrielle - trust me you have not LIVED 'til you've seen a certain bard in her "Luke Skywalker" cloak!! (that cloak is just getting so popular these days ;-)

Jeanette's BATTLE ON is available now separately from Tom's site at I give her work my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION guys. Available at the site are not only her newer strips but ALL the ones she's done since June 1997. Every single one is worth a look.

Ok! - Time for some fanfic now - and we have two SPECTACULAR new alt. ones tonight!


THE CLOAK by B L Miller
She's baaaaack! Yeap - B L Miller returns in top form with her own very special tribute to the month of July >:) Those of you who have the Creation XWP calendar for 1998 will understand when you read this new tale from one of our most mischievous bards. Set around a campfire on a cool evening destined to...heat up, B.L.'s latest has the warrior getting decidedly uncomfortable as she observes the rather intriguing way a certain bard wears her cloak. Alas, that warrior's discomfort is soon growing by leaps and bounds when said bard decides >:) Combining a deep sense of love and tenderness with raw passion, this tale is pure B.L. - and that's a VERRRY good thing. Go ahead and READ IT at work! Live dangerously!! ;-) VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

WHERE YOU GO, I GO by Yellowjacket
With her first foray into ALTERNATIVE FICTION, this gifted author brings us what is without a doubt one of the BEST Mel/Janice novels I have ever read. Having already contributed several outstanding works of GENERAL FICTION, including the unforgettable CHALLENGE OF SUCCESSION and her first-ever Mel/Janice adventure THE LION OF AMPHIPOLIS, Yellowjacket now adds a new level of intimacy to the relationship between the archeologist and her beautiful partner in a fast-paced, action-adventure romance that will have you riveted to your monitor 'til the very end! Set two years after Mel and Janice's initial meeting, the story begins with Janice getting an intriguing offer to head a new expedition. Financed by an anonymous source, the expedition's goal is to locate a legendary Mayan temple lost for over four hundred years - a temple believed to house untold riches...and supposedly guarded by some of the Mayan's most blood-thirsty gods. Reluctant to take Mel along on such a dangerous mission, Janice eventually gives in to her partner's gentle persuasion. It is a decision she will live to regret as the two soon find themselves and their love tested like never before. A whirlwind ride that will take them from their peaceful life in South Carolina, to the wilds of the Honduran jungles, and the exotic allure of war-time Morocco, this story revolves around a romance that is both tender and fierce, well-developed, solid characterizations, and a storyline nicely crafted to accommodate both the action and the more emotional issues being explored. Yellowjacket even does a great job of incorporating some surprise guest stars in this. A thoroughly entertaining new story that needs to immediately go on your MUST READ list, this one comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)