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[Previous report was for 6/29/98]

Hi guys,

Four new ones tonight and two updates in an all alt. report.


L. Graham continues the story she began in THE SWEETEST DREAMS and later continued in HOMECOMINGS with a new tale that is just as much of a delight to read. This time around the bard and a VERY reluctant warrior travel to Amphipolis where Gabrielle is hoping Xena will be able to reconnect with her mother. Amidst the family reunion, the friends also find themselves dealing with other issues as Gabrielle encourages her partner to come to terms with the past and both begin contemplating some appealing possibilities for the future. As in the earlier stories, L. Graham delivers outstanding characterizations in this, giving us a very human Warrior Princess with doubts, fears, regrets and hopes. Her Gabrielle is equally well done as a devoted, determined, and perceptive young woman who knows what she wants and has the courage to go after it. This is a beautifully executed story about the healing power of love and the peace that comes with listening to one's heart. Including some wonderfully fresh dialogue and some very vivid exchanges, L. Graham's latest is a MUST READ folks! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

LOVE, INK. by Kat
Cute exchange between a bard who knows when her warrior is bothered and a warrior who knows just how to silence her bard ;-)

THANK YOU by LeadWolf
Sensual vignette featuring the thoughts of a very grateful warrior.

An absolutely charming little tale that has Gabrielle going through her usual bedtime routine when some insecurities surface challenging Xena to put them to rest. Nice writing with an original touch and a great sense of the love between these two. DO NOT MISS!! Fanatic/twenty.htm

ONLY ONE by Redhawk
Parts 5-7 are now available. This is a fantastic HIGHLANDER/XWP crossover story set in the modern world which has the one-time Warrior Princess, now a deadly immortal, getting the shock of her life when she sees a familiar face lost to her centuries before. Rickie Gardner is a young runaway used to surviving amidst the danger and cruelty of the streets but when she witnesses a murder she becomes a target in a way she's never been before. Her one hope of survival now rests in a tall, dark stranger whose presence somehow calls to her and whose face she sees in dreams. In these latest parts Xena's suspicions about her charge become stronger than ever as the attraction between them explodes into full-blown passion. Still unfinished this story just keeps getting better and better. Redhawk is adding a poignancy and fire to the evolving romance that makes it intriguing and beautiful and emotional all at once. The story is also making great use of flashbacks in much the same way the HIGHLANDER TV series used to. This is a MUST READ just as a XWP story but should be particularly entertaining for fans of both series. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Part 4 is now available. The very talented Bat Morda returns with the long-awaited sequel to THE SEARCH FOR AMPHIPOLIS. Set one hundred years after that story, it chronicles the continuing struggle of Xena and Gabrielle's descendants against the God of War...only this time around those descendants may in fact be more than just descendants. The story begins with hacker extraordinaire Xero, deadly, beautiful and not keen on trusting people, narrowly escaping an assassination attempt. Soon she is joining forces with Rielle, a beautiful, green-eyed blonde who claims to know what is happening - but as a syscop, also happens to be a hackers worst enemy. All the while the skeptical Xero is learning more about a certain warrior of legend - and learning more about herself in the process. In this latest part Rielle cares for a still-recovering Xero while the hacker continues to learn more about Xena's life. Bat does a wonderful job here of creating a futuristic world filled with personalities that should be familiar to many of you in the Xenaverse. Her Xero is a gritty, no-nonsense type very reminiscent of warlord Xena while Rielle embodies the best of Gabrielle - intelligent, determined, and very much ruled by her heart. Still unfinished, this story is not to be missed! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)