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Hi guys,

Lots of things happening in XWP fanfic! First some news about the Lunacy Web site. I've opened a new wing called THE BARD'S REFEFERENCE LIBRARY :) The library's collection includes documents, articles and how-to manuals written by Xenites about the writing process. Barry Marshall has contributed a PLOT REFERENCE OUTLINE and a CHARACTER REFERENCE OUTLINE, with some excellent suggestions on how to create better structured storylines and how to flesh out those characters. Many thanks to Barry for sharing his writing techniques.

The XWP RESOURCES ON THE NET section includes links to a number of sites bards can check to verify character names, locations, genealogies, histories, etc. It also includes a link to a wonderful new reference site called THE BLUE QUILL which I talk about a little bit more below.

The library also features links to general writing and fanfic resources on the Net including an essay title THE CRAFT OF WRITING by Macedon which should be required reading for anyone seriously interested in fanfic or writing and anxious to improve. Macedon is not a Xenite (although he DOES watch occasionally :) but through his involvement in STAR TREK fandom and academia as well as his connections with the publishing world he's amassed a wealth of information about fanfic and writing.

Also included in this section is a very nice article by Dr. Merlin (aka Melissa Wilson) called DR. MERLIN'S GUIDE TO FAN FICTION. Melissa has long been involved in STAR TREK and GARGOYLES fanfic (don't ask - I have NO idea ;-) and offers both a thorough overview of fanfic and some great advice.

Finally, the library includes a section devoted exclusively to HISTORICAL AND MYTHOLOGICAL RESOURCES ON THE NET - this for those bards who want their stories to be historically/mythologically accurate or who simply want to surf around for inspiration. The sites listed make available a slew of resources from maps, images and ancient texts, to essays on what every-day life was like. One site called simply ANCIENT/CLASSICAL HISTORY features an interesting biography section on notable women in antiquity. Some of the women listed have yet to appear in either XWP fanfic or the TV series and might make fascinating characters (HINT! :)

Links to ALL these resources can now be found through THE BARD'S REFERENCE LIBRARY at:

Now, on to other news, one of our most popular bards, the very gifted Ella Quince, brings us tonight a terrific new Web site called THE BLUE QUILL. Featuring very clear, concise and direct advice on a number of writing topics as well as links to other writing resources, this should prove an invaluable reference site for bards. THE BLUE QUILL is at:

Also now open for business is another XWP fanfic site - UBER-XENA: THE ONCE AND FUTURE ADVENTURES. Dedicated to uber-Xena stories, the site is already hosting quite a number of them. Check it out at:

XenaNet has moved. Their BARDS ARE CUTE page (don't you just love that title ;-) is now available at:

The site formerly titled SAPPHO'S WARRIOR TALES has been renamed THE SCROLL OF ROSES and is sporting a really beautiful new look. Some VERY popular names on this impressive new site located at:

Meanwhile over at XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS PALACE this week's BARD CHAT is with none other than the flying mammal herself folks - yeap, THE Bat Morda, author of classics like BROKEN ARROW, the first-ever Mel/Janice story IS THERE A DOCTOR ON THE DIG and her latest UBERMADNESS. Bat will be at THE PALACE fielding questions from all her ardent admirers this Friday, July 24 at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific time. THE PALACE does require special software in order to participate in the chat so do stop by a day or two ahead of time to download the software and become familiar with it. The software and all the information about THE PALACE is available at

Now for some good old fashion fan fiction!! :)


LADY AND THE TRAMP by Allyson Heisey
Splendid new story which does a great job of combining drama, romance, action, mystery and suspense. Xena and Gabrielle travel to the port city of Pompaus after receiving a summons from Salmoneous. Upon arriving there they soon discover innocents in desperate need of their help, fighting an evil much more heinous than anyone suspects. Allyson imparts a nice sense of poignancy to her story as she ties the mystery Xena and Gabrielle are trying to solve with the recent events of the rift and the loses both women have suffered. The Xena/Gab relationship she presents is a very engaging one, based on a deep sense of love and commitment while being sensual and playful at the same time. A nicely-crafted story that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Well actually IRRITATING can be VERY VERY good! :) This is hysterical folks! Set after the events in SACRIFICE II it proves that left to her own devices the bard is quite capable of returning to the warrior all on her own. Bubbly as ever, she decides to pass the time in the Underworld by sharing her talents far and wide and is soon making Hades consider a change in policy. Clear cut evidence that the bard has indeed come a long way baby, this is a delightful skit that will have you grinning from ear to ear ;-) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Part of the A SACRIFICE FOR LOVE SERIES]

Set after the events in SACRIFICE II, this story follows a desperateXena as she appeals to one Olympian after another for help getting her beloved bard back - eventually teaming up with two old friends in a wild gamble with fate ;-) Entertaining tale with good characterizations of the gods. [Part of the A SACRIFICE FOR LOVE SERIES]

Another exploration of the possible scenarios after SACRIFICE II, this little tale has the Goddess of Love intervening on the bard's behalf...and insisting that Gabrielle finally be honest about herfeelings. Cute. [Part of the A SACRIFICE FOR LOVE SERIES]

CYBEREPIC by Redhawk
This talented bard's second uber-Xena story is a promising Cyberpunk tale set in the 21st century in a North America torn by war. As the conflict rages on between the government and the power-hungry corporations, the last surviving members of the Red Wolves Clan struggle to survive, seeking vengeance on those who've harmed them and placing all their hopes on the shoulders of their enigmatic, fearless leader. Not suspecting the danger she's about to head into, Canadian Shannon Elias accepts a job as a courier - embarking on a mission that will take her into the heart of the conflict...and to a meeting with destiny. Redhawk's fiction is well-written, with an intriguing plot that successfully merges cyberpunk with uber-Xena. The uber-characters are original while recalling familiar elements of Xena and Gabrielle. With the first two chapters now available, this one shows great potential. [unfinished]

A diverse collection of jokes, tales, lists, skits and just about everything else under the sun, this is a highly entertaining read that will have you laughing often and amazed at the prolific creativity that abounds in the Xenaverse. Must reads in the collection include XENA'S AND GAB'S MUSIC PREFERENCE, a very telling list of our girl's favorite songs; TOP OR BOTTOM, a deeply touching, beautifully romantic soliloquy on love; and ENTREES AT THREADGUILL'S, featuring delightfully clever descriptions of the menu offering's at the Texas restaurant owned by Renee's family. SADDLEBAG also reveals for the first time Xena's rather appropriate social security number ;-) A marvelous tribute to the cleverness of this accomplished bard and the charming zaniness of the Xenaverse, this collection is a keeper folks. DO NOT MISS!

Fast-paced, action-packed short story that has the warrior and bard fighting intolerance and growing ever closer in the process. Nice characterizations.

CHICAGO 5AM by L.N. James
Chapter 31 is now available. Teenagers are disappearing from the streets of Chicago, casualties of a dark subculture based on drugs, sex and rock and roll. Assigned to investigate is Mariel Potidean, a brilliant young FBI agent who soon finds herself teamed with a mysterious and decidedly fascinating partner - an ex-cop by the name of Tina Amphipoli with a dangerous reputation, a mysterious past and electric blue eyes. In this latest chapter Tina and her partner work on wrapping up their case and starting a more personal investigation :) L.N.'s newest delivers an engaging premise with two very strong heroines, lots of suspense, drama and some thoroughly engaging romantic sparks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: Story features rough language] [unfinished].

Part ten is now being posted. After another of her LOOOOONG absences ;-) this bard-extraordinaire returns with the sequel to LEAP OF FAITH which finds the warrior and bard getting on with their lives, making plans for both the weeks ahead...and the years they plan to spend together. For Xena this involves some final preparations for their upcoming trip to see friends and family...for the bard it means taking the first steps in turning a wish into reality. In this latest part the warrior and bard do heated battle against...cluelessness ;-) There are things about a Missy story that just seem automatic these days - solid, sensitively drawn portrayals of our two heroines, beautiful writing with rich images and lots of heartfelt exchanges, a terrific supporting cast and one of the most heart-warming depictions of the Xena/Gab relationship in fanfic. This one gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [unfinished]

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)