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Six new ones and three updates tonight :)


TWO SOULS by Bracer
A deeply emotional, moving story set immediately after the events in SACRIFICE II which follows a destitute Xena as she tries to come to terms with the loss of her bard and also lays to rest an old enemy. All the while, Gabrielle finds herself in a very different existence, learning about how gods and destiny have mingled her life and that of the warrior's in a conflict as old as time. Bracer does an outstanding job of exploring many of the issues touched upon in season three. In having the characters face these issues head on, the tale feels real and very satisfying. Featuring THE most moving and most poignant farewell to Callisto I have yet to see in either fanfic or the TV series, this is also a startingly poignant tale guaranteed to pull on those heart strings. A great read! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Visitor's latest is a nice little story that has Xena remembering how she met an old friend at a time when she was just beginning a new life. A believable look at Xena's life during this period.

Those three naked, dancing Gabrielles from THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD never quite disappeared when the bard's magical scroll did. In fact they're alive and well and happily Meg's tavern. Such is the premise of Jaybird's newest tale which reads EXACTLY like one of the ligther episodes in the TV series. Nicely written, it is a MUST READ for fans of the show's comedy.


While on a visit to Poteidaia, Xena and Gabrielle are faced with the challenge of trying to deal with the bard's family - and with an even bigger challenge when the two realize that they can no longer ignore the feelings that have grown between them. A delightful new tale from the keyboard of a very talented writer, this is a clever mixture of comedy, romance and drama that will leave you thoroughly contented. CN does a wonderful job showing the underlying love, the conflicts and the resulting humor in the relationships between her characters. Particularly effective are her depictions of a Xena and Gabrielle just beginning to explore a new facet to their partnership. DO NOT MISS this one! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

A story about the appeal of simplicity and the hardships of life before...batteries ;-) A SERIOUS danger to your funny bone, TZ's latest is just PRECIOUS! DO NOT MISS!!

This bard's first fanfic offering is a touching little tale set after the events in SACRIFICE II which has Xena returning to Amphipolis and finding a measure of solace in the mother she distanced herself from so long ago. A nice depiction of the Xena/Cyrene relationship.

DON'T LOOK BACK by Kieron Grey
Part 4 is now available. A suspenseful new uber tale that is also a contemporary mystery as the authorities find themselves baffled by a series of gruesome murders. Particularly affected by the killings is Detective Catherine Jackson who bears an eerie resemblance to all the victims - aresemblance which seems coincidental until the killer lets her know otherwise. Concerned, Catherine's superior brings in a new player to help in the case - a profiler named Morgan Grayson with a ready confidence and an intoxicating allure that soon has the young detective preoccupied with more than just the serial murders. In this latest part Catherine and Morgan get to know one another...better :) This is nicely written and has definite potential. [unfinished]

The conclusion is now available. After another of her LOOOOONG absences ;-) this bard-extraordinaire returns with the sequel to LEAP OF FAITH which finds the warrior and bard getting on with their lives, making plans for both the weeks ahead...and the years they plan to spend together. For Xena this involves some final preparations for their upcoming trip to see friends and family...for the bard it means taking the first steps in turning a wish into reality. This final section spotlights Missy's incredible ability to combine drama, romance and a sense of humor that is all her own as the warrior and bard, anxious to get on with their journey, work hard to extricate themselves from their latest efforts at righting the world's wrongs. There are things about a Missy story that just seem automatic these days - solid, sensitively drawn portrayals of our two heroines, beautiful writing with rich images and lots of heartfelt exchanges, a terrific supporting cast and one of the most heart-warming depictions of the Xena/Gab relationship in fanfic. We get them all in this beauty of a tale folks...and IT gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

REALITY by Tymedancer
The conclusion is now available. An OUTSTANDING new offering with a premise that is going to BLOW YOU AWAY! Tymedancer sets her story at the end of season three presenting a VERY different interpretation of the rift and its aftermath. Devastated by the events she's been experiencing, Xena is like a wild animal - unable to distinguish between reality and illusion - reliving the nightmare of the rift and its aftermath over and over again. Meanwhile, the gentle soul she thinks lost forever remains close at hand - determined to challenge the forces trying to destroy her beloved warrior...and getting help from a VERY unexpected source in the process. A very timely story, this is *THE* must read of the summer for anyone who's been speculating about how the current situation in the TV series could be resolved. Tymedancer has come up with a storyline that works beautifully, reworking many of the situations and characters we saw in the TV series into an incredibly compelling scenario. Her characterizations are on the money, incorporating both the darkness of the warrior and the devotion of the bard. This is an emotional rollercoaster requiring you to strap that seat belt on tight but promising also one heck of a ride. DO NOT MISS!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: Review is based on parts 1-9, only the first three are currently available on the Web though - stay tuned! :)

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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