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This week mark your calendar for a bard chat with the multitalented Joanna Sandsmark, creator of one of the new stories we have tonight, the unforgettable Poteidaian Chorus from the COMING OUT SERIES and a number of now classic rift skits. Joanna will be answering all those BURNING questions and talking about the much anticipated release of the BITTER TREAT video at the upcoming Southern California XenaFest. She will be at the XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS PALACE this Friday, July 31, at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific time. THE PALACE does require special software in order to participate in the chat so do stop by a day or two ahead of time to download the software and become familiar with it. The software and all the information about THE PALACE is available at

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Three new ones and two updates tonight :)


Cute story that has Xena receiving a very unique birthday gift from Aphrodite and then an even more special one from Gabrielle when the bard insists on using the gift to give Xena something the warrior hasn't had in her life for many, many years. Different and nicely written with some funny moments and some poignant ones.

XENA'S CHOICE by Lara Zielinsky
The conclusion is now available. This EXCELLENT new story starts off immediately after the events in the episode SACRIFICE II, with a desolate Xena no longer caring whether she lives or dies, dispassionately doing Ares' bidding while forcing out of her thoughts any memory of the life she led during the past three years, of the hopes a young bard dared to inspire within her. Meanwhile, a confused Gabrielle finds herself traveling from one nightmare into another as the decision she made in Britannia once again leads to awful repercussions. Trapped in a very dark place, the bard must challenge the fiercest of opponents if she hopes to ever get out - an opponent that is once again ruthlessly living up to her reputation... as the Warrior Princess. This is an intensely psychological tale revolving around very well drawn portrayals of our two heroines. It also features a strong supporting cast and a storyline that will keep you glued to that seat. A fascinating read! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Joanna is at it again...lets rejoice folks! :) This time she brings us a little exchange between the warrior and bard as they try to agree on a a bit of role-playing - and end up coming up with all sorts of strangely familiar possibilities. Big grin alert on this devilishly funny skit that is a MUST READ! DO NOT MISS!

This tale begins in the present day and follows the story of three very different women as their lives take on very different directions. At eighteen, Cat Thornwell embarks on a career as a master assassin, deadly and ruthless; at fifteen, Angie Cartwright has to go live with her uncle, a well-meaning but often drunk anthropologist; while at twelve Barbara Ann Evans suffers the loss of her entire family - killed in a senseless drive-by shooting. Nine years later, the lives of all three women will once again change, along with that of everyone on the planet, when the prophecies of old become reality and Armageddon is visited upon the earth. From the ruins that remain a very different world will emerge - a world once again plagued by cruelty and greed - a world where the strong prey on the weak and human beings once again look to the gods for hope and protection. Into this world the Olympians will be reborn and from this world heroes will once again emerge to champion the people and in become legends. With only the prologue now available, this story is based on a great premise and is nicely written. [unfinished]

CYBEREPIC by Redhawk
Part 3 is now available. This talented bard's second uber-Xena story is a promising Cyberpunk tale set in the 21st century in a North America torn by war. As the conflict rages on between the government and the power-hungry corporations, the last surviving members of the Red Wolves Clan struggle to survive, seeking vengeance on those who've harmed them and placing all their hopes on the shoulders of their enigmatic, fearless leader. Not suspecting the danger she's about to head into, Canadian Shannon Elias accepts a job as a courier - embarking on a mission that will take her into the heart of the conflict...and to a meeting with destiny. In this latest part Shannon is unable to fight her attraction for the clan leader. All the while, very dangerous people are discovering just what it is Shannon was entrusted to carry. Redhawk's fiction is well-written, with an intriguing plot that successfully merges cyberpunk with uber-Xena. The uber-characters are original while recalling familiar elements of Xena and Gabrielle. With the first three chapters now available, this one shows great potential. [unfinished]

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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