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I'm including a SPECIAL SECTION tonight for my fellow STRANGERS IN PARADISE devotees of which I know there are a growing number in the Xenaverse.

With tonight's report I'm also instituting a slight change in the story listings. From now on whenever possible I'll be including the length of the story in pages at the end of the listing. In the case of updates I'll list the length of the new chapter or part. I'm currently in the process of adding the story length to all the reviews at the Lunacy site. That will take a liiiittle while but new additions will immediately include this.

The Sword Swinging Psychotherapists and Associates/NutBread Brigade (I CHALLENGE you to read that QUICKLY!! ;-) have opened a new Web site to highlight their new XWP mailing list AND fan fiction written by SSPA/NBB members. Their main NUTBREAD BRIGADE page is at:

Their fanfic page is at:

Two new ones tonight and one VERY nice update >:)


Xena: Warrior Princess meets existential Swedish cinema. What can I say? ;-) An introspective, death-obsessed study of the complex, fatalistic relationship between a warrior and bard. Other than that - nice black and white cinematography and VERY, VERY, VERY funny :) [Note: Features subtitles] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! -- 3 pgs.


One of the most delightful Mel/Janice stories I've read in a long time, L. Graham's latest features a seriously frustrated Melinda Pappas, trying to enlighten a rather clueless archaeologist on the finer aspects of their ancestors' life in Ancient Greece. Relying on somewhat unconventional characterizations of Mel and Janice, this story is guaranteed to charm the heck out of you. Just plain CUTE! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! -- 13 pgs.

CHICAGO 5AM by L.N. James
Chapter 32 is now available. Teenagers are disappearing from the streets of Chicago, casualties of a dark subculture based on drugs, sex and rock and roll. Assigned to investigate is Mariel Potidean, a brilliant young FBI agent who soon finds herself teamed with a mysterious and decidedly fascinating partner - an ex-cop by the name of Tina Amphipoli with a dangerous reputation, a mysterious past and electric blue eyes. In this latest chapter, Tina and Mariel decide to pursue a more personal investigation ;-) L.N.'s newest delivers an engaging premise with two very strong heroines, lots of suspense, drama and some thoroughly engaging romantic sparks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: Story features rough language] [unfinished]. -- 14 pgs.


Terry Moore's long awaited issue #16 is here and it's a VERY special treat for Xenites! Available in two different covers the story has Katchoo and Francine preparing to watch their favorite show (GUESS! ;-) when a slight incident knocks Katchoo unconscious. A moment later Terry's spunky heroine wakes up in a very different reality, with her best friend suddenly resembling a somewhat familiar warrior princess and she herself now wielding one VERY mean staff! You have not LIVED 'til you've seen Katchoo's - er - reaction to a blind date. This is a hilarious entry in the comic book series - a must read both for SIP fans and Xenites. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: This is the July 1998 issue of the series. The cover price is $2.75 and it is available in two covers - one featuring Katchoo and Francine dressed as our favorite warrior and bard, the second featuring one of Terry's villains dressed as Callisto.] -- 12 pgs.

If you want to read more about the SIP series, learn about the completed volumes or find out how you can obtain these check out the SPECIAL FAN FICTION REPORT at:

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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