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Ella Quince has added two new essays on plot construction and plotting problems to THE BLUE QUILL. Make sure to visit this growing resource for bards at:

Ella now also has a page featuring fanfic - her own and other bards'. ELLA QUINCE'S ALTERED STORIES can be found at:

The REDHAWK'S REALM page is now including FANFIC ART based on Redhawk's own fiction. Check out the works of Barbara Maclay and Miguel Cura at

Hawk has opened a new Xena fanfic site featuring this bard's fiction at

The site is connected to a new forum called THE COLISSEUM where Xenites are discussing the show and of course, fanfic! THE COLISSEUM is at:

Two new ones tonight from one of our veteran talents.


An entertaining collection of stories transcribed by a biographer of Gabrielle of Poteidaia and featuring the bard's recollections of some of her most memorable adventures with Xena: Warrior Princess. In SOLSTICE EVE she remembers one of the many times her warrior defended her. This is followed by two very different hurt/comfort tales THE FEVER and SPLISH SPLASH, I WAS TAKIN' A BATH. The first has a delirious Xena recalling some of the most violent events from her past, while in the second an unconscious Gabrielle is gifted with the opportunity to see the future of two souls fated to never be far apart. In THE BLOOD STONE a friend is up to his old tricks again while in THE LAST COMPETITION a certain warrior reveals perhaps one of her most surprising skills. Finally Gabrielle shares the story of THESPUS AND HORATIO, a couple of very unusual warriors she and Xena once helped on their quest to locate a legendary ring of power. Told from Gabrielle's perspective, these tales all have a refreshing slice-of-life feel to them. Sometimes funny, sometimes suspenseful and always revealing of the deep love between the Bard of Poteidaia and her beloved warrior, this collection of stories will have you both grinning and feeling a terrific sense of poignancy. Nice work. -- 104 pgs.

An epic story for those of you who enjoy those big battle sagas, L. Fox's latest reunites Xena and Gabrielle with their friend Darinius from CAGE OF ELYSIS and one of my favorite tales A BARD'S FAITH in a monumental struggle against a vengeful warlord with a massive army. L. Fox does a great job of building the suspense in anticipation of the climactic conflict. -- 136 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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