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Hi all,

Short one tonight - trying to rest the baby browns. Two TERRIFIC uber alt. tales.


THE WESTERN CHRONICLES by B L Miller and Vada Foster
Xena fanfic aficionados have come to associate the names B L Miller and Vada Foster with quality fanfic that does not disappoint. It therefore should come as no surprise that having decided to collaborate, these two talents would produce one of the year's finest uber stories - an epic western saga with all the elements familiar to that genre, rousing adventure, heinous villains, heart-stoping action, outlaws-turned-heroes and of course - a romance that will just warm the heart. Actually, with Miller and Foster at work on this - that romance will warm all sorts of places ;-) At the center of this story are two women - one, a deadly gunslinger, bitter from the injustices in her past - the other a gentle dreamer trying to escape the horrors of the present. Their destinies come together one fateful afternoon when the feared outlaw makes the choice to rescue a young woman in trouble. For her part Josie Hunter considers the brief encounter at an end once the girl is safe, but Rebecca Cameron has other ideas. Enthralled by the enigmatic figure of the legendary bandit, and desperate to escape a life that is quickly crushing her spirit, Rebecca decides to follow her rescuer - much to the older woman's chagrin. It is at first a difficult relationship but one which slowly begins to grow and change and deepen as the two unlikely friends share adventures, share their joys and pains and hopes and dreams, only to in time discover...they also desperately want to share their hearts. This is an outstanding uber interpretation not only of the characters of Xena and Gab but also of the XWP series as a whole. It is a beautiful, passionate love story that develops slowly, pulling the reader into this drama as the leads themselves discover the growing intensity between them. The authors spent considerable time researching the Old West which shows in the tale's air of authenticity. Set aside some time for this one because it is a long, thoroughly satisfying read you WONT want to put down. An impressive accomplishment that gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 222 pgs.

MAYONNAISE AND ITS DISCONTENTS by Vivian Darkbloom The best WHITE TRASH series in Xena fanfic continues - actually it's the only white trash series in Xena fanfic but I digress ;-) Vivan made history some months ago with the release of her now classic LOVE AND DEATH IN THE TRAILER PARK which introduced some of, trashiest uber representations of X&G ever! The story of firefighter Zina and her sexy poet Gabrielle continued in WAYS TO BE WICKED as the two conquered a couple of old enemies turned religious fanatics. In this new installment the two decide to use some of Zina's vacation time to go see old friends which of course is easier said than done as the two have to first revisit Zina's wild and woolly past to try to correct an old wrong and then have to face the horrifying prospect of life on the road...with country music on the radio! >:) In this series Vivian has taken the uber archetype in a WHOLE new direction - one which is fresh (literally :), entertaining and just a RIOT folks!!! DO NOT MISS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 23 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)